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Wedding Dress Code Ideas for Your Guests

wedding dress code

No matter the size or the level of formality, every wedding has its own rules and themes of what you should wear as a guest. Indeed, some invitations offer clear instructions for specific dress codes, and others may not be as straightforward. dress codes for guests can be as simple or thematic as “80s” or “casual attire” to simply only mentioning colors like black, white, green to even the “winter palette.” This might make you wonder; will it be fine to show up in a cocktail dress? or should you stick to a more formal look? This article will look at the many types of dress code ideas for a wedding.

The Five Most Common Dress Codes

With some knowledge of your body type, let’s look at the most common wedding dress codes usually written in invitations.

1. Black Tie

The Black Tie is the most formal wedding dress code, and it’s something you would wear for a state dinner or the Oscars.

For women: A floor-length formal-length gown or a cocktail dress is appropriate. To maintain the formal look, keep your dress length below your knee.

For men: A tuxedo or a black tie with a black bow tie. Add a black formal shoe to complete this look. For a summertime wedding, you can wear a traditional black suit instead of a tux.

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2. White Tie

Just like the Black Tie, the White Tie is also a top formal dress code. The difference is that the White Tie is something usually worn during a morning or afternoon celebration.

For women: A formal gown in full-length in primary colors of black and any dark shades. You can add some dramatic jewelry with a tidy hairdo and top it with a classy clutch.

For men:  A slick tux or a long jacket in dark color with tails and a formal white shirt, bow tie and black leather shoes.

3. Semi Formal or Casual Dress

This type of dress code lets you experiment with different colors. You can find hints by looking at the time of the celebration. Choose some dark clothing for an evening reception and a lighter color during daytime events.

For women: A maxi skirt with a dressy top is suitable for a cocktail-length dress.

For men: Suit and tie in any color and don’t need to be in darker hues.

4. Festive Attire or Cocktail Dress

This is the dress code that offers more flexibility. You can put on any bold colors, fashionable accessories and add any unique heel designs.

For women: a tea or cocktail-length dress that’s filled with bold colors and accessories.

For men: Any non-white formal short is suitable with added colorful ties or bow ties.

5. Casual Attire

This is considered the most informal dress code. A wedding with this dress code is usually laid back and held outdoors. Even though it’s casual, you should still avoid wearing jeans, shorts and tank tops unless it’s stated in the invitation.

For women: A jumpsuit or summer dress with a natural hairdo and light make up is

For men: wear khaki pants in any color-matched with a button-down shirt or a plain polo shirt.

Unique Wedding Dress Codes

Besides the common dress codes above that are usually used in many events, there are numerous other out-of-the-box dress codes. Nowadays, some invitations may not even plainly state the dress codes, which requires you to look for hints before deciding what to wear. Below are some unconventional wedding dress codes you might encounter.

1. Thematic Wedding Dress

This can consist of the “Gatsby” or any wedding theme in the 1950s. If it’s clearly written, try to look for the outfits that fit the era and feel of the clothing you can find at a thrift shop near you. For example, the 1950s have their iconic fit and flare dresses that show off the female figure. However, the “Gatsby” translates to the 1920s, a glam era of black or gold flapper dresses.

For women: Pick a black or gold dress with dangling beads or fringes and wear pearl jewelry and a whimsical hairpiece.

For men: For a safe option, go for a black suit with a bow tie. But for a wedding party, you can add other colors and patterns. Try adding other accessories like a hat or suspenders.

2. Destination Wedding

For a destination in Bali, it will probably be held on the beach. Therefore, the most suitable attire is a relaxed and comfortable dress to wear in the hot tropical weather and sand underneath your feet. This is also suitable for fresco weddings, including a garden wedding where a floral summer dress and dressy sandals are acceptable.

For women: Avoid fluttery dresses for windy places as they can blow away easily. try out some patterned or colorful cocktail gowns and keep it just above the knee length. Complete the look with accessories and trendy sandals or wedges. Because of the wind, style your hair that is suitable for the surroundings.

For men: put on some button-down shirts and khaki pants. Avoid jeans and shorts unless stated on the invitation and bring some shades with a hat or accessories.The possibilities for dress codes are endless and can also depend on the theme of a wedding. Visit Bali Wedding Prices for more tips to prepare or attend a wedding in Bali.

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