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Simple and Meaningful Ways to Make a Wedding Proposal

Simple meaningful wedding proposals

Is it just us or is there a lot of pressure involved in a wedding proposal? With all the flash mobs, hot air balloon rides and other over-the-top things you can do for a next-level proposal, it seems like extravagant is the only way to do it. In truth, most people don’t actually want and expect a lavish proposal. For most people, a simple yet heartfelt proclamation from one knee is more than enough. No whistles, bells, or flash mobs are needed. 

Even though your proposal doesn’t need to be over-the-top, you still shouldn’t just phone your partner or text them and propose without any preparation. You should still make it unique, special, and personal. Here are our tips for a heartfelt and wonderful wedding proposal that doesn’t need a lot of planning, logistics, and money. 

Scavenger Hunt Proposals

Think of a couple of places that are memorable to your relationship and get your partner and two other friends or family members to visit these locations. Get a salon appointment (hair and nails) or even stop at a boutique shop to choose a new dress or outfit. Have notes or cards along the way (or a recording of yourself) that describes the importance of each stop or place. Then, propose with a romantic view at the end of the scavenger hunt and have all friends and family members involved in planning the day to celebrate it with you. 

One of the examples of this wedding proposal was done with Megan, where they stopped by places that were important to their relationship. They also went to places where Megan could get pampered up before the proposal. At the end of the day, the part where the husband-to-be gets down on one knee was done privately, which is a great plan. It was from a distance but was still captured on camera! Remember to hire a photographer when you propose – it’s one of the crucial parts of the planning process. 

Outdoor Proposal Ideas

Everyone loves outdoor marriage proposals, whether it’s over-the-top or simpler ones. After all, relationships are about creating journeys, adventures and experiences. If you and your partner enjoy an outdoor picnic, a hike, or other adventures, here are some meaningful marriage proposal ideas for you. 

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Proposing During a Hike 

What better way to pop the question than at the end of a trail? It represents your journey together, and the top view will likely be breathtaking. 

A Proposal at the Beach

The beach may be the best place for a proposal if you love the ocean. Both of you might even have plans for a trip to visit the world’s best beaches, like the beaches in Bali. You could tell your partner there’s a beach contest for the best sand drawing (to enter, you need to take a picture and email it). 

Then, you could ask a lifeguard to come up to you and “tell you about this competition.” Of course, you can use this time to write out your marriage proposal. And when the two of you are finished, share your creations. Your partner will be stunned! Ending this proposal with a sunset view will be the cherry on top. 

Proposal Ideas for Book Lovers 

Photo books or photo albums are excellent ways to preserve your relationship and have a keepsake to hold onto for your entire life. Getting your partner to read something before getting down on one knee is also an excellent way to build up the emotion. 

Ask One of Their Favorite Authors to Help with the Proposal 

If you have a book lover on your hands, try asking the author of their favorite book to sign “Will You Marry, (add your name)” on the inside. Then, take your partner out for a picnic or dinner and offer them the nook as a gift. You can also carve out the book and put the ring inside it. Besides being a creative way to propose, it’s also extra special as you’ll have a signed book as a physical memory of your proposal that will last forever. 

Create a Photo Album or Book to Propose with

Take photos and keepsakes from your relationship and make a photo album or storybook from it. Make sure that it includes your feelings with every memory and save the note that says ” Will you Marry me?” on the last page. You can also add an additional page to the storybook with pictures and emotions from the marriage proposal as a bonus (after she says yes). 

Make a Milestone Movie

As video creation is becoming easier than ever (it’s even possible to shoot with a smartphone), we’ve seen some adorable clips being compiled and shown before the proposal. You can find things like movie trailer proposals, Disney montages and many others. One of our favorite marriage proposal ideas is recording videos of you at places that are important to your relationship. Record yourself at the restaurant you went to for your first date, at the park where you laid for hours last year or at the beach you went to last holiday. Tell her why these moments were so special to you. 

You can play this movie at home (before watching the Netflix show you both love) in front of your friends and family members at a dinner or surprise event. If you want to take it even further, find out if you can show the video at your nearest movie theater! It’s a unique marriage proposal that ensures you’ll have a memory for years to come. 
We hope our guide has helped you plan a simple yet memorable proposal. If you still need more, check out our blog page at Bali Wedding for other proposal ideas, such as the best locations to propose in Bali. We also have guides and tips for planning a wedding in Bali. Something you’ll need to consider after she says yes!

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