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All You Need to Know About Pre-Wedding Photography

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The wedding preparation process can get overwhelming at times, as there are so many things to think about and arrange. A pre-wedding photoshoot is usually the first thing you need to prepare. Even though it’s a one-day event, there are many things to take care of before the shoot.

Let’s look at a detailed guideline for your pre-wedding photoshoot, so you know exactly what to expect.

4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding photography is the photography niche that focuses on capturing the events of the start of your togetherness before your wedding day. It usually includes engagement photos and other wedding preparations.

Many couples are sometimes confused with this term, as they state that they don’t need an engagement shoot, as they’re ‘already engaged’. Here are some reasons why you should have a pre-wedding shoot.

It’s Great Practice

You’ll practice how to pose. Just the important bits, though. You’ll have better knowledge of how to look great for your wedding pictures, and you can always tell if a pose doesn’t suit you.

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A Great Extra Time to Spend with Your other Half

You’ll spend an extra half a day with your fiancée. A pre-wedding shoot can get you to chat, laugh, hug and kiss a lot with each other. Therefore, you might also consider a pre-wedding shoot as an anti-stress therapy.

Great Pictures to Keep

You’ll be happy with the pictures you’ll get from your engagement. Photos are everlasting memories and having some pre-wedding photos are also a great addition to keep. Perhaps you’d also like to use these photos on your save the date cards or signing boards?

You’ll be Glad You Had These Shoots

You’ll feel inspired and more excited for your special day than ever! Also, taking the pre-wedding photoshoot can be a lot of fun. The shoot can push you to look for more wedding photography ideas that suit you and your fiancée, eventually resulting in even better pictures. You’ll also know that you don’t need to worry about wedding photography anymore when your big day finally comes.

Preparations for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

We recommend signing a photoshoot package three to six months before your wedding day. The earlier you start, the better, as you’ll have plenty of time to consider other parts for your wedding.

What to Look for in a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package

Make sure you ask the right questions – here’s a list of what you should be looking for when signing for a photoshoot package:


  • Look at the types and number of gowns available in the package
  • See if you’re allowed to bring your own dresses and suits. If yes, how many gowns are allowed?


  • Check if you need to bring your pants, coats and inner shirts. Or perhaps these are included in the service?
  • See if your shoes are included in the groom’s package.

Makeup Services

  • Find out how many makeup artists and hairstylists are included in the package.
  • See if any additional charges are required for false eyelashes, mascara and ampoule. If it does, then how much does it cost?
  • Check if any trial makeup is possible before the photoshoot.

The Pictures

  • Confirm the number of photos you can take out of all the photos taken.
  • Check if they offer soft copies returned in their package.

The Wedding Album

  • Check the album’s size.
  • Look at the materials they’ll be using.
  • Check the number of pages included in an album. How much more do you need to pay if you need some extra pages?


  • Check the frame’s size.
  • Check out all the designs and find one that suits you most
  • Check if hand bouquets and flowers are included.

What do you need to prepare before a pre-wedding photoshoot?

  • Arrange the wedding outfit fitting session.
  • Look for photoshoot theme ideas and the locations you want for the shoot.
  • If required, apply for shooting permits and approvals.


Having a pre-wedding shoot is more important than you think. Besides getting some great pictures you can keep for eternity, it also helps you get used to the camera. This can make you feel less tense on your wedding day as all the attention will be on you.

The pre-wedding shoot is usually compared to a makeup trial run. And after the shoot, you can always give your photographers your feedback. They’ll love getting it from couples as they only want to make the best pictures for you, and the more they know about the things you like and don’t like, the better it is for the photographers to grow.

Also, don’t underestimate how tiring a photoshoot can be. So, make sure you’ve had plenty of rest before the day. If you want to take your own props with you, like a guitar or your classic motorbike suits the pre-wedding theme, ensure they’re all cleaned up and ready to go.

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