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Experience an Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Bali’s Waterfalls

Waterfall Wedding Ceremony

Everyone knows that Bali is a top holiday destination and one of the best places for a paradise wedding. Many Australians, Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Indians and other couples from all around the globe come to this island to celebrate a wedding moment they will never forget. Bali becomes a top-tier destination for a wedding due to its natural beauty and landscapes, with choices of venues ranging from Beaches, Chapels, Resorts, Forests, and luxurious villas. You can check out all of Bali’s best wedding venues at Bali Wedding Prices.

All you need to know about a Bali Waterfall Wedding

Besides the popular venues above, Bali offers other unique locations to get married; one of these is a Bali Waterfall Wedding! Keep in mind that this type of wedding is not suitable if you have more than a handful of guests. This is due to the tiny space available where your ceremony will take place. It’s not possible to set up an aisle and chairs and is probably enough for only 2-7 standing guests. Wedding receptions are also impossible to have in the waterfall locations, so couples and guests must have their dinner at their hotel or in a nearby restaurant.

This kind of wedding is best for an intimate or small wedding, for adventurous couples as these waterfalls are usually difficult to access as you’ll need to descend down small and narrow stairs from the point of the parking area. It’s a long way down that may require you to walk down hundreds of stairs to reach the actual waterfall, which means you also need to be in relatively good shape. High heels are a no, ladies! Also, pick a wedding dress that isn’t large and might prevent you from moving freely.

There are around ten waterfalls around the island, and all come with Bali’s gorgeous views. However, only 3-4 of them are suitable for weddings due to their locations in the remote corners of the island. The best ones are located in the Gianyar region. Therefore, we recommend you stay in Ubud as it is located in the center of Gianyar with plenty of luxurious and affordable accommodation options and activities. The most famous waterfalls best for wedding venues are the Nung Nung Waterfall, Tibumana waterfall and Tegenungan waterfall.

Bali Waterfalls are favorite tourist spots

All these waterfall locations are located in public areas. The ones best for weddings are usually popular tourist spots for both locals and foreigners. Therefore, they can be very crowded, as visiting a Bali waterfall can be a traveler’s bucket list. This may seem like having a wedding in front of a Bali waterfall seems impossible, as everyone will be taking pictures and selfies as close as they can to the Bali waterfall.

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But don’t worry, as authorities allow weddings in these locations in early mornings before any visitors can enter or later in the afternoon where the waterfall gets closed from any tourists. We recommend taking the early morning slot as the afternoon slot is available relatively late and there’s barely enough light left for pictures of your wedding, let alone having a whole photo session.

Once you pick the early morning slot, remember that there’s no room for being late unless you want to say your vows with a wave of tourists around. So, for the ladies, make sure to get up extremely early to get your makeup and hair done before heading into the location. Note that there aren’t any facilities at the waterfall to get your makeup and hair done. You won’t even find a toilet down there, so it’s best to take care of your ‘business’ back in your hotel.

An ideal time for a waterfall wedding is between the dry season of June to September. However, the weather in Bali can be unpredictable nowadays due to global warming, where heavy rain can fall in the middle of June. There is also no backup venue for sudden rainfalls, so unless you are crazy enough to take this chance, this kind of wedding is not for you.

Bali waterfalls for wedding photoshoots

Besides being unique and stunning wedding venues, Bali waterfalls can also become great photo locations for a wedding. This is because the sites of these waterfalls are amongst the island’s lush green rainforests. The best time for a waterfall photo shoot is in the early mornings when the lighting seems natural, resulting in stunning pictures. However, the lighting can still be very difficult in these waterfall locations, so don’t expect a perfect shot on the first try. This is why you should first check your chosen photographer’s portfolio and see if their style suits your needs. Also, please stay away from any photographer offering packages that seem too cheap, as many brides have fallen for these so-called affordable packages and have received disappointing results of what is supposed to be their most memorable moments in life.

You can also extend your photo package by an hour to take your photos in the nearby rice fields. If you’re also thinking of wedding photos on the beach, then make sure to book even more time as it may take over an hour to reach Bali’s famous beaches from any of these waterfall venues.

That’s all we have for a perfect Bali waterfall wedding. Make sure you book the right wedding professionals to help you with this event. If you’re looking for other natural venues in Bali, you can check out cliff-top or a beachfront venue where both offer breath-taking landscapes of Bali’s oceans and dramatic views.

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