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The Happy Couple: Expert Advice for a Sane and Joyful Wedding Experience

a joyful wedding experience

Staying sane and joyful during your wedding day shouldn’t be a concern, right? After all, a wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life! However, it’s a day full of emotions, and maintaining your sanity may be challenging. Excitement, joy, and giddy ecstasy are all common on this social day. And not only is it normal, but it’s also natural to feel overwhelmed and exhausted from the entire affair. And the last thing you’ll want to feel on your wedding day is a sense of dread or anxiety. So, what can you do to help ease the stress and ensure a Big Happy Day? Read along as we’ve compiled a list of tips for a happy wedding experience.

Get Help from Helpers for a Better Wedding Experience 

Are you worried your to-do list is so overwhelming that your friends and family will resent you after the event? Are you struggling with doing everything yourself while trying to stay sane and happy? 

Studies suggest that people like us more when we ask them for help. This is one important piece of advice for brides on their wedding day. Start spreading out that to-do list to help you release stress.

If you’re planning a traditional wedding, you’ve likely appointed your maid or man of honor. This special friend, familiar with your family, is expected to handle those overwhelming details, pick up essential calls and answer your guests’ questions. But in the modern wedding today, this kind of task-appointing is less common. 

One tip for a happy wedding day; asking for a little or much help is okay! 

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You can use a Kanban-inspired app to keep tasks organized and not limit the helpers to only your man or maid of honor. Get everyone interested (even your mother or father-in-law), and watch the crew sweep your to-do list!

Have a Good “Me Time”

Don’t be afraid to say “wait” to stay happy and sane.  Make time for yourself just as you would do for important wedding business. We recommend blocking out 20 minutes or even several hours a day when you know you’ll be most overwhelmed, and ensure to keep that appointment to yourself. 

This “Me Time” can be anything you want. Every second of it counts! It might be a second to collect your thoughts, a facial treatment, a thirty-minute coffee break with a book, or even a four-hour-long Netflix binge or gaming session.

It’s your wedding day and you must be happy before everyone else. You and your partner will appreciate how much your “Me Time” restores your spirit and energy. 

Let Your Wedding Planner Know Everything

The onsite coordinator will keep a detailed checklist of your priorities and deal with all possible snares that may appear on wedding days. Keep your wedding planner updated about every issue that may crop up. An informed wedding planner will ensure your special day goes according to plan. 

Do you have a friend who may not go along with a best man because of a bad relationship from years ago? Or are there any complicated family dynamics? Perhaps your sister insists on playing a song that isn’t “her wedding song”? A professional wedding planner will take note of everything while you can focus on enjoying your time and staying happy. 

Be Aware of Your Insecurities and Control Them

The amount of attention you’ll get when getting married is undoubtedly joyful. However, it may also cause you to feel critical about yourself. The pressure of looking like the perfect bride and making every guest happy can be a heavy weight to pull, resulting in many self-critical thoughts flooding your mind. Even though it may seem illogical, people’s anxiety tends to increase when they get what they want. In this case, marrying their partner. 

You may experience “critical inner voices” that affect your self-esteem or make you uncertain about your partner. Anxiety before the wedding may result from these inner voices asking, “are you sure about this”? You can fight this jitter by paying attention to these thoughts and disregarding them as an internal enemy trying to steal your love and joy. 

Respond to these thoughts realistically with a compassionate point of view. For example, you can remind yourself that you don’t need to be perfect and that being yourself is more than enough! You know that you are happy with your relationship and love your partner for their qualities that you highly value. 

It’s a Wedding Day, Not a Wedding Week, Month, or Year

We know it’s easier said than done, but your wedding day is really just another day. Blues during the post-wedding is the real challenge as it’s where the feelings of emptiness and disappointment will emerge if the big day is treated as an ending instead of a beginning. 

As the day comes closer, remind yourself that your wedding day marks the start of your new life together as a married couple, and it’s the journey that counts! 

When you have spare time, take some time off from all the wedding planning and create a to-do list of your first days as a married couple!

Planning a honeymoon in Bali? Or binge-watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream? What are you planning for your first one-month anniversary? Invest some of your wedding experience into planning the days after it instead, and try to keep them simple yet intimate. After the wedding day passes and the morning rises, you and your partner will have something to look forward to. 

The bottom line is to try and go with the flow, whatever happens. Your wedding day is important, but there’s something more important – you and your feelings! Stay sane and happy and everything will turn out well.

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Guntur has been writing tips and tricks for weddings in Bali since 2020. He has written everything from preparing a pre-wedding in Bali to the best wedding dress and makeup you should choose for a wedding in paradise.

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