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Everything You Need to Know When Planning an Intimate Wedding

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The wedding industry is continuously changing, with more couples taking unique wedding styles rather than the traditional approach. Intimate weddings have significantly increased in popularity and as we’ve attended a few of them, we prefer intimate weddings over traditional ones.

Intimate weddings offer a different feel and it may sound cheesy to you, but it gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling! It spreads extra love all around as it’s a special occasion. Due to the smaller guest size, you can feel the love from everyone as you’ll only spend time with your favorite people.

If you’re still deciding on what kind of wedding you want, read on and find out why your special day can be small but bigger in personality.

What is Considered a Small Wedding?

There isn’t any size that’s fixed for a wedding guest list. Different numbers will feel suitable to other couples based on their family makeup, friends, culture, etc. The “average” wedding size is considered somewhere in the 75 to 150 range and anything over 150 is the “large” wedding category. For weddings under 75 guests, you can break them down into three categories:

  • Intimate weddings – Between 50 to 75 guests.
  • Small weddings – Between 15 to 50 guests. This category should fit comfortably within 6 or so tables in the backyard.
  • Tiny weddings – less than 15 people. A wedding this size is also known as “minimony” or “micro wedding.”

When you exchange your vows, deciding who’ll be there is not about targeting a number. It’s about ensuring that the people there are ones who have been there for you in the past and you know they will be there for you in the future. When you’re going through major moments, who are the ones you’ll contact first? These people are the ones you should put on your guest lists first.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Have an Intimate Wedding

Due to the smaller size, intimate weddings have a special atmosphere, creating magical moments. However, it’s not just the smaller guest size that makes it unique, but how we can interact with the couples and observe their personalities. This is where the phrase “all good things come in small packages” really plays out! Let’s look at why you should consider an intimate wedding.

Spend Your Big Day with Your Closest Friends and Families

The ones who should be there for your wedding should be the people that matter to you the most. No one wants a dreaded guest list! Forget about those distant relatives that you’ve never met before; an intimate wedding is a perfect choice! You’ll only be surrounded by the people you love and know best, which is super relaxing and lets you enjoy the special day.

You can celebrate your special day with your besties and family where you don’t need to worry about impressing them with a show. Excellent company goes a long way and it’s always from the people that make everything feel special. So, forget any social obligations and spend your big day with your beloved guests intimately, where they will also find it warmer within the pleasure of smaller crowds.


A smaller wedding lets you go all out on all the stops! Due to the smaller guest list, you can afford to splurge for a destination wedding or treat your guests to something special for the weekend. Perhaps there’s a beautiful gown you’ve dreamt of wearing or getting a band you love for the reception. Hey, it’s your wedding day after all! There’s no shame in going a little crazy and spending on the things you want most.

Save Money

You could also go the other way and save your bank account due to the smaller guest list. This may be why couples go for an intimate wedding because it lets them stay within their budget. You can spend the extra money saved here for the honeymoon you’ve always wanted.  

Customize Every Little Detail

There are endless possibilities for venue choices, from quirky styles to glorious small castles and pubs. You can pick some that reflects you both and make your day that truly expresses your personality where your guests will say, “that’s so them!”

An intimate wedding lets you afford the small details and personalization, especially for the DIY projects or wedding favors that will wow your guests. And if you want to go the extra mile, get some bespoke gifts to show your token of appreciation for your loved ones. They’ll love your creativity!

Final Thoughts of Intimate Wedding

Overall, it’s always best to celebrate your special day with the ones you love most. Get comfortable and party the way you want, as everyone there will love the moment as much as you are. If an intimate wedding sounds like a wedding for you, then go for it! Start planning the small wedding and create an intimate wedding that reflects both of you.

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