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5 Traditional Wedding Outfits in Indonesia You Should Know

Indonesian wedding outfits

With over 17,000 islands and cultures of various religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism, Indonesia is a land of diverse and rich culture. And because of this diversity, Indonesians embrace different customs, traditions and heritage. Whether it’s art, handicraft, dance and even their traditional wedding outfits. Even though Indonesia’s people have adapted to the western culture, they have also preserved their customs and traditions.

Traditional Wedding Outfits in Indonesia

Almost every province in Indonesia has their own traditional dances, food and attire. Every region has unique customs that serve as requirements for wedding processions, marriages and wedding dresses. Here, we’ll guide you on a journey of Indonesia’s culture, specifically on the traditional wedding outfits worn by the people.

When you think of Indonesia, you’ll probably picture a woman dressed in blazing fabrics, complete with accessories. You’ll likely find the most common traditional dresses from the Java, Sundanese and Balinese regions.

Here is a list of 5 traditional outfits in Indonesia in some of the country’s ethnic groups.

Minangkabau Costumes

Minangkabau traditional indonesian dress

Wedding costumes from Minangkabau, West Sumatra, traditionally have bright colors like red, light green or light blue. The bride wears a veil known as tengkuluk telukang, which is a headdress made of velvet fabric and adorned with gold. 

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For those who pick the Coastal Padang traditional costumes, the bride also wears a crown called suntiang. Today, these crowns have 9 to 11 tiers that weigh up to 5 kilograms. For the Koto gadang costumes.

Sunda Costumes

Sundanese west java indonesian costumes

Sundanese traditional wedding costumes, West Java has a unique siger crown that the bride wears. This crown is triangular and weighs up to 2 kilograms, representing life’s peak. The bride and groom wear batik for the lower body with traditional patterns like sidomukti, lereng eneng or mega mendung.

The Sundanese bride also wears a kebaya and a sarong (a skirt-like garment). A kebaya is a fitted lace blouse with long sleeves that are worn over another layer of clothing. The sarong is a textile wrapped around the waist and hangs below up to the feet. The men also wear sarong, but wear a long-sleeved batik shirt or embroidered jacket instead of kebaya. Nowadays, these traditional outfits consist of Western and Islamic style influences.

Fragrant flowers like jasmine and garlands are also essential to these outfits. Both bride and groom also wear jewels in their hair as part of the traditional outfits.

Java Costumes

Indonesian attire javanese wedding

Javanese traditional wedding outfits mainly consist of styles from Solo and Yogyakarta standards. The bride and groom’s outfits from Yogyakarta and Solo are usually black velvet with unique patterns and characteristics. But there are wedding costumes known as basahan from the Solo authenticity. There’s even a traditional style of makeup applied on the bride’s forehead called paes, a hair bun called a Sanggul and jasmine decoration. 

The ceremonial clothing may vary slightly, but both men and women wear sarongs. The men wear a high collared shirt, a jacket and a blangkon (a kind of wrapped head cloth that looks like a skullcap). On the other hand, the woman wears a kebaya (long-sleeved blouse) and a selendang, a sash that wraps over the shoulder. Small details like embroidered cloth and silver jewelry are also essential adornments for both the bride and groom. 

Bali Costumes

Indonesian attire balinese wedding

A wedding is beyond important for the Balinese people. When two Balinese people marry, they don’t only marry each other but also bond together with the entire extended family. Traditional wedding outfits for Bali are called Payas Agung, a wedding attire filled with vibrant colors representing happiness for the couple and their families. This luxury wedding outfit was originally worn by Bali’s royal family; today, it’s worn by couples who can afford it. 

Both bride and groom also wear Songket, which are luxurious and expensive textiles that consist of golden thread layers which may symbolize the family’s caste level or wealth. They also wear a head cover with a traditional golden crown engraved. The height of these crowns also symbolizes their status. 

Bugis Costumes

Indonesian attire bugis custom

The bodo blouse, also known as the Baju Bodo, is a sheer and transparent blouse with short sleeves traditionally worn by Bugis women, South Sulawesi. This blouse is usually combined with a matching woven sarong that covers the waist up to the ankles. 

The term bodo in Bugis means “short,” which implies the blouse’s short sleeves. The blouse has a relatively simple cut, as it follows a square design with some features a front opening, while others don’t, which makes it look like a loose tube. It’s a rather loose outfit that allows the blouse to fit all sizes, with the design emphasizing the sheer fabric’s drape quality. 

The bride and groom also wear bracelet accessories on both hands. The bride’s hair is shaped into a bun with accessories that look like a semi-circular bun. 

Conclusion – Different Types of Balinese Wedding Outfits

The wedding costume is crucial for any wedding ceremony in Indonesia. Some brides and grooms may choose one of the customs; others may go with both customs and hold longer wedding ceremonies. When the bride and groom come from different cultural backgrounds or even different regions, the two families need to negotiate the matter related to the wedding procession. 

There are 34 provinces in Indonesia in total and even within the province, there is separate traditional attire worn with different variations. The reason for this diversity is caused by the various legends and beliefs that are peculiar within every region. Some regions even reflect their influence from other cultures, like Jakarta’s traditional dress is hugely influenced by Chinese, Malaysian and Arabic culture. 

On the other hand, Balinese costumes with great details show Hinduism’s great influence on Bali’s culture.

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