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Top 3 Beautiful Hairstyles and Makeup for Your Engagement Photos

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There are a lot of things to think about when choosing the right hair and makeup for your engagement photos. Read along for our complete guide.

While you’re busy with other things like picking a dream venue, deciding on the perfect wedding gown, and tasting the right wedding cake, it’s still important to make room for planning your makeup and hairstyles for engagement photos session. This also comes with a big question: what should you do with your hair and makeup?

Do You Need to Glam It Up for an Engagement Photoshoot?

If you’ve already planned to have hair and makeup done for the big day, it can be tempting to save by skipping hair and makeup for engagement photos. It’s entirely up to you. But remember that these photos will showcase who the couple is and their love for each other. So everything, including hair and makeup, should be flawless. 

These will be the photos you’ll show your grandchildren decades later. And they’re usually closer to what you look like in your daily life instead of how glammed up they’ll be during the wedding. The engagement photo style should be a toned-down version of what you’ll have for the wedding. An engagement photo shoot is a time to capture the moment before moving on to the next phase of your life, so go with something that will make you comfortable. 

Here are the hairstyle and makeup ideas that will work for your engagement photos, no matter your style.

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1. Natural Looks

Engagement photos hairstyles and makeup natural

As engagement photos are supposed to reflect what you look like on an everyday basis, the best way to do it is to go for your everyday look! Indeed, you’ll need to add more foundation and concealer for extra camera coverage and a bit more color to your lips.

You can cover up blemishes and imperfections by blending, but ensure that your base makeup looks like your natural skin. Remember to add the blush and keep the makeup light and fresh. Youthful makeup is the key to amazing engagement photography. Dawn Clemens, founder and CEO at Large Hair, suggests picking neutral or soft colors like peach or light pink.

The fresh-faced or barely there look still allows you to be photogenic. Don’t over-powder, focus on your lashes, lips, and brows. Use a blush that mimics your natural tone and color. Try a nude lip if you aren’t a regular lipstick wearer. This helps keep your lips from looking washed out due to the camera’s flash. 

2. Boho-Inspired 

Engagement shoot hairstyles makeup boho style

The beauty of a boho style is that it can be whatever you want it to be, from loose updos to fishtail braids and everything in between. But the long or short waves will pull off the boho look. And if you have textured hair, you can try locs.

You can accessorize by adding ribbons, a crown of fresh flowers, a braid, or a headband to your hair for the complete boho look. Delicate dewiness will also create a romantic vision. Products with a touch of radiance or satin finishes added to the formula will add that well-rested, youthful, and glowing complexion. You can use some bronzer and mascara to turn up the makeup and keep all your features.

If you’re looking for minimal styling but still pull off a look that’s close to your everyday hairstyle, we suggest going for a natural style like a low bun. Try using your natural hair texture or a curling iron to add those curls. Gather the hair into a low bun and tie it up with elastic. Try using a blowout, beach wave, or a soft ponytail to get that soft and natural look. 

3. Go All-Out Glam

Engagement photo hairstyles and makeup glam look

Going big and glam for your engagement photo doesn’t mean you should go all out like you would on your wedding day. Instead, try bringing up one feature and adding a touch of glam, like focusing on your eyes and adding shimmering eyeshadow, smokey glow, and lashes. Just make sure not to go overboard on the highlighter or glitter.

For the hairstyle, choose sleek updos for that glam look or afros if you have textured hair. Going glam takes a lot of time, but if you’re comfortable doing your makeup and hair, you shouldn’t have any problem glamming up your look. Go for a bit more drama and grab some extensions for bigger hair and eyelashes to make all your features pop.

Extra Hair & Makeup Tips for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Remember that your family and friends won’t be there in person during the photo shoot, so what you look like in person is less important than how it will look in the photos. During the wedding day, they will all be there in person to see you, so you’ll need to consider that when planning your wedding day look.

1. Do a Test Run

Before you agree on any professional hairstylists and makeup artists, it’s important to do a trial run a few weeks before the shoot. When you’ve found a professional for the job, ask for a makeup trial to ensure they’ll achieve the look you want.

2. Use the Photos

Couples usually end up using engagement photos to save the dates, wedding websites, and even as party favors during the wedding. This is another reason to consider going a little more glam during the engagement session.

Final Thoughts

An engagement photoshoot is all about celebrating the love between you and your partner. It’s something you can share with your loved ones, so it’s important to feel comfortable with your hair and makeup. 

Whether going the boho style, fully natural, or full glam, an engagement photoshoot is all about you, and only you decide what makes you feel beautiful in every pose. 

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