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Engagement Photo Outfits – a Guide on What to Wear

engagement photo outfits

Your engagement photo session is right around the corner, and you still haven’t decided on what to wear? Don’t worry; we have everything you need to know to choose the perfect engagement outfit! We’ll share everything for an amazing outfit on camera, from flattering your figures to how it will look after the edits. 

Look for Engagement Outfits that Make You Comfortable and Feel Good

When shooting for an engagement session, you do not want to constantly think about whether or not the outfit works for you. That’s why you should find something that will make you feel like a superstar from the start! If you feel great in your own skin, that will translate into the photo results. Then, you can focus on living the joy of the moment, which is our favorite thing to capture. 

Remember to find an engagement outfit that isn’t too distracting or trendy and may feel easily dated in a few years. You want your attire to be timeless, so let’s look at the best outfit ideas so you’ll look and feel like a million bucks during your engagement session.

How Dressy Should You Be?

We all love our tees and jumpsuits, and even though we can’t live without those cozy outfits, bringing up your dressiness a notch can transform the quality of your images! 

Overdressing for an engagement session is impossible, so we have a rule of thumb to dress as fancy as you can in something that makes you feel beautiful. At a minimum, you should dress like you would when attending a wedding as a guest and wear something dazzling that makes you feel good in your own skin. 

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There’s no such thing as overdressing for the occasion, so you can experiment and have fun with some formal outfits. Remember, you won’t get your pictures taken like this every day!

The Best Colors for an Engagement Session 

Color plays a big part in an engagement photo session. Solid color tones with patterns in muted, pastel colors bring all the attention to your faces, adding more light to the photos. We recommend avoiding bold and ultra-bright colors so your photos will look more timeless. 

Pick a color scheme for both of you, consisting of 3-5 neutral color tones that work together. This includes light neutrals like blush pink, heather gray, creams, pops of navy, and leather brown for a more classic chic feel. You can also opt for a more boho vibe by choosing sand tones, rusty orange, leather brown, sage, and cream colors. 

Check Pinterest for more visual examples of the color tones that work well, as it’s a great platform for color scheme ideas. 

Engagement Ideas for the Bride

For a classic clothing style, look for elegant and light fabrics. We like to add a lot of movement during a photoshoot as it adds more life and an authentic, candid feel to the photos. Therefore, for all the bride-to-be, we recommend choosing a gorgeous maxi dress or skirt that’s light and comfy. Light and flowy fabrics add a natural movement and life to the photos. Opt for something with lace, crepe, and lightly textured fabrics. 

Depending on your engagement location, a cocktail dress and beautiful heels are also a great option. 

When choosing your footwear, any neutral color should do the trick; keep the location in mind when deciding between sandals, heels, or wedges. For accessories, a nice way to bring your outfit together is with minimalist jewelry, a sparkling clean engagement ring, and a wide-brimmed hat. 

Overall, we recommend avoiding anything skin-tight and choosing something light, romantic, and elegant. But if you prefer a more form-fitting and edgy look to capture that city-chic vibe, try looking for ways to soften your outfit that allow for extra movement. For example, a mix of a cute pencil skirt or leather jacket with a flowy blouse.

Engagement Ideas for the Groom

The key to a great outfit for the groom is to have layers and match your dressiness level. Think of a soft button-down shirt and bring a sports jacket along as well. Ensure his dress shirt is well-ironed, as we don’t want any wrinkles shown in the photos. Chinos or dress pants are the best options for pants. 

The sports coat is definitely the secret weapon for him. He will look GQ in a sports jacket with a shirt, as it naturally slims down the body, looks excellent on camera, and brings a lot of variety to the images. 

For the shoes, go for a pair of brown dress shoes with a brown belt unless he’s wearing black dress pants, then it’s best to get black dress shoes. But we suggest staying away from black unless you’re going for the edgy look.

Final Thoughts 

Your engagement photo session is a special moment that deserves careful consideration when choosing the perfect outfits. Finding a balance between comfort and style ensures you feel confident and at ease throughout the shoot. Remember, a happy and comfortable couple translates into beautiful, authentic photos. 

When selecting your engagement outfit, prioritize timelessness over trend. You want your photos to stand the test of time and not feel dated in the years to come. Opt for colors that complement each other in a subtle, harmonious palette, steering clear of overly bold or bright choices. 

Ultimately, your engagement photos should reflect the unique beauty of your relationship. By carefully selecting engagement hair, makeup, and outfits that make you both feel confident and comfortable, you’re setting the stage for a memorable and visually stunning photo session. So, embrace the opportunity to showcase your love, style, and individual personalities, and let the magic unfold in front of the camera.

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