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Jewelry Shopping in Bali – Where to Buy Gold or Silver for a Wedding?

bali jewelry shopping

From beachy bracelets to bold and beautiful necklaces and earrings, jewelry shopping in Bali has proven to be as diverse and stunning as exploring the island itself. There are endless jewelry designers. Where some of them have been having to design these bejeweled beauties for generations. It’s no wonder that international stars have stopped here to shop for these sparkly treasures.

How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Your Wedding

Consider what you love to help you narrow your search for the right jewelry. Envision yourself on the wedding day; what kind of bride do you want to be? Do you consider yourself a classic beauty or a Bohemian chic? Or maybe you’re more of a romantic from the heart. Once you have an overall idea of your desired look, narrowing down your jewelry choices will be much easier. If there’s a specific style that you love, use it as a starting point. 

For example, if you’re drawn to vintage jewelry, look for models that add a classic Hollywood touch. In contrast, if you love flashy, shiny, and over-the-top jewelry models, go for it! Other things to consider include choosing jewelry that will complement your dress, personality, and overall wedding theme.

Why Should You Buy Local Bali Jewelry?

Every jewelry in Bali is designed based on the island’s natural uniqueness and history, all combined with specific techniques and a variety of gemstones to produce truly marvelous pieces. Also, Bali is known to have some of the best gold and silversmiths in the world

The reason why we should but local bali jewelry


The art of silver-making started with Bali’s colonization by the Majapahit Empire of Java. Where the silversmithing skills have been passed down for generations and are still pretty much alive today. The art that applies in Bali jewelries has been running for hundreds of years, dating back to the bronze age.

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Jewelry?

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Locally Inspired

The reason why Bali jewelries are unique is due to the multiple elements that inspire every design. This includes the flower colors, shapes, animal patterns and of course, its rich culture. These elements and spiritual beliefs are expressed and carved onto the jewelry.

Some of the known techniques the locals use to produce their jewels are fine filigree, granulation and jawan.

Ethical Attitude

When you buy Balinese jewels, you also support the local Bali artisans. Partnering with these artisans also contributes to their livelihood and the development of the local communities. 

Top 5 Places to Shop for Jewelry in Bali

Bali is indeed home to many jewelry stores that sell their own exclusive brands. Every piece is designed with real meaning, and in true Bali style – usually handmade and always gorgeous. So, if you’re planning on having your wedding in Bali and want to have the exclusive Bali glams, here are some of our favorite jewelry stores you should visit.

1. Ananda Soul – Ubud

This jewelry brand based in Ubud was created from admiration and appreciation for all women. And today, Ananda Soul’s founder Christina Zipperlen aims to make women shine with her collection that reminds women of their beauty, wisdom and strength.

Besides that, Ananada Soul contributes positively to the planet by sourcing recycled, sustainable, low-impact materials to make her jewelry. All while giving them back to the local communities and treating them as family.

2. Monsieur Blonde – Berawa and Seminyak

Take a step inside the Monsieur Blonde and instantly feel the chic and feminine setting of sparkling golds and shimmering silver with an additional boutique line of French elegance.

For their jewelry, it’s really one of the hottest brands to come out of the island. They present an excellent line of handmade jewelry that combines vintage styles and modern flair, combining the owner’s French heritage with the antique & oriental East-Asian ornaments. Resulting in some truly magnificent jewelry pieces.

3. Sunaka Jewelry – Ubud & Sukawati

Celuk is a famous Balinese village known for its generational heritage of gold and silver craftsmanship. It is where Sunaka was born, where he is one of the many descendants of the village who continued their jewelry-making legacy.

Sunaka Jewelry is now one of Bali’s best brands which use both traditional and modern techniques and is inspired by culture and nature. All of this combined to create the most elegant gold and silver jewelry that preserves the island’s ancestral heritage. Their collections are exquisite that you’ll be proud to wear and show off on any special occasion.

4. Jemme – Seminyak

Also known as the paradise for jewelry lovers’, Jemme is one of Bali’s most visited jewelry centers. This top-tier jewelry destination offers more shine than Madonna on stage. You won’t have any trouble finding classic favorites here, as they provide the alluring gemstone rings, bright diamond bracelets and solid bejewelling in every design you can think of. You can pick from galore diamonds, including yellow, white, blue, pink, green, black and more.

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. So, in the case of Jemme, you can have all the BFFs you want!

5. Sri Utami – Ubud

Originally named BITS OF BALI, Sri Utami has rebranded the name and used her name instead since 2017. Sri has been crafting jewelry since 1996 where she inherits her mother’s vintage designs and redesign them into timeless and contemporary pieces. Her designs are inspired by Bali’s exotic culture and the artistic communities that revolve around arts.

Today, Sri embraces her design only with high-quality gemstones, sterling silver and precious gold, all based on her three design principles: simplicity, versatility and elegance. Her designs are for you looking for some casual designs, worn only for understated elegance or the “it’s barely even there” look. Its accent adds extra life to any wardrobe and is best for any occasion.

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