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How to Deal with Makeup during the Rainy Season

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Getting married in Bali or coming to a wedding in Bali as a guest means you’ll have to deal with either the hot or dry seasons. You’ll need to fight the dryness and sweat during the hot, dry season and during the monsoon. Here are our tips on the makeup you should try out for Bali’s monsoon season. 

1. Wear Light Makeup

There’s the challenge of dampness and humidity. It’s essential to find long-lasting makeup and which products can deal with any weather conditions. 

During the rainy season, it’s better to have light makeup. Light makeup offers room for your pores to breathe and ensures that your makeup will be less likely to turn messy. The more layers of makeup applied on your skin would risk starting to fall apart when your pores begin to sweat. 

2. Use Moisturizer and Apply Matte Primer on Your Face

Whether it’s raining or shining, moisturizer is an essential tool for your makeup regimen. Even during humid weather, you should moisturize your skin as it may dry out. Water-based moisturizers absorb oil, which makes them the ideal pair for your foundation and gives you a bright and hydrated look. 

Then, start applying the matte primer. This preps and plumps your face, which makes it makeup ready. A primer lets your makeup last longer as it offers you a smooth and even skin surface, which makes your makeup sit better on your face. 

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3. Look for Powder-Based Products instead of Cream-Based Ones

For the rainy season, it’s best to avoid cream foundation, blush eyeshadow, and liquid lippies as they risk melting in the rain. This is why the powder formula is the way to go. 

Powder foundation won’t only offer a matte finish but will make it last longer. Opt for powder to help you get that matte finish and avoid mottled foundation. Don’t overdo the foundation and concealer to avoid looking cakey. Say no to cream-based products, especially during the rainy months. 

After completing your base, a magnifying powder is the best finish for your makeup. Pick a lightweight formula and dust your entire face and neck to absorb the extra moisture and offer an even finish. During humid weather, it’s also best to use pressed or powder-based blush with eyeshadow to avoid smudging.

4. Say No to Glossy Lips

Following the rule previously mentioned, avoid lip glosses and creamy lipsticks as they may bleed easily in humid weather. 

Look for transfer-proof matte lippies, apply a balm or moisturizer, wait up to 20 minutes before putting a matte shade, and wait for it to get absorbed. You can also buy transfer-proof transparent top coats. 

5. Don’t Do Cakey Concealer

Not every woman has the gift of flawless skin; for some, concealer is essential. However, it’s also well-known for making you look thick and cakey, especially during bright lights. It also usually melts off the skin in extended, forlorn strips, similar to how you peel paint under humid weather. 

The rule to remember is “less is more” when it comes to concealer, which avoids cakey situations, but it’s also ideal to use oil-free concealers. Find one that will not look cakey on your matte or powder-based foundation, as its formula aims for a natural finish without visible flaws and blemishes. This will also make your skin seem less oily. 

If you aren’t into concealers and would rather have BB creams, apply a single coat of BB creams that is oil-free and feather-light. Then, add finishing powder to get a refined appearance and an even skin tone.

6. Apply Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner

Even though rainy days can be romantic and fun, it can also be disastrous for your makeup if you want to continue the party for the night. For example, you have found a mascara that lengthens, gives volume and offers doll-like lashes, but unfortunately, it isn’t waterproof. 

You can find waterproof mascara, which is reliable for the rainy season. It’s usually splotch-free and helps your lashes stay in fine shape for hours thanks to its formula that with stand water and humidity.

For the eyeliner, maintain your lines and edges with an ultra-thin eyeliner that will slide easily on top of your lid. Choose one that is buildable, smudge-proof and, of course, water-resistant.

7. Choose the Right Colors – Pink, Beige and Pastel Brown

After applying all your magnifying products, you should put some color on your face to get that fresh skin look. Highlight your cheeks and eyes with pink-colored blush using a lip tint. Avoid any red and other bold colors during the humidity of the rainy season, which may risk melting your makeup.

Add a setting spray as the cherry on top. Setting sprays are crucial to any makeup enthusiast. If a primer works as the foundation for the skin for makeup, then a setting spray locks it, ensuring that the makeup will last longer.

Once you’re done with your makeup, hold the setting spray bottle about 10-15cm away from your face and spray all over it. You’ve likely seen beauty bloggers and makeup artists spraying their faces up to three times on every side in the middle while letting the mist settle.

8. Don’t Let the Rain Outshine Your Beauty

In the end, there are many ways you can apply waterproof makeup for a wedding in the rainy season. Remember to use oil-free products, or your makeup will fall apart due to Bali’s humid weather.

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