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The Grooms’ Beauty Timeline – Do Grooms Get Their Hair Done?

grooms beauty timeline

The list goes on for a beauty timeline for a bride, from mani and pedicure, hair trial, facials, eyebrow waxing and many more. All these details are why a bride needs her own calendar for skin and hair care.

However, this doesn’t mean that the grooms shouldn’t look fabulous and have their beauty timeline.

Indeed, the bride has more options for treatments, but nowadays, men want to look great too, and they shouldn’t have a bad haircut during their special day. Whether you’re looking for a neck trim, head shave, or enhancing your lumbersexual style, the barbers should make it all happen before your wedding day.

A beautiful bride and a handsome groom on the big day is the result of relaxation and opportunity for both bride and groom to enjoy their time with loved ones and each other. The most masculine way of walking down the aisle is to have a clean shave and a haircut with your besties and relatives. It’s a chance to relax and enjoy your time in the barber’s chair.

We recommend grooms to fit in a shave, haircut and other wedding day beauty measures within a specific schedule. This also lets both Team Groom and Team Bride engage with their stylists.

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Groom’s Beauty Schedule

So, let’s spend some time upgrading your good looks before your wedding! We suggest starting with the basic stuff and then narrowing it down to the small grooming details as your special day draws closer. Here’s the groom beauty timeline you should follow:

5-10 Days Before Your Wedding Day

This is the perfect time for grooms to get a haircut, as it allows your hair to grow for a few days, which will complement their wedding day style.

3-5 Days Before Your Wedding Day

You can start getting more detailed services a few days before the wedding. This includes waxing, facials and manicures. You can look for signature facial shaves, which include the straight-edge shave.

The Wedding Day

During the big day, grooms like to treat themselves and the party to a straight-razor shave as they apply the finishing touches – this can simply mean picking up a Gillette. The classic shaving tool offers closeness and a timeless sensation that’ll ensure you’ll look your best for your partner and photographers. It also provides a social opportunity for grooms to relax on the wedding day with their best mates.

There is much more than just shaving and getting a haircut to get you picture-perfect for a wedding with the schedule aside. Let’s look at some other tips you can slide in for in your grooming-beauty timeline.

6 Other Grooming Tips for Grooms

Wash Up

You may think it’s obvious, but we want to remind you to wash your face properly from the day you’re engaged.

We don’t only mean soap and water but choose a cleanser and an exfoliator for every week and you’ll soon notice your complexion receiving extra polish and feeling energized.

Drink Water

Water isn’t only something to refresh your insides, but it’s also a remedy for great skin.

Remember to drink at least eight glasses of water a day ahead of your wedding day and your skin will look clear and clean with enough blush to match your bride.

A Skincare Routine

Does your face go as red as a devil during summer or go dry and flaky in the winter? This is something you’ll want to consider for your wedding and plan accordingly.

Have sunscreen ready if your wedding is in the summer or anywhere in a tropical wedding to avoid looking all red in photos. The same goes with winter weddings; apply moisturizer well before your wedding.

Skincare Rules

If you’re new to all these skin care regimes and have only put on moisturizers, night cream and face masks? It’s all good. Just remember to stick to a routine.

Stopping and starting a new regime won’t be good for your skin. Also, don’t even try experimenting with new products right before your wedding day.

Choose the Right Products

so you want to start picking the right moisturizer for your skin. To find out what you need, look up online products, chat with a facialist, or visit a department store and talk to consultants at multiple counters and see what they offer.

Every man has different needs; whether to treat acne, reduce shine, or cure your sensitive skin, look for products that offer testers and find which one works best.

Know Your Little Details

No one knows your best attributes more than you. Do you like how your beard looks on day three after shaving? Or perhaps it was the fifth day? Or maybe you have a specific way of styling your hair with a hair gel you usually use? Trial and error is one way to assess your features to get that handsome look for your wedding day

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