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How to Protect Your Wedding Dress during the Rainy Season

Wedding dress during rainy season

While many of us despise the rain on certain occasions, rain symbolizes rebirth, clarity and cleansing. And as refreshing as it sounds, we don’t want you to get your wedding dress all soggy more than cleansed due to the rain!

If you’re getting married in a place with constant rainfall. Or on a paradise island like Bali from October to January, you should be aware of the risk of getting a little wet. However, in this article, we’ll help you prepare for a wet wedding and share our best tips for preserving your wedding dress in case of any unexpected drizzle.

Have a Plan B (or C)

No one wants rain in their outdoor venue, which is why you’ll want to prepare a backup plan. 

This is mainly for you looking to celebrate your special day in Bali or other places with a tropical climate or high humidity level. 

First, get familiar with the weather patterns during the season and consult with your wedding planner should include an indoor celebration in case of rain, so find a venue that offers both. For a beach wedding, resorts can move the ceremony indoors quickly if the rain sweeps in. This way, you’ll have alternative locations for drinks, photographs, and other elements. 

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This is the best way to preserve your beautiful gown and ensure your guests are comfortable. You should also consider rain gear for you and your guests as well, like umbrellas or valet parking. Here are our tips to keep you and your guests as dry as possible during a rainy wedding.

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!

Plan and ensure you’ve got a handful of umbrellas ready to hand out. Clear ones can look fab in pictures and cute parasols or colored umbrellas can keep your hair, makeup and dress dry. Plus, they’re also fun as photo props.

Stand on a Sheet

It might not be the most attractive thing on your wedding day, but having a white sheet to stand on for taking formal pictures can prevent your dress from getting mud. 

Protect Those Train

When you come into the perfect day for fittings, let your boutique know if you want a loop added to your dress so you can bustle up your train. This may be as handy for dancing as it is for a rainy day! You can also get your bridesmaid to carry the train for you. 

Keep Yourself Fuzz-Free

Some of us know if the weather will likely change and any hint of dark clouds and rain in the air brings that fuzzy hair look. If this is you, you can talk to your hairdresser so they can apply products that tame your tresses or even entirely come up with a different hairstyle.

A Shoe Alternative

We love to bring out our best shoes, especially for our wedding day, and so would your guests! Imagine the thought of your sleek bridal shoes getting covered in mud; that would be heartbreaking! So, bring out the colored or patterned wellies and you won’t need to worry about any muddy problems on your shoes.

Wrap It Up

Remember that most of the time, the rain also means a drastic drop in temperature, which means the bride will likely shiver from the sudden cold. Make sure you have a wrap or shrug to stay warm and dry throughout your wedding day. 

Make Up Style According to the Weather 

Regardless of the weather, waterproof makeup is an excellent choice for wedding glam (as you might be shedding a few happy tears at the ceremony). If you’re worried that the rain will ruin your makeup, you can consult with your makeup artists for an emergency kit. Most can leave you with some bits that allow you to make running fixes during the day.

For your hair, prepare to bring it to the updo when needed. Humidity can be more of a damper on your looks than the rain, especially when frizz occurs. Talk about the best weatherproof hairstyles and products with your stylist and come up with a backup hairdo just in case.

Keep Your Wedding Dress Dry

Now comes the important part – your wedding dress! If the rain comes in the forecast, prepare some alternative and cute outerwear options. This outwear offers a layer of protection for the dress while adding sparkle to your overall look. 

Try talking to your bridal boutique about shawls, capes, or jackets accompanying your dress. These options offer some protection without covering your gown’s beauty. 

Remember to Smile, Sunshine!

Don’t let the rainy weather ruin your special day. It’s all up to you to make it the perfect day, and that’s something a little rain can’t touch. Remember that you’re not alone; wedding planners and catering businesses usually have protocols in place in case of any rain. 

But most of all, embrace the events of your wedding day! After all, this is what makes every wedding special, unique and memorable. So just grab your partner and an umbrella and celebrate your wedding day. Because let’s be clear, nothing else really matters. 
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