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Pinterest-Worthy Beach Engagement Photo Outfits

pinterest worthy beach engagement photo outfits

So, you said yes to your fiancé during the proposal. Congratulations! Now comes choosing the engagement session. If you’ve chosen a beach theme for a meaningful engagement, you must choose the perfect outfit for the occasion! All the women can agree that this part isn’t that simple. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you our top tips for choosing the best styles for your beachside engagement session. After reading this article, you’ll have a solid starting point to pull off the most beautiful Pinterest-worthy beach engagement outfits for prewedding! And as a bonus for photographers, these tips also focus on what looks good on camera. So, let’s get into it!

Go All Out 

An engagement, like a wedding, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (give or take), so you should go all out and dress it up! Remember that it’s impossible to over-dress during your portrait session, and you should focus on having fun and staying comfortable with your chosen outfit. 

Dresses always look beautiful on the beachside as they get blown by the wind, and with the right lighting, they’ll make you look like a goddess. This also applies to the groom, as a well-dressed man on the beach always looks dashing. However, we recommend avoiding jumpsuits; we love them too, but for a photo session on the beach, they don’t offer much movement and aren’t very flattering. 

Choose the Right Fabric (and Skip the Blue Jeans)

The beach is always wet, windy, and full of salty air. These three elements can bring out the worst in a specific fabric. We don’t usually recommend satin or silk fabric for your dress during a beach photoshoot. 

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If they get wet, the spots will be very visible and distracting. Also, the salty air and wind can make these fabrics look unflattering and be too revealing on your body. 

Also, this one is a little obvious, but when was the last time you wore or saw anyone wearing blue jeans to the beach? Make sure that whatever you’re wearing actually fits the scene. If you’ve chosen a tropical beach in Bali or some coastal park, play up accordingly! Think of what you should wear to those places and bring it up a notch, as it’s your engagement session after all! Say no to things like jeans, heavy materials, and black color. 

Bring Multiple Outfits 

We recommend bringing a few outfits to a beach photoshoot for two reasons – the first reason is that it offers a variety of photos, which is always what we want for a shoot. Remember to bring something very different from each other. For example, you can plan on wearing a more formal outfit first with a dress and a button-down dress shirt, then bring a more casual style later on. 

Varied outfits let us capture a wide range of photos. The poses will also vary depending on your outfit, so multiple outfits bring some diversity to the photoshoot. So avoid these fabrics to eliminate the chances of ruining your beachside shoot!

The second reason for bringing multiple outfits to the beach is because there’s a good chance you’ll get wet. If that happens, you’ll need to change it for your comfort and appearance. Beach photoshoots never disappoint as they always offer stunning results, especially with the right outfit and the person you love by your side. 

Go for Pastels and Neutral Colors When in Doubt 

The one thing you want to avoid during an engagement session is to look awkward with outfits that are mismatched in colors and patterns. We recommend looking for simple outfits consisting of pastel or neutral colors like black and white. However, instead of matching exactly what your partner is wearing, it’s better to plan outfits with complementary colors and a mix of patterns.

For example, both of you shouldn’t wear the same white pants with a blue shirt, as if you go all out on mixing and matching, you both might end up looking like something from a family Christmas card from the 1990s (anyone else had to do the matching family photo shoots back in the day?). Instead, if you’re in a white dress with blue floral patterns, your fiancé should wear a solid blue shirt to tie in the colors without completely matching your dress.

A photo session on a Bali beach consists of beautiful white sands, blue waves, tropical plants, and magnificent cliffs. So, in terms of colors, wearing something red or purple will probably distract you from the location’s natural beauty. Instead, opt for neutrals or pastels to compliment your surroundings. 

Don’t Forget the Accessories 

Elevate your outfit with the right accessories, and sunglasses are a stylish choice. They add a fashionable touch to any look, making simple outfits stand out. Choose a bold frame shape or color that complements your style for a statement. Sunglasses also serve a practical purpose, protecting your eyes from the sun during outdoor photo shoots and preventing squinting for more natural-looking photos.

The right jewelry can also enhance the glamor of your engagement photos. For a beachy vibe, opt for delicate pieces that complement the natural surroundings. Simple and elegant necklaces, such as thin gold chains or pendant necklaces, keep the focus on your face. Consider adding a pop of color with a light and airy stone pendant. Dainty gold hoops or stud earrings work well for a beachy look, while chandeliers or drop earrings in vibrant colors add sophistication. Bracelets, such as delicate bangles or stacked combinations in various styles and colors, contribute extra sparkle to your engagement photos.

Picture-Perfect Beach Engagement Photo Outfits for Pinterest

There you have it, our top tips for choosing the perfect outfit for a beach engagement session! If you’re looking for more inspiration on photographing a wedding or inspiration for a wedding in paradise, we have a whole blog section dedicated to it at Bali Wedding.

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