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The 6 Best Places to Propose in Bali

Best location propose in bali

Top Locations to Propose in Bali

Bali is considered to be the dream spot for any romantic events, including proposals, thanks to the island’s endless romantic and natural settings. There are so many places on the island that are blessed with spectacular views and places where couples can easily have these places entirely to themselves. 

There are numerous opportunities for you to “pop the question”, and you only need to think about how and where you want to do it. If you’re looking for the best place to propose in Bali, look at our list of the most romantic spots. Pick the one that seems best for you and good luck!

1. Get on a Private Jetty

Let’s start with a romantic spot she will never forget. It’s a beautiful private jetty at Ayana Resort & Spa. The entrance to this magical location is already magnificent, with a path that leads to a wedding jetty that stretches 30 meters over the water. 

At the end of the walk, a gorgeous set-up table awaits you with traditional music from bamboo xylophones that will accompany you with the ocean’s sound. This makes the perfect romantic setting. The place was once voted the “Most Romantic Dining Venue in Bali.” The beautifully presented five-course lobster dinner may also be enough to lure her along with the over-the-top dessert before you pop the question. 

2. Fly for the Perfect Proposal

Before considering the best locations to propose in Bali, have you thought of how you will propose? If you haven’t, we suggest having a proposal in the air and flying over your message down on the ground. It Will be truly unique and something your future spouse will never forget! You can contact Bali Adventure Sky Tours, which offers a Helicopter Engagement Tour that can help create the moment of a lifetime. 

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You can fly to your preferred grass or beach area where the message “Will You Marry Me?” will be laid out. Once you land, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of champagne. You can also land on a mountaintop, one of Bali’s secluded lakes or streams and pop the question. If she has acrophobia, you can still be on the ground while the chopper flies overhead and parades a large banner with your message written on it!

3. An Ideal Backdrop for Your Proposal in Bali

Take her on a unique vintage car tour, one of the private offsite activities of Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Ubud. This lets you drive along Bali’s magnificent countryside through sacred villages, rice fields, historical ruins and iconic temples before you ask her hand in marriage! People don’t usually think of going for a classic picnic and day trip when thinking of where to propose in Bali. 

You and your partner can go for a half a day trip on a journey to discover Bali’s hidden gems. From traveling to the secluded highland village in Eastern Bali (known for the preserved culture and village layout) to Bangli’s most ancient temple and other landmarks. You can explore the Tukad Cepung waterfall as your final stop. 

This waterfall doesn’t flow into a river stream or forest but down a 15-meter-deep canyon! They provide a lunch picnic along the way right against a beautiful backdrop of Bali’s countryside, the perfect opportunity to get on one knee, slip out the ring and ask her the most important question of your life! These places are hand-chosen for you who love adventure and seek something off the beaten path, away from the crowd. 

4. A Candlelight Paradise

On a long stretch of sand on the southwest coast of Bali, you can find Hotel Tutu Bali, which stands against the warm glow of the setting sun, facing the Indian Ocean. As the sun sets, enter a dreamlike atmosphere with candlelight and shimmering sounds. Truly a poet’s dream come true. 

Book an 18th-century antique bed on a secluded beach, illuminated by a dusky Canggu sky and oil lanterns, where you’ll be tucked in for an unforgettable picnic under Bali’s night sky. This lets you take your romance with your lover to another level – Tugu style. This later ends with two blindfolds with a delicious dessert.

5. On the King’s Valley

Ubud’s gorgeous jungle vista of the Viceroy Bali, known as the Valley of the Kings, is one of the best places for any proposal. There are endless ways to propose here. Its range of experiences includes organizing a unique helicopter ride with a banner with the writing “Will You Marry Me?” planted in the rice fields below.

After the flight, you’ll return to the resort for lunch and champagne at Cascades, overlooking the jungle views. For in-house guests, the high-end villas offer an intimate private moment with a path of flowers on the entrance to the terrace, where you’ll enjoy an exclusively prepared degustation menu. Then it’s time to pop the question! 

6. Over the Ocean

When you’re looking for something truly unique for your Bali proposal, consider taking it to the high seas! Make her feel like a big deal by renting a private yacht and chartering out the sea for the ultimate privacy, with only nothing but the ocean surrounding you.

Imagine looking out to Gili Air’s crystal clear waters as you ask the woman you love to be your life partner. You can contact Tropical Yacht Charters and choose from the 7 destinations they offer: Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Uluwatu, Gili Islands, Gili Gede, Kanata Islands and Manta Island. 

Every excursion on their “Rising” or “Forever” boats is tailored to all your needs. Whether you choose to relax, cruise along the pristine waters, or onboard an action-packed adventure before you pop the question. They also offer other facilities, including snorkeling sets, paddle boards, music, a library, and games.

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