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Where to Find, Buy, or Rent the Best Wedding Dress in Bali?

Find Wedding Dress in Bali

You might dream of finding a partner and spending the rest of your life together and having a kid or two. If you’ve already proposed to your girlfriend or boyfriend and they’ve said yes, congratulations! Then the next step is to prepare for the wedding. A wedding will likely be the most important and biggest celebration you’ll ever host as it’s the milestone that marks a new chapter of life. Therefore, before the big day, you’ll need to take care of numerous things such as testing your wedding menu, looking for the best wedding venue, picking your dream wedding dress and so much more.

If you’re still looking for a venue, then you need first to decide whether you want to have a wedding reception in your hometown or an exotic destination for a more memorable moment. If you’re looking to get married abroad, celebrating your big day in Bali is the perfect place. As you’ll get married in Bali, it’s best to buy or rent a wedding dress on the island rather than bring your own wedding dress and pay for overweight baggage.

Fix Your Wedding Dates in Bali

It is best if you’ve made a final decision on your wedding date. Weddings in Bali are usually set in outdoors. So, it’s best to know which season you’ll be coming to the island, especially if you’re planning for an outdoor venue.

We recommend holding your wedding in Bali around April to May or September and October for the island’s best weather. Avoid the months of June to August or end of the year as these months are usually the monsoon season where heavy rainfalls occur. The price of hotels, wedding venues and plane tickets are also generally lower during these months.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress?

Before rushing into our recommended boutiques to look for the wedding dress of your dreams, you need to make sure you know what YOUR dream wedding dress is! You’ve likely never tried one on before and it’s likely to be the most expensive garment you’ll ever own, which is why wedding dress shopping can come with another level of stress. You may also feel like there’s an entirely new language to decode -tulle, fit-and-flare, A-line, organza, etc. 

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Dress?

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Choosing the perfect dress for bali wedding

The things you should consider for choosing the right wedding dress or engagement dress are to ensure it matches your wedding theme and look for the right sized dress. Remember to shop early as it may take up to eight months to produce a gown, and of course, consider your budget as it will save you from a headache later on. 

When you’re all set for your wedding dates, then let’s get into Bali’s best places to find a wedding dress!

La Mariee Boutique

This boutique located in the middle of the island’s capital, Denpasar, can help you find the perfect dress. So whether you’ve envisioned the wedding dress you want or if you’re still looking for the right attire you want, La Mariee’s collection offers an endless style of dress that will suit your needs.

They’ll ask you questions like describing what you think a perfect dress should be while closing your eyes to let your imagination running and how you want the dress to look and feel during your wedding. Besides that, they’ll also help you choose the wedding gown that perfectly fits your figure and recommend the best style for a particular place and time of your wedding as the last thing you want is to underdress or overdress during your wedding. So their highly trained consultant will always be there for you, advising their experience and knowledge to help you decide on the best wedding dress.

Exquise by Tiffany

This Exquisite shop for some stylish dress collection nestles on Bali’s Jalan Sunset, Seminyak. The founder, Tiffany, started her career as a professional makeup artist in 2012 straight after finishing her undergraduate degree.

She then became a prominent figure in the cosmetics degree years later and opened up the wedding gown gallery in 2018 and has been a top place for picking out stunning wedding dresses.  

Kings Tailor Bali

This bridal shop sits on Jalan Gunung Athena, Padangsambian Kelod, Denpasar. King Tailor Bali has talented designers who pay attention to every detail, whether it’s to fit your body perfectly or pick the right color lining accents that you desire.

They’ll make sure to bring out the dress that will make you look like a fairy tale princess. You can check out King Tailor’s Instagram page for a glimpse of their beautiful collection of not only wedding dresses but suits and tuxes as well.  

Ali Charisma

If you’re looking for an haute couture kind of wedding dress, then the Ali Charisma on Jalan Camplung, Seminyak is the wedding gown gallery you should visit. The designer, Ali himself, has been in the fashion industry for many years. He has produced some amazing dresses through handiwork by using silky fabrics. The wedding gowns are available for short orders.

So, it’s ideal for brides who don’t have time to wait months for a wedding dress. Ali likes to design with sheer layers to reflect free-spirited brides while also combining beautiful bohemian silhouettes. It’s one of the best places in Bali for a Bali wedding dress rental.

Michelle Ann Bridal House

Michelle Ann Bridal House is nestled at Ruko Sunset Indah, Sunset Road, Kuta. It’s a bridal house that doesn’t only offer magnificent outfits for you and your partner, but also your bridesmaid or groom who’ll be there to assist your big day.

Make sure to book an appointment on Michelle Anns’ instagram or website and you’ll have the option to pick their best dress among 400 choices of outfits.


With over 30 years of experience, Uluwatu knows how to make quality wedding dresses to make you look like a goddess. Their handmade dresses are detailed and perfected up to their final lining. Uluwatu has several showrooms and shops around the popular towns in Bali, including Legian, Kuta, Ubud and Sanur. 

G&S Mode Bali

Suppose you’re looking for something more traditional Balinese wedding dress instead of the European style outfit. In that case, the GS Mode Bali is the place for you, as they offer high-quality traditional weddings with international accents. You’ll be wearing colorful Balinese wedding gowns instead of the usual white dress.

You can visit their shop at Jalan Tukad Batanghari XI, Denpasar.Good luck with picking out your wedding dress in Bali! Remember to pick a gown that not only looks good but feels comfortable as you don’t want to be struggling in a dress all day! Also, check out more quality at Bali Wedding Prices for other tips for a wedding in Bali, such as choosing the right wedding cake or picking a wedding theme in Bali.

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