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4 Ways to Preserve Wedding Flowers

preserve wedding flowers ideas

Every bride wants to keep their flowers, especially after planning and budgeting and carefully picking the right blooms to accompany her during the ceremonies. After spending a lot of your time and effort in creating the bouquet, many couples are also looking for ways to preserve wedding flowers. 

If you want your flowers to last forever, you can! And there are a couple of ways to do it. The first tip for you looking to preserve your flower is to decide what would be the easiest and most practical way to implement it into your home easily. 

The best option is to turn the blooms into a piece of art that’s placed in your home and displayed all year round, creating an everlasting enjoyment for every couple. 

Creative Ways You Can Preserve Our Wedding Flowers

Here are our tips for keeping your precious wedding flowers, which hopefully lets you hold on to them forever as a reminder of your special day.

Press the Flowers

To press your wedding flowers, choose as many flowers as you want and spread them out on paper with clean wax so you can lift them easily after pressing. You can arrange them in a way you’re happy with for this step, as you can’t rearrange them once they’re dried and pressed.

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Once the flowers are inside the wax paper, slide it into the pages of a heavy book and lay it down. Add another sheet of waxed paper on top, so the flowers are free of ink. Then, place any heavy objects to weigh down the book and leave it to dry for about a week. Once the flowers are flat and dried up, you can freely frame and arrange them.

You can also call a professional press and frame your bouquet if you aren’t confident about doing it yourself. After all, you only have one shot of preserving these blooms, so why not hand it over to the pros? 

Hang the Wedding Flowers Upside Down

An easy way to preserve your wedding flowers is to air-dry them naturally. Unwrap the bouquet first and cut any wraps or ties. Hang the stems one by one instead of lumping the bouquet together, so each bloom has the best possible form.

Then, hang them upside down in a dry place like a hallway closet and let the flowers dry for a week or longer. You can then arrange them in a vase or make a wreath with your dried flowers. If you’ve kept the bouquet’s ribbon, it’s a bonus as you can use it on your wreath. 

Submerge the Flowers in Silica Gel

If you can’t freeze your bouquet on time, silica is something you should consider. They aren’t real gel, but silica is porous sand that absorbs water and dries flowers in up to seven days. This allows your flowers to look the closest to how they did on your wedding day.

You can find silica gel at a general craft store for no more than $10. Create a silica gel base in an airtight container and place your flowers in the sand. Next, pour the silica gel around the petals and ensure the flower’s shape is intact. Fill up the container till it’s full and seal it with a lid. Ensure the container is airtight to avoid your flowers melding due to moisture.

Silica gel also nicely preserves the colors of your flowers. Once the week is up, carefully remove the flowers and spray them with hairspray or an artist fixative spray.

Turn Your Flowers into a Resin Paperweight

You can use clear epoxy resin for preserving your wedding flowers in any shape. You can make a resin paperweight by getting a mold from your nearest craft store in any shape you’d like, such as a sphere or cube. Fill it halfway with epoxy resin and arrange the flowers carefully in the fluid. Then, fill it up to the top before you let it dry. After taking off the mold, you’ll have a beautiful decoration that eternally preserves your wedding bouquet’ blooms.

FAQ for Wedding Flowers

Have other questions regarding wedding flowers? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What to do with Dead Wedding Flowers?

You can repurpose dead and dried-up wedding flowers, so don’t toss them out just yet! The options include making homemade potpourri, making floral bath soak, adding the petals to candles or composting them.

What to do with Leftover Flowers after the Ceremony?

Of course, you’re not going to pick up every flower at your wedding and preserve them. For the flowers that were used as décor, you can send them home with guests, give them to your vendors, or bring the burial site of your beloved deceased ones.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh on Your Wedding Day?

To keep your flowers fresh during the wedding, cut the stems diagonally and submerge them in warm water. Put them somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight.

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