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How to Choose the Right Wedding Accessories

Right wedding accessories

First of all, congratulations on passing through your dating stage and you’re finally here to embrace your new life as a married couple! Nothing satisfies a bride more than choosing what she will wear on her big day. After you’ve picked your gorgeous dress and finalized every detail, you’re one step closer to completing your dream wedding look. However, one last step you need to make is picking your wedding accessories!

Bridal accessories can add that last touch of glamor to your overall wedding look. But with so many different wedding accessories, how are you supposed to choose the one you need? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. As we’ve put together all the best accessories options to complement your fairy tale wedding look.

Why Do You Need Wedding Accessories?

You might be wondering if accessories really are that important. Especially if the wedding dress and the bride are the ones that will be the main focus. Wedding accessories can potentially add an extra layer to your outfit. These accessories may even be something that pulls your entire wedding theme as a whole. Sometimes, it’s really about the small details.

A few accessories indeed come from traditions, such as veils. But you shouldn’t feel like it’s a mandatory accessory just because everyone else has them at their wedding. So, let’s look at some of the options. 

Choose a Pretty Hair Accessory

You don’t have to come up with a chosen hairstyle to pick any hair accessories. As long as choosing your design can help you select your hair styling. 

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Hair Vines

This classic accessory is laid back and suitable for brides going for the boho look for their special day. Whether your hair is twisted to a low bun or falls naturally over your shoulders – the hair vine will look effortlessly gorgeous. 


To achieve the simple, classic and understated look, opting for some delicate hair pins will offer you the look you’ve been looking for on your special day. These could be glitzy to add the glamor look or pearls that suit your wedding dress. Let your hairdresser have fun with the hairpins, trying them out in different places to see where they fit best. 


The one accessory made for princesses, especially if you’ve chosen a ball-gown wedding dress in white. A tiara mainly works for a ‘Brandi’ dress and would express the princess vibe, but you can also be glamorous without the veil.


Veils are classic additions that never go out of style at any wedding. They may change depending on the current trend. For example, the boho looks of the 60s saw the rise of the birdcage veil. And Princess Diana’s mammoth veil made a new trend for an entire generation of brides, with many incorporating cathedral-style veils on their dresses. The modern style bridal look today is less defined, but the focus is on sheer fabrics and outlined on the edges.

Wear Bridal Jewelry

Wedding jewelry adds the final layer of sparkles to your overall bride look. When choosing a necklace, think about the neckline of your wedding dress. If it’s strapless, then a necklace would add the perfect accent to it. Adding more bling would seem a little too much if it’s already detailed. Of course, you’ll also have your engagement ring worn on your wedding day, with your wedding band that marks your official new title of “Mrs.”

Here are the trending wedding jewelry types you should consider.

Classic Wedding Jewelry

Diamonds and pearls will remain timeless classics and it’s an excellent way to do a flower and tiara. Another chic idea is adding black on a ribbon or silk hair bow.

Glam Wedding Jewelry

Get inspired by old Hollywood; sparkles are everything but don’t overdo it. Choose a piece of jewelry, focus on it, and let the rest be the secondary characters. 

Romantic Wedding Jewelry

Find something that has floral elements or many movements. A sterling silver or gold piece with engraved leaves or vine adorned with stones at its center will dazzle your guests during a garden or outdoor wedding.

Boho Wedding Jewelry

For this option, you need to choose textured, woven or braided pieces. Also, some organically-shaped gemstones as well. Freshwater pearls are an excellent choice for this aesthetic too.

Add a Sash to Your Wedding Dress

This primarily works on simple dress designs, as wrapping up a sash around the middle can accentuate your waist beautifully. These may feature crystals or other embellishments that blend perfectly with the dress and appear part of it. 

Slip On the Right Wedding Shoes

Are you a fan of high-heels, or would you instead keep both your feet down on the floor?

Whichever you prefer, you’ll need to bring the shoes you want to your first dress fitting, as the hem might need some adjusting.

The color you pick may also be the most important factor in picking the right shoes. To make them stand out as a wedding accessory, make sure that your wedding shoes’ color matches your wedding theme, so it’s not always white or ivory. Try a pair of red, Cadbury purple or Tiffany blue wedding shoes that will look amazing with a classic white gown and will express that you are a free spirit.

Besides ensuring you have the right style and color, make sure it’s comfortable and suits the type of wedding venue. If you’re having a beach wedding in Bali, then 6-inch heels may not be the right fit.


When choosing these wedding accessories, remember to pick something that suits your personality and style. Don’t let anyone convince you that you need to have something just because it’s currently trendy or suitable for your dress or hair.

Also, consider your venue as some accessory options may not be suitable. The bottom line is – choose something that you feel you’re most beautiful in.

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