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Fun & Elegant Engagement Photo Poses Ideas

engagement photo poses

Couples come in many shapes and sizes: tall, short, thick, and thin. Some are camera shy, while some love to be in the spotlight. Some are natural when posing on camera, while others need a little guidance. 

But the truth is, no matter what kind of lovebirds they are, they expect you as the photographer to capture their love and connection on camera. 

Start with Connection

The engagement photoshoot is usually the first time a couple is properly photographed with one another. And you, as the photographer, have the chance to show what their love looks like on camera: how they hold one another, laugh together, and interact. 

Before the photo shoot, you can help your clients relax and explain that their only job is to immerse themselves in one another. You can guide them as much as necessary to ensure fantastic engagement photo results.

Find What Makes Them Unique 

If you or your clients are naturally shy, get the couple to open up by asking them to share their wedding journey, how they met, what they do, and how they’ve decided to get married. Do this before the photo shoot to plan a themed engagement photoshoot that showcases what makes the couple unique.

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Also, delivering some beautiful images to your clients is an essential workflow step for every wedding photographer. It allows you to wow your clients and provide value above their expectations. So, make sure to send them your gallery or Instagram/Pinterest page after you’re finished snapping those pictures. 

We’ll be looking at inspiring pre-wedding photoshoots and engagement photo ideas that are suitable for any couple. You can add your own creative poses to the list and remember, most of all, to have fun! Your clients will thank you for helping them look amazing.

Traditional Couple Poses

Nothing can go wrong with traditional poses as these poses are the best for clients who are both a little nervous or naturally confident in front of the camera.

Forehead to Forehead and Nose to Nose

Set a foundation pose and get the couple close and connected by instructing them to stand forehead to forehead or nose to nose with one another. They’ll respond with all the emotions, from a loving stare to big laughs, allowing you to photograph the moments that will surely be some of their favorites. 

Back to Front 

This is one of the simplest and easiest poses to keep the couple close while having a clear shot of both of their faces. 

Ask the bride to stand or sit with their back touching their partner’s chest. If both are roughly the same height, get them on a staircase to get some height variation so the partner in the back will sit a step higher. This pose offers a wide variety of results by changing lenses and angles and slightly altering how the couple is positioned. 

Side by Side

The side-by-side pose for a couple is one of the most natural poses. Let them feel what it’s like to stand side-by-side before the wedding day. Ask them to hold hands and position their bodies to face the camera while staring at each other’s eyes. 

Light Kiss

When posing for a kiss, remind the couple to kiss lightly; this way, you won’t end up with a series of NSFW photos. And if your clients still won’t get it and seem a little too passionate about their kisses, tell them to kiss like their grandma is watching! That should tame their passion for photos that are safe to share. 

If the kisses are still too intimate, tell the couple for a kiss on the cheek, forehead, or hands instead. And remember to keep shooting even when the kiss ends, as these are some of the most romantic moments! 

Best Fun Couple Poses

Taking inspiration from other photos is excellent, but you shouldn’t be obsessed with duplicating the same poses that you overlook the natural connection happening between the couple. Follow your clients’ lead, and you can capture fun photos that tell their own story. 

Beautiful Scenery

Did the couple choose a particular location for the photo shoot, such as a dreamy beach or mountain view in Bali? Commemorate their choice of location with a simple engagement photo session that offers plenty of room for the scenery. Lighten up the “snapshot” feel with a wide aperture and sweet bokeh; the results will be worthy of postcards and save the dates.

If the background includes some iconic signage or other details, we recommend using a smaller aperture (a large f-number) so the background will be in focus. But don’t get an overly small aperture; otherwise, it will result in a blurred backdrop with unrecognizable shapes. 

Get Playful

Getting the couple to move is one of the fastest engagement or pre-wedding poses to get them comfortable. Allow them to get a piggyback ride or ask the guy to pick up his lady and spin them around. 

Some partners may even prefer their own free spirit and fun style instead of scripted poses for engagement. In this case, play some fun music and let them do their own thing. Whether it’s a snowball fight or a tickle-fest, find what makes the couple laugh genuinely, as natural interactions usually offer the best photo results. 


The best engagement photo results usually come from solid foundation shots and build from the couple’s vibes. Pose your clients, yet remember to let them feel free. 

Whether the couple you work with wants a romantic, relaxing, or fun setup for their engagement photoshoot, what matters most is that you capture every beautiful moment that they will cherish forever. 

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