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8 Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Ideas for Millennial Couples

pre-wedding photoshoots for millennials couples

The world of weddings and photography has flourished with endless themes and trends. And you might be one of those couples who look at their parents’ wedding pictures and think it’s a little outdated to be doing those cheesy poses and locations. Well, pre-wedding photoshoots don’t always have to take place in the same locations with the same kind of dress and poses!

Creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas are the best way to showcase millennials’ personalities as a couple. For many, a pre-wedding photo is the best time to showcase your personalities and capture your beautiful moments together.

As styles change, photographers also turn to the latest trends and follow similar templates. Here are some creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas from which millennial couples can take inspiration. 

1. Miniature Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 

Take photos and let your photographers edit the results into a tiny version of you! Think of becoming a character in Toy Story, where you can get edited onto a Hot Wheel or a baseball! 

It makes you look super cute, and the best part is that the pre-wedding collection will look unique! It’s definitely something for couples who want to stay away from the regular. Of course, this kind of theme will require a lot of editing, so make sure you’ve discussed with your photographer about this concept beforehand. 

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2. Go for the Movie Poster Look

If you and your lover love to go to the movies every now and then, why not make your pre-wedding shoot into a movie poster? You can choose one from a movie you both love to watch over and over (Hollywood, Chinese or Bollywood). 

For example, you can have a secret agent theme with black suits and sunglasses, like in the movie Man in Black. Or a Kungfu theme by posing with kicks and punches like in Jackie Chan’s or Bruce Lee’s films. For Bollywood movies, try wearing cheesy shiny clothes as you see in the movies like Khabi Khushi Khabie Gam. Also, don’t forget to add your name as the movie’s title. Wouldn’t that be so cool?

3. Pre-wedding Photoshoot Ideas for Food Lovers

Are you one of those couples who always love to visit new restaurants every weekend? Or perhaps you love to cook together with new ingredients? Then there’s no reason you shouldn’t have an adorable cooking theme as your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Getting a photo shoot that goes beyond the usual and reflects your interests will definitely be a unique take on your fairy tale. You can try visiting your favourite restaurant and book a time to take the pre-wedding shoot. Or you do a photo shoot while cooking at a barbecue. That would be totally unique and memorable!

4. Pre-wedding Photoshoot at a Picnic

A pre-wedding photoshoot with a picnic photo theme between flowers and baskets of fresh food and bites is a fantastic idea to showcase your togetherness. The result will likely be warm and humorous as you’ll have a shot with each of you nibbling on something you love. 

This also offers both of you the chance to spend quality time together. You can do this during a vacation or a trip to a destination island and do the photoshoot there. For example, Bali has numerous picnic spots that are perfect for pre-wedding shoots. This includes the Bali Botanical Garden, the secluded Bukit Asah clifftop, the Danau Buyan lake, and many others. 

5. A Vintage Photoshoot 

Vintage is the new cool! Younger generations, millennials included, are obsessed with everything retro, which is why the classic or vintage look can be an excellent theme for your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

The vintage theme and props also enhance the character of your overall pre-wedding shoot. You can add things like a gramophone or a vintage bicycle in the background, which would fit perfectly. Also, don’t forget to dress according to the vintage look. Trust us, the result of this theme will stand out amongst others!

6. Pre-wedding Shoots for Fitness Lovers

This is one of the most out-of-the-box pre-wedding photoshoot themes. But if you are a fitness enthusiast and love to go gymming together, this is an excellent setup for you. You can also have the shoot at a tennis or a football field with all the additional props. 

Make sure that you’re not wearing your regular gym outfits for the shoot; we recommend going for brighter colors like red, yellow or green to make yourselves stand out. Also, don’t actually sweat during the shoot! Pick the gym tools that will look aesthetic for the pre-wedding shoot; your photograph should have a good idea when entering your proffered gym. Also, if you love going to the gym that much, then why not flex your muscles during the shoot?

7. Photoshoot Within the House

Of course, there isn’t a better place than home! A pre-wedding shoot at a comfy home would be the cutest and most romantic theme on our list. This is mainly for young couples who love to binge-watch Netflix, play games together or if you both enjoy lazy Sundays at home. This is the theme for you.

Besides that, other at-home activities might look aesthetic for pre-wedding shoots, especially if you have hobbies like playing musical instruments, cooking, or simply sitting on the couch while talking to your partner with a nice cup of coffee. 

8. Add Props for a Creative Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Adorable little props will elevate the look of your pre-wedding shoot. These props include everything you love as it’s about the love between you and your couple. 

This can include something like Holi colors in the background, adding colors to the photo shoot, along with chalk art concepts that will make your pre-wedding standout. Don’t underestimate the fun you’ll get from these shoots and watch how the photographer transforms the final product through editing.

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