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7 Steps to Pick the Right Wedding Florist for Your Wedding

choosing wedding florist

Flowers are beautiful and have the power to change environments. It’s a universal language that every bride understands. Flowers are part of every bride’s appearance, wedding decorations, and even the wedding cake. They express a romantic sense within a space and symbolize an exciting celebration for your wedding day.

Choosing the right wedding florist is an essential part of the wedding planning process. We are aware that every bride wants to have the prettiest flowers on her wedding day. Before you start looking for a florist, you must know that these flowers can be pricey and won’t blossom in every season. 

The right flowers designed and put together beautifully by an experienced wedding florist can result in an entire event or reception looking like the fairy tale wedding of your dreams. This is why we will be listing seven tips you need to know for choosing the right wedding florist.

Do Your Research Before Meeting A Florist

Doing your ‘flower homework’ is the best place to start before you find the right florist. However, this is not as simple as finding a flower in the nearest shop and requesting them in white for your wedding. Take some time to consider what flowers you want and how you would like to present them. When we say to do your research, we don’t mean you should know every flower in the market but have a good understanding of the flowers you like and floral terms such as bouquet types, arrangements, and other decor details. To get a better chance of getting the flowers you want, find out the season in your area. Don’t worry if your wedding date does not match its blooming season, as there are always lookalike alternatives.

Find Inspiration

You can find endless inspiration photos on Pinterest, so try creating an inspirational flower board and save all the pictures you like. You don’t have to pin pictures of the specific flower, but you can collect flowers of any shape, texture, and color. Like we said, anything you like! Make a note based on the pictures you choose to help you communicate your vision more effectively.

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Consider The Venue’s Style and Your Color Theme

The style of your venue and overall wedding color theme can help you determine the flowers you should choose. If many natural blooms are already around the venue, you shouldn’t need to add a lot more floral arrangements. Having an excellent flower detail can be a charming and bright addition to your big day when done right. Also, keep your wedding color theme in mind. Would a blush pink be better than a blush pink? Are gold or silver accents needed? Not every flower matches the color of your wedding theme accordingly.

Set Your Budget

It may be difficult to know exactly how much your wedding flower will cost. However, you can start by setting a floral budget that makes sense as part of your overall wedding budget. Knowing your budget can also help your florist narrow down the flowers and styles within your price range. This can help you and your florist save time as you want to be honest with your budget. Wedding experts calculate that 10 percent of your total wedding cost will be spent on flowers and décor, starting from bouquets and boutonnieres for the ceremony, reception details and cocktails. It would also be helpful to have a general idea of how many reception tables and bridesmaids you’ll be having.

Find Recommendations 

Getting recommendations is also essential before meeting any florists. These can come from your just married buddies and online reviews. If you are working with a wedding planner, they should know where to go to find the best florists. These planners have collaborated with many wedding vendors, so take advantage of their valuable opinions.

Once you’ve gathered enough recommendations, you can then invest your time to check out each of their websites and see which florist seems to match your overall vision.

Ask More Questions

Beyond the proper budget and recommendations, there are also some logistical matters you should know. How many weddings do these vendors handle during the weekend? Will they be the one who installs the florals in your marriage, or will they instead send someone from their team? Wedding experts say that a professional designer should give you those answers during the first meeting. These meetings should also be the time to inquire about communication preferences and the control you’ll have during the whole decorating process.

Get Proposals and Make Your Decision

Get each florist to develop a detailed proposal based on your flower vision and budget. one expert tip is: get them to prepare their best-case scenario and the low or minimum proposal. You can also mix them both and make a mid-tier flower package. You might end up spending more on the centerpieces and opt for a minimum bridesmaid bouquet. Remember to ask them to include the delivery time and cost of all the arrangements and setup.

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