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8 Steps to Pick Your Dream Wedding Dress in Bali

Pick Your Dream Wedding Dress

A paradise wedding in Bali is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and so is shopping for the perfect dress in Bali! However, it can be overwhelming to pick from so many gowns to choose from. Here are our tips to narrow down the things you should be looking at to find a wedding dress in Bali.

Start Searching as Early as Possible

Experts suggest that designer gowns should be ordered six to nine months in advance to make sure there is enough time for changes and delivery. If you want to add beading or lace by modifying the neckline or other customization, it usually takes even longer, so plan accordingly. If you’re on a tight schedule, try asking your consultant if they can rush to deliver your chosen dress for an additional fee or attend a sample sale where you might get lucky and find off-the-rack styles for up to 80% discounts.

Set a Realistic Budget

When you’ve saved up $1000 to buy a wedding dress, don’t just go and spend all the $1000 on a gown. Consider the tax and alterations that come with it. Salons usually set some cap alterations when reaching a certain amount, while others charge a fixed fee. Salons generally require a deposit that accounts for 50% of the gown ticket price. You can pay by credit card so you’ll have a record of the payment in case of a future problem. It’s heartbreaking for a bride to find ‘The One’ but no available fund for purchase. This leads to their dream gown being discontinued or sold by another bride. This is why planning ahead is crucial and you’ll be ready to walk down the aisle with the wedding dress of your dreams.

Narrow Down Your Top Wedding Dress in Bali

Find the latest style on Pinterest and add it to your personal board. You can step back and check out the similarities between the dresses. When you’ve gathered enough samples, you should start to notice what draws you amongst the styles of your choice. This can be the designer, fabric, or silhouette.

Schedule Your Appointment on A Weekday

Weekends are usually too crowded and consulting on weekdays offers more time to shop. You can take a whole day off or even half a day, it might be worth it to go out of work and go shop for gowns in the afternoon on a Wednesday or Thursday. This way, you’ll receive the best service and attention from the staff. Ensure you schedule appointments at bridal salons that offer your preferred designer gowns and are within your budget.

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Test How Comfortable the Gown Is

Once you’ve put on the dress, try sitting down, walking up and down the store, and dancing in it. Trust your guts and pick a dress that your body says yes to, rather than the trendy picks. If you find yourself pulling the top constantly because you’re worried about a wardrobe malfunction, then it’s best to move on to the next choice. If a gown feels so tight that breathing takes a lot of effort, then ditch that too. A wedding expert states that it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘honeymoon stage’ of buying a wedding dress with the flaws of the dress seems like a small problem. However, you don’t want to spend your big day fighting to move in your gown instead of enjoying and relaxing. Countless brides have made the mistake of not trying on their dress and resulting in a highly uncomfortable evening.

Consider the Correct Dress Size

Wedding gowns are generally two sizes bigger than your everyday clothing. When brides decide on a wedding dress, they’ll usually order the dress closest to their size and have it altered or custom-made for them. A better and safer way to order is to request a dress based on your current bust, waist and hip measurements. Don’t pick a sized-down version of the gown, hoping you’ll slim down in time for the ceremony.

Choose the Dress That Feels Right for YOU  

It’s not unusual for a bride to get the dress that everyone else wants them to wear and ends up feeling wretched. It’s YOUR day and, therefore, YOUR dress! You should feel confident and beautiful in your own gown and only you know what you want, not your mom or even your husband to be. If you’re still unsure if you’ve made the right choice, then try adding a veil to get yourself in the wedding-day mood and see if this dress fits your imagination when you walk down the aisle. If you imagine it perfectly and have a hard time imagining any other dress, then that’s the sign that you’ve found the right one.

Don’t forget the extras

Once you’ve picked up the right dress, consider trying it on a veil, headpiece or jewelry if possible. Extra accessories can sometimes be the missing piece that is missing -the icing on the cake! Or you might find the color of your dress less appealing. Let your consultant know what color you’re interested in at the start of your appointment. The sample dress you fell in love with within the store may not be the color you’re looking for, but there might be an option to order it.

When you’ve eventually found the perfect gown, find confirmation in writing of your estimated arrival date, along with information for the pick-up and fittings. Create a list of things you still need (accessories and make-up) and keep all of them in one place. When bringing the dress home, protect it from moisture stains, dirt, and wrinkles. The bridal shop usually offers a cloth dress bag when you pick up your dress. Don’t lose your spirit when you haven’t found your ideal wedding dress in the first store. While sometimes brides say “yes” on the first dress they pick and try out, others will need to try on and visit a few more stores. Luckily, Bali as a romantic destination wedding location will have tons of options for you to pick the perfect wedding dress in Bali. Visit Bali Wedding Prices if you’re still looking for the top spots to get married on the beautiful island of Gods.

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