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Best Things to do in a Bali Honeymoon in 7 Days

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Hey lovebirds, how would you like to spend your precious honeymoon in the famous honeymoon destination itself? Bali is the definition of paradise where newlyweds come here from all over the world. This island packs so much charm. From the enchanting atmosphere, richness of history and culture, and of course, the fantastic scenery in every corner of Bali. You’ll find endless things to do with your loved one.

We have planned a one-week Bali Honeymoon Itinerary to make sure you experience everything Bali has to offer before you return home with your new life.

Day 1 – Arrival

Make your first day in Bali comfortable. It’s best to book a hotel or villa in the Southern part of the island like Nusa Dua or Seminyak. It’s close to the airport and won’t drain any of your energy to get there. The hotels usually offer pick-up services from the airport to make your arrival smoother, so you won’t need to find a taxi after arriving in Bali.

Once you arrive, take your time and enjoy your day in the place you’ve chosen or take a walk in the nearby area. You can also check some cafes and restaurants nearby. At this point, you should be exhausted after a long flight, so it’s best to spend a relaxing time in a cozy café or catch your first Bali sunset with a beer or cocktail. A great start to your honeymoon week in paradise.

Day 2 – Southern beaches

How does exploring more beaches to the southern tip of the island sound on your second day? You’ll find amazing landscapes in Uluwatu to catch not only the best view of the ocean waves crashing the shores below you but also its majestic temple which you should best visit in the afternoon. This temple is one of the most important temples worshipped by the Balinese people. Just be careful with the playful and cheeky monkeys that inhabit the area.

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You can find fun water sport activities like floating on a banana boat or try some thrilling parasailing. Tanjung Benoa also offers other fun water sports. If you’re not into water sport or feel too nervous to try it, then a romantic walk along the beach can be just as meaningful. Try visiting the secluded Green Bowl, Balangan Beach, or Pandawa Beach, all giving a peaceful, quiet and dreamy atmosphere if you know the right time to visit. Then, you can end the day with a romantic seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay.

Day 3 – Nusa Penida

Let’s go a little off track on our third day. Nusa Penida will be an adventure you won’t forget! This island has an inviting atmosphere and is hardly affected by western culture with breathtaking sceneries on land and underwater. Speaking of underwater, Nusa Penida is the best place to swim with the five-meter creatures, the manta ray.

The famous diamond beach of Nusa Penida is known for its fantastic view of the cliffs overlooking the ocean, if you manage to get down onto the beach, there’s a couple swing you can try. You can have a nice picture of both of you on the swing to remember your honeymoon. If you stay for longer, you can relax at the beach and wait for the sunset before getting back to your hotel. If you’re coming back sooner, then you can enjoy the richness of Indonesian cuisine available in Sanur’s endless line of restaurants.

Day 4 – Beratan lake, Tanah Lot & Canggu

After a whole day of adventure, get back to some easy but beautiful activities. If you’re looking for some Instagrammable spots, visit Ulun Danu Beratan Lake for a peaceful lake backdropped by green hills and a temple placed in the middle of the lake. On your way, you should find the famous Handara Gate that is used to take some stunning pre-wedding pictures, don’t miss it!

In the afternoon, visit Tanah Lot temple, another famous temple built atop a cliff above the ocean that is worshipped by the Balinese. On the right day, when the water is lessened, you can see the sacred colorful sea snakes living in the cave under the temple.

Spend as much time as you want in both Beratan Lake and Tanah Lot and you still should have plenty of time for lunch in the fancy corner of Canggu. Choose from the endless stylish cafes that suit you best. Relax at Canggu’s beaches and hopefully, you aren’t tired of catching the sunsets from day 1. End the day with a romantic dinner and reward yourselves after the day’s journey.

Day 5 – Ubud’s Monkey Forest, Markets and Spas

Let’s spend your fifth day with some blissful serenity in Ubud. It’s the place where Bali’s nature, cultural attraction and art all wrapped into one.

The sacred Monkey Forest sanctuary is a must-visit in Ubud where you can meet the lively monkeys. They can be as cheeky as the ones in Uluwatu Temple, so keep your shiny things somewhere safe where they can’t see it. The Ubud Market is the place to find the best souvenirs to take back home and if you’re a master at bargaining, you can get the best prices here from the friendly shopkeepers.

Then you can end your Ubud adventure at one of Ubud’s spas. They are scattered along Ubud’s main pathways or you can book a SPA at a luxury hotel with fantastic jungle views. A perfect relaxing ending to a long day in Bali’s cultural capital.

Day 6 – The rest of Ubud & Waterfalls

Still in the serene village of Ubud, spend your final days trying out the favorite experiences. You can try floating breakfast that is served by almost all hotels and resorts in Ubud.

You can have lunch while looking at the emerald green rice fields in the line of cafes at Tegallalang and spend the afternoon taking pictures of the area. There is also a popular Bali swing in Ubud if you haven’t done it yet in Nusa Penida. If you would like to experience a cultural activity, you can visit Tirta Empul Temple, where the Balinese come to bathe in holy water.

On the way back, you can try visiting the waterfalls in the Gianyar regions, such as Tegenungan pr Tibumana Waterfall. Tegunangan’s waterfall is bigger and maybe better for pictures, but Tibumana is the place if you would like to swim in the waterfall. Be careful of both of these waterfall’s water pressure!

Day 7 – Last day in Bali

Time flies, doesn’t it? The best thing on your last day in Bali is to save your energy and just go on an easy date somewhere close to the airport area.

Maybe going to a café you haven’t visited during your first day or getting some ice cream and talking about the trip’s highlights. Nothing is better than spending time with your beloved. Let yourselves enjoy Bali’s atmosphere for the last time before the clock tells you it’s time to go home.

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