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6 Ways for a Budget Honeymoon in Bali

6 Ways for a Budget Honeymoon in Bali - Bali Wedding Prices Tips

When you’re searching for top tier honeymoon destinations, Bali will most likely be on top of your list, and for a good reason. With gorgeous waves from the Indian ocean crashing the shores and cliffs, majestic temples, vibrant green grass fields and luxurious world-class villas crown Bali as Asia’s honeymoon capital.

Bali’s tourism is growing every year, attracting not only newlyweds but anyone looking for paradise. It’s a place worth traveling halfway across the globe for, and you’re guaranteed to be blown away from Bali’s unique culture and rich history.

However, Bali might not be the cheapest island when compared to its Southeast Asian tourist hubs. When thinking about a Balinese honeymoon, you might think of luxurious private villas, yoga retreats and high-class massages. These will surely leave butterflies in your wallet and leave your bank account dried up when you return.

But don’t worry, it’s still possible to have a budget honeymoon in Bali! A little research and simple tricks and hacks can lead you to the Balinese honeymoon experience you deserve. Read along our guide to help you plan the perfect budget Bali honeymoon.

The Largest Expense

Unless you’re traveling from Southeast Asia or Australia, the highest cost you make will undoubtedly be your flight to Bali. You who are traveling from Europe or the US may immediately give up once you found out how much it costs to fly to Bali. If you know the right time to visit along with the alternative routes, it’s possible to save some massive chucks for your flight.

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If straight flights to Bali turn up with whopping prices, check out other major hubs in SouthEast Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Kuala Lumpur. Booking two separate flights might save you a ton of money and let you visit other countries before coming to Bali.

Decide How You’d Like to Spend Your Honeymoon

What’s your idea of the perfect honeymoon in Bali? Would you instead spend your time in the villa while enjoying the killer sunsets with a sip of the cocktail, or would you rather explore everything the island has to offer? Perhaps you’d like a day in the ocean more or wandering in Jatiluwih’s rice fields?

Once you know what you want for your celebration, it will be easier to narrow down the accommodations that will work best for you and the kind of activities you should go for. This can also help you to pick the area to stay in.

Pick the Right Accommodation

privacy might be one of the main concerns when planning a honeymoon. This is also why Bali stands out due to its famed villas. You’ll have no trouble finding affordable villas, especially in Kuta. However, as it is located in Bali’s tourist center, it probably won’t be a quiet place where most backpackers and all the parties will be. Not exactly honeymoon ideals.

The villas in Ubud are luxurious and peaceful, but maybe too pricey. If you have any plans to explore Bali for half of your honeymoon week, then it’s best to find cheaper rooms for those days as you probably won’t be in the rooms for too long. That way, you can spend the rest of your honeymoon in the privacy of your own private pool villa, just an idea to cut off expenses.

Make the Most Out of Your Time with Transportation

Bali may seem like a small island, but trust us, it’s bigger than it looks! Traveling from the far east to the west end of the island can take up to 7 hours by car, and is filled with endless beautiful places. If you’re planning to explore the island with your own motorbike, then go for it, just remember that most sites are far away from each other. This is also a cheaper way to get around Bali for your honeymoon.

On the other hand, if you prefer to just relax and be driven in an air-conditioned car, Bali also gives you a choice to do so. Starting with USD 40 a day can get you a car and a driver. This can be the best form of transportation in Bali. You can book through companies with organized package tours or just find your own reliable driver and arrange your own itinerary.

Find Budget Luxuries

If your hotel doesn’t have a pool, Bali’s day clubs offer fun poolside activities, usually overlooking the beach with great music and food. Potatohead Beach Club has a lovely infinity pool with day beds where you can sip on a cocktail by the pool while enjoying the sunset. A cheaper day club is Canggu’s The Lawn for a hip spot that is considerably smaller than Potatohead. Mrs Sippy in Seminyak is also popular with its 2-meter diving board for you adrenaline seekers.

Jimbaran Bay is the place for excellent seafood dinner by the beach, a cheaper alternative if you can’t afford a private beach dinner. If a private villa is out of your reach, head to a less crowded beach instead. Pandawa and Mengiat beach will give you the peace and isolation you’ve wanted if you know the right time to visit. If you have time to spare, the Gili islands are also worth checking out.

It doesn’t Hurt to Spend a Little More

Hey, it’s your honeymoon! You came all the way to Bali, so don’t be scared to spend a little more to receive more benefits. Have the best massage of your life. Have an unforgettable dinner by the beach. Soak it all in; it’s your honeymoon after all. Adjust your priority along the way and figure out what you both want.

As long as you’re on track with the general things, then you shouldn’t feel ashamed of spending more money to get the best of Bali. It is the reason why you are here. Money comes and goes, but a honeymoon only comes once in a lifetime. Make it an unforgettable one!

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