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8 Tips on How to Save Money on Wedding Transportation

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Numerous aspects of your wedding day are better planned in advance. One of the most important is who you and your guests will get from one place to another. Even if you’re only planning to involve the bride and groom in your wedding transportation plans with immediate family and closest friends, your overall costs can bulk quickly.

Why is Wedding Transportation Necessary?

There’s a good chance you’ll need some wedding transportation for your big day. However, the type of vehicle depends on your guests and where you’ll be holding your ceremony and reception. 

You usually need transportation when you’re planning a big wedding party, and it will help keep your group together for the entire event. It’s also important to offer your guests who are out of town the option of a bus. Keep in mind that they don’t live around your wedding’s location and it might give them some angst to get around. Wedding transportation keeps your guests and bridal party safe, a key element to a successful wedding day.

Save Money with Our Wedding Transportation Tips

We’ve listed down eight wedding transportation tips to help you save thousands of dollars on wedding transportation. This way, you can splurge on other things like setting up your future after marriage or spend it on some exciting honeymoon in Bali!

1. Book Your Transportation as Early as Possible

Like any other kind of rental, wedding transport gets cheaper the earlier you book. This is especially true when your chosen vehicle type is in low supply (speciality vehicles or vintage cars). Therefore, we recommend visiting the rental companies’ websites months in advance so you can compare the best prices.

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2. Don’t Stick to a Single Company

The best recommendations are from friends and family but don’t resign yourself to sticking with a single company. Indeed, you’ll get what you pay for wedding transport, but just because a company doesn’t cost as much as another doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. Check out several companies’ pricing and reviews online to save yourself a lot of time.

3. Respect Your Wedding Schedule

A strict schedule is vital for a wedding day, and if you have specific times set for the ceremony, reception and other things for the wedding day, you can save a ton of money on the transport. This is because you’re charging for the ride and the waiting time. You may end up paying $100 extra every hour your drivers are waiting around.

4. Pick a Wedding Bus or a Van

You want your wedding transport to stand out, but you should check out more than just cars to really save some money. From renting a vintage VW van to a luxury bus, you can still get everyone to travel in style while having the groups within a vehicle. Luxury buses that can carry a whole group are less expensive than glamorous cars that only carry up to four passengers.

5. Rent Hourly

People want to avoid paying for the “waiting time” by booking the vehicles for the whole day. Even though this sets you free from looking at the clock, it will also be a lot more costly. Renting by the hour lets you pay for the time you’ll actually use. After all, there’s no reason you should pay a driver to scroll on their TikTok or Instagram accounts in the parking lot when they can show up when they need to.

6. It’s Okay to Negotiate

We’re used to coming into a store and paying exactly the specific price printed on a product. Indeed, we’re also used to haggling with car dealers, and doing this with wedding transport companies is completely fine. They’re usually willing to offer lower prices if you book a specific number of hours or receive a better price from another company. Therefore, learn how to negotiate and receive the best prices effectively!

7. Check the Policies in Advance

Doing business with any company means that you’ll want to understand their policies. This is also the case for wedding transportation companies. There may be different fees you can come across, including cleaning, road trolls, unscheduled stops, driver gratuity, and others. If you’ve found two companies with similar services and prices but one includes various potential fees, this information can help you make decisions that save hundreds of dollars.

8. Make a Spectacular Entry and Getaway

As a bride and groom, you’ll want to make an epic entry and a grand farewell on your special day. If this sounds like something you want, then renting wedding transportation for only your arrival and departure is the way to go! For example, if you’re going to ride off into a Bali sunset in a Lambo only for the photo opportunity, there’s no need to rent the car for five hours.

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