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Get Married in Ubud, Bali’s Spiritual & Cultural Centre

get married in ubud bali

Ubud is a charming town located in between the deep river valleys and vibrant rice fields of Bali. It is known as the spiritual and cultural center of Bali. It is the perfect place for a unique paradise wedding, which promises an unforgettable wedding you won’t imagine your wedding to be. Ubud has all Bali’s rich traditions with a blend of rural views and a vast stretch of rice fields. It is also a favorite place for visitors who seek luxury resorts and fabulous villas on the island. This village once soared in the worldwide Hollywood film starred Julia Roberts called “Eat Pray Love.” Ubud became one of Bali’s must-visit hotspots for tourists looking for something different from the Bali beach holidays.

It is no wonder that couples from around the world fly to Ubud to celebrate their special day. Ubud offers a feeling of sacredness and spirituality with many locations perfect for any lovebirds looking for a place to tie the knot with its serene and peaceful atmosphere and some of mother nature’s best creation surroundings. Ubud boasts numerous fantastic settings you and your partner can choose to get married in with the emerald green rice paddies, lush river valets, and some of Bali’s iconic temples. You can design your dream wedding or with the help of experienced wedding planners. Bali has numerous wedding planners that offer wedding packages that will inspire you and make the wedding of your dreams become a reality!

The choice of beautiful delights in Ubud are endless to explore. You can stroll down from Ubud’s center and continue with the breathtaking views of rolling hills with the flow of the gentle waters and rice paddies surrounding you. The town’s center presents a plethora of stylish cafes and restaurants that serve delicious traditional dishes to western delights ranging from vegetarian treats to pizzas made by original Italian chefs. Once your belly is full and you’ve restored energy from the refreshing smoothies, you can walk along the aspiring creative crafts made by the talented local artisans. Bali’s lively cultural center is a real paradise for you who are into good food, shopping and yoga, and of course, the massages overlooking green rice fields are a must-try!

Ubud weddings and packages

Couples will be spoiled from all the variety of custom-designed or natural venues for weddings in Ubud as the villages offer some of the most luxurious hotels and villas on the island. You can also find more unique wedding venues that range from open-air riverside decking, inspired by rainforest settings covered in leafy trees to ancient Hindu Temples where you and your partner can immerse in a traditional Balinese wedding ceremony. You are free to choose your wedding theme and it’s almost possible to make everything a reality!

Resort wedding in Ubud

A 5-star luxury resort lets you enjoy all the amenities you need after and before your wedding. One location that is based in the heart of Ubud with a 360-degree angle view of the green rice fields, the Ayung River gorge and plateau is the Four Seasons Resorts. This luxurious haven offers four locations suitable for a wedding venue, with the Rooftop Lotus Pond as the most popular out of the four locations. Imagine getting married surrounded by a lotus pond combined with Ubud’s natural scenery as the background, blessing your vows.

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Alila Ubud offers a unique wedding venue that most couples desire. This resort meets all the bride and groom criteria who adore a unique yet natural-tropical vibe wedding. Alila Ubud is backdropped by the view of the Ayung river Ubud, making a wedding venue that sparks an exotic flame and romantic glare on to your wedding ceremony. There are two places available in Ubud that you can choose for your wedding reception, namely the Poolside Cabana and Plantation Terrace.

Traditional Balinese wedding

Ubud is adorned by some of the island’s most majestic stone carved temples that are still blessed every day by the locals and decorated with offerings and the calming smell of incense. You can find wedding packages offering couples the chance to immerse in Bali’s unique and unforgettable culture for their wedding day. Some wedding organizers and agencies provide outstanding wedding packages that let you feel like a real Balinese royalty on your big day.

This package enables you to experience your wedding in a Hindu temple decorated with colorful traditional decorations and stone carvings representing Bali’s myths and legends. You’ll also get the chance to wear the traditional Balinese wedding costumes and enjoy the Balinese villagers’ unique local ceremony showering you with offerings and flowers.

Find the best wedding package for a wedding in Ubud

Our ideas above may have already inspired you to plan out your Ubud wedding, but it’s only the surface. You may already have the general view of your Ubud wedding’s main features and you can start building up and designing your wedding based on your ideas and dreams. How to achieve your wedding goals? With the help of experienced Bali-based wedding companies! These wedding organizers or agencies are specialized in customizing unique weddings, which will do their best to tailor the wedding of your dreams.

These experts will guide you and together will make the “picture perfect” wedding you have in mind. Personal attention and 24-hour customer support are usually available, with options for adjustments and modifications in every progress. You can add your unique elements to make sure your big day will turn out better than your expectations. Whether you want to get married beneath the falling waterfall or in the middle of Ubud’s emerald rice fields. Or suppose you want to dress up in a classic white dress or a traditional Balinese costume and to arrive on a retro Volkswagen or even a police escort, whatever that pleases you to get closer to the wedding you desire. In that case, the Bali wedding organizers will arrange it.

However, whatever choice and direction your wedding plan takes you, Ubud’s lush green surroundings topped with a unique culture will make it one of the best locations for couples wanting a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

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