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Tips on What to Wear for a Casual Photoshoot Based on the Location

casual photoshoot based on location

Every bride dreams of visiting their favorite bridal boutique and choosing one or two dresses that steal their heart from their top list of dreamy wedding dresses. Most of the time, you can look flawless in a shimmering long gown with beautiful lace, especially with a friendly shop assistant’s advice. However, it’s completely different when looking for outfits for a casual pre-wedding photoshoot

Choosing an outfit to head out of your house can sometimes be a huge daily struggle for some people, much less deciding what to wear for a pre-wedding photoshoot! 

4 Casual Outfit Styles Based on Your Photoshoot Location 

Here’s our list with a few tips to help you select casual outfits based on the photoshoot’s location.


Ever dreamed of having your photoshoot at the beach accompanied by a beautiful sunset? It’s unarguably the classic symbol of romance. 

Indeed, most outfits will look great with the mesmerizing beauty of white shores and crystal-clear oceans like the ones found on Bali’s beaches. The only thing to consider is making the picture special, as we don’t want something taken from an ordinary trip to the shore! 

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Ladies can wear a white gown with lace details for a bridal look, while grooms can pick up a white linen short-sleeved shirt to match the bride. They can also roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt and pair it with khaki shorts. 

If you want to go all-out casual and skip the bridal look, try matching outfits with a specific theme. Rompers are a great choice if dresses aren’t for you. Or, you can go for the classic floral prints for that tropical vibe. Or read our tips on Pinterest-worthy beach engagement photo outfits if you want to know more about how beach outfits should look like. 


The waterfalls are a great place for adventurous couples looking for fantastic photo results. It’s a must-go if you’re doing a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali. The rushing pillar of water from up above is always a magnificent sight to look at, and the spray of mist offers a naturally beautiful effect on the photos.

Couples are usually best to wear a casual ensemble for a waterfall shoot as moving around the wet rocky surfaces in a long white dress would be extremely difficult. 

A maxi dress or draped midi is the perfect choice for brides for moving the streaming water and cool winds. Make sure to pick one with light fabric such as chiffon or satin. You can add some lace details to complete the bridal look or wear something vibrant like red to perfectly contrast the dark rocks and waters.

In the Greens

Whether it’s the stunning blue lakes or magnificent mountains, they’re all nature’s best work that adorned our planet in profound ways. A pre-wedding photoshoot with nature’s greenery in the background is the definition of perfection, especially if you’re far from the nearest city.

A solid white color or anything close to red are great options that will stand out in greenery. We recommend avoiding any large prints for such a background that is fully dense and textured.

The City Scenes

Pulling off any casual outfit in a city or town setting is a bit easier. But you might still want to add any kind of sturdy-looking outerwear to complete the formal look.

Also, we recommend going easy on the prints and colors as there is usually already a lot going on in the back of a busy city. Go for a denim outfit or something with a solid black or white color for a safe combination for any backdrop.

Before you start shopping for brand-new clothes for the photo shoot, here are other things to consider to ensure you’re all set and look picture-perfect for your pre-wedding shoot.

Pick a Style that Represents You 

Wear something that represents yourself. Don’t buy a new long coat just because everyone says it looks good. Instead, if your usual style is wearing a Parker or Barbour, go for it! This also applies to the lower half. Be comfortable, and wear trousers if necessary, as being comfortable should be your priority. 

It’s the same story for the guys. Get something you would wear for a romantic first stroll with your partner. We recommend complimenting each other with similar tones and colors to maximize the scene. There is no need for matching clothes, but you should have a similar style. 

Hats and Sunglasses

Do you want to bring your sunglasses or hat with you? It’s all up to you, and it would indeed fit the casual style. We suggest not wearing sunglasses as emotions are usually captured in the eyes, and if the photographer can’t capture them, anyone, including you won’t be immersed in the image. 

Wearing a hat is also part of one’s taste; we always welcome that. If it’s a winter-themed pre-wedding shoot, a beanie or bobble hat will go with a warm scarf as well. But we think wearing a cap in the middle of summer will break the connection. You can bring a straw hat as it is a great prop if it’s big enough. 

Check the Weather 

Before your pre-wedding photo session, check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. In warm weather, ladies can opt for a light dress that catches the wind for a dramatic effect, while guys are advised to avoid shorts unless they are of a more formal style. 

For early spring or winter sessions, thick warm coats, hats, and large scarves are recommended. You can bring a jacket and remove it during the session if needed, and the photographer can hold onto it for you. Consider the location’s windiness, and be prepared with a hat or hairspray if necessary.

Final Thoughts 

Planning your own casual pre-wedding outfits can be stressful due to the endless options available and your expectations for the final results. We hope this guide has helped you narrow your search so you’ll no longer feel lost from the endless options!

Looking for more tips on wedding photography or planning? Check out our blog site at Bali Wedding!

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