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7 Photography Ideas with Bridesmaids to Take on Your Wedding Day

bridesmaid photography ideas

There are many photos you need to consider taking during your wedding day. Starting from putting your makeup and dress on, the ceremony with your family and of course with the groom. But what about the beautiful ladies that have helped you throughout the entire wedding process? Indeed, you’ll get some time to take group shots of the whole bridal party. But you’ll want to have more than just a photography with your bridesmaids on your big day.

Bridesmaids Photography Ideas that You Absolutely Need in Your Wedding

We’ve got everything covered if you’re looking for amazing and unique bridesmaid photo ideas to slay your photos at your wedding. Whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, getting the perfect shot should be one of your priorities. 

After all, it’s a big day for both the bride and the bridesmaids that they’ll remember forever. So it’s important to get the perfect picture that you can look back and smile at. We have a list of information for you to get that perfect picture with the girls.

1. Getting Ready on the Dawn of the Wedding Day

First up, you can get a bride and bridesmaid photography of all of you getting ready for the big day. Capturing the preparation before you start walking down the aisle is crucial. Make sure to add a perfect balance of happiness, seriousness and a little silliness together. 

This can include you and the girls to start putting makeup on; imagine a close-up shot of everyone during the makeup session. Then, pictures of bridesmaids to start preparing their beautiful dresses should also be included. We guarantee that the results will be something you’ll cherish forever. 

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2. Colorful Bridesmaids

As you’ll put a lot of thought and effort into the bridesmaid dresses, it’s likely that they’ll come with you for fittings with many kinds of cuts and colors on the menu. Colorful bridesmaid dresses next to pure-white bridal dresses make for an excellent wedding album inclusion.

If you have a theme wedding, such as a beach wedding in Bali, bridesmaids can wear more casual outfits with beautiful floral patterns while the bride is dressed in white. This will look fun and cheesy, especially with the appropriate venue or background. 

3. Elegant First Look with the Bridesmaids 

You’ve heard of the first look with the bride and groom. But what about the bridal party seeing the bride for the first time? The bride’s first reveal to her bridesmaid can result in some emotional and memorable opportunities for a photography!

Then, take the bride for shooting outside of the venue with her bridesmaid party. After you’ve had your moment after the first reveal, gather all your courage before walking down the aisle is when you’ll look your best. ‘Place your heads up high with hair in place, making an excellent elegant photoshoot session.

4. Dance Your Way Through

Weddings and dancing are two things that go well together. And if you and your bridesmaids love to dance your worries away, then these bridesmaids’ photoshoots should be on your list! Getting captured while busting some cool moves will definitely be a stand-out!

To do this, consider your wardrobe and makeup. You don’t want to jump and tango- in some heavy gowns! Also, if you’re celebrating in a tropical or hot area, you might sweat easily, which might ruin your makeup.

5. Beautiful Back Details

For most people and your photographer will mainly take shots of faces and fronts. However, you have a gorgeous updo, stunning details on your lacework and a beautiful open back. These shots can include individuals or contribute to your group photography ideas. But either way, you should also feature group photography poses that feature everyone’s backside. 

The back of a dress may have hidden details that you’ll want to capture. Pose with all your bridesmaids and show off your dresses or get some close-ups of bridesmaids helping button or lace up the back of your dress. This captures the precious moment while also ensuring you have pictures of the beautiful dress you spent your time looking for!

6. Wedding Bouquets and Dresses

Wedding bouquets won’t last forever, but your photos with them will. The bridesmaid and bride bouquet shot is something you’ll regret not having. You can showcase bouquets along with the bridesmaid’s dresses in many ways. From lining everyone holding up their bouquets to the camera or hiding their faces while forming a circle around the bride. 

There’s so much effort and thoughts that go into the bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns, but they’re usually overshadowed by the ones that wear them. Covering faces with gorgeous bouquets is also a fun way to ensure the dresses get the attention they deserve. It’s something that you can get creative with. 

7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As you’re getting everyone’s nerves a little overboard as everyone wants to look their best, there should be moments when you need to let things loose and relax. Have a little dance party, jump around in the outdoor venue, or embrace any silly moments worthy of great photo opportunities. 

If it’s not possible during the day, wait for a special night out to capture the wild and fun side of the party. Capturing your girls in their natural and untamed sides is a must-have for your wedding album. This can include opening up a bottle of champagne, jumping into the venue’s pool or just chatting on the bed. There are endless possibilities! With all the early preparation and stress, a fun girls’ moment is definitely something you should have.

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