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7 Pre-Wedding Photography Pose Ideas for Lovers

pre wedding photography pose ideas

A wedding portrait is a couple’s first picture before embarking on a new life together, so it’s a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Wedding poses are the heart of a couple’s wedding portraits and can make or break them. A pose should complement the bride and groom, showing their intimate chemistry. But as a wedding photographer, how do you create excellent wedding photography poses in the limited time of a wedding?

This guide will show you the best ideas for wedding poses and posing tips for every couple.

Mastering the Wedding Poses

Posing is like an art. It takes practice to master and requires knowledge of the basics. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all approach when posing, and to master the art of wedding photography, you should study the posing basics for both men and women first.

Couples don’t need to imitate the fiery kisses from a romantic movie to show how intimate they are. Follow the couple and pay attention to their body language. Be observant of what stands put on their candid interactions and never force poses on them as it will only result in awkward pictures. 

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Have the Right Energy

For a good photo session, you need to create a friendly rapport. You can do this by staying relaxed and being approachable to the couple. Meet the couple before the shoot to get an idea of how they would like the wedding shoot to play out. 

Also, as wedding poses for an engagement session are similar to a wedding, consider an engagement practice session to prepare you for the real thing. It’s an excellent opportunity to capture the couple without the pressure of the big day.

Get Inspired by Our Top Wedding Poses

It doesn’t take one basic pose to create an image. But it’s how we adjust their expression, gestures, and where they’re looking to create multiple shots and variety for the wedding album. 

The same poses may also appear very different by adjusting the composition. This consists of effective cropping, the correct lens, and proper lighting. 

So, let’s look at the 7 unique wedding poses that will impress the couple. 

1. The First Look 

Starting off our list with the first look pose, as it’s a big moment worth capturing! Take a shot of the groom’s first look at the bride in her wedding dress. If the couple is down for it, capture the moment before the ceremony if possible. 

2. “Blind Folded by the Bride” Pose 

It’s one of the classic traditions: the groom doesn’t get to see the bride in her wedding gown before the ceremony! To make the shoot fun and special, get the bride to cover up the groom’s eyes before the big reveal. It works great as a starting pose for a wedding photoshoot as it helps create a story through the subsequent shots. 

3. Pose While Lying in the Grass

For a fun summer or spring wedding pose, take a shot of the couple on a bird’s eye view while lying in the grass. Try out different poses, like facing their heads together or facing opposite directions while closing their eyes. You can also ask the bride to place her hand on the groom’s face for a sweet touch. 

4. Kiss on the Forehead 

If it’s hard for the couple to relax, this pose works great to get them to loosen up. A forehead kiss is a sweet gesture that will help the couple get into their connection during the photoshoot session. Get the groom to wrap his arms around the bride’s waist and kiss her. 

This pose usually results in a stunning photo where the couple shines confidently. 

5. First Dance Pose

Every couple’s “first” is essential. That’s why you should help them capture as many “first times” as possible. 

A couple’s first dance usually takes place in the reception, but you can also get them to practice their first dance during the photoshoot. This is a sweet moment that will make the perfect memory for their photo album. 

6. The Wide Angle Scene 

Take the couple outside for a dramatic wide-angle shot. Depending on where they live and the photoshoot’s location, you can stage the photos in a beautiful field, woods, or beach in Bali. 

Get the couple to stand and face each other while holding hands. Instruct them to talk to each other to look relaxed and natural when taking the wide-angle shot. 

7. The Relaxed Look

The secret to an excellent wedding photo is to capture the couple’s intimacy on the wedding day. Images that capture the bride and groom’s relaxed, natural gaze can help you achieve that.

Have them casually sit down, and you can ask the groom to rest his arm on his knee or stretch out his feet in front of him. Then, get the bride to lean close to him. Let them casually chat with each other while you capture their loving intimacy. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope our guide has given you unique yet memorable poses that are perfect for any couple. For those in the wedding photography business, mastering the art of wedding poses is like perfecting a craft. It’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor; it requires a deep understanding of the basics and an ability to tailor poses to each couple’s unique personalities. 

The art of wedding poses is a delicate balance of technique, rapport, and creativity, and the result is a collection of photographs that tell the beautiful story of two people beginning their journey together. So, remember to be observant, create the right energy, and master the art of wedding poses to ensure that the memories you capture are as timeless as the love they represent. 

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