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A Guide to Book Wedding Transportation for Your Loved Ones

guide to book wedding transportation

It might get overwhelming during the preparations for your wedding, from picking the right dress, what food you should serve, the access to the venue and so much more. An essential part of the planning is the wedding transportation and how you and your guest will travel from point A to point B and map out your itinerary. Think about who you should include and who shouldn’t you include and where are we all going?

Five Tips for Booking Your Wedding Transportation

If you still feel lost during the transportation planning process, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll be listing the basic guidelines to ensure all your transportation business goes well for your wedding.


Even though you don’t need to know the tiny details of your wedding day, you’ll still need to look at where you’ll need to spend your money. For example, where are you getting your make-up and hair done? Is your bridal party taking place in a different venue? All these factors can impact your transportation. If you have trouble estimating how much time you’ll need for all these shutterbug moments, try asking your wedding photographer. Also, remember to bring some cushioning to your schedule if your bridal party gang or vendor shows up late.

Once you’re comfortable with a basic timeline, then it’s time to look for rental companies. Ideally, you should start looking four to six months before the wedding.


Everything in your wedding highly depends on your finances and budget, including the wedding’s decorations, the dress you’ll be wearing and a wedding day transportation should also be part of your list. Consider the cost per hour, the mileage price and the distance these vehicles will travel when you book the contract. Most transportation companies usually charge a minimum of three to four hours, ranging from $50 to $300 depending on the distance and the type of vehicle you’ve rented.

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We suggest looking at the limo or other vehicle in advance, so you’ll know if the ride has enough room for everyone to fit comfortably. Don’t forget to ensure the air conditioning works if you’re planning a hot destination wedding in Bali!

Wrap It All Up

Now that you have a clear vision of your transportation needs and their costs let’s get into business! Find a written agreement that includes all the terms of service such as the total cost, required deposits, refunds if necessary, gratuity policies, arrival and departure spots, pick-up or drop-off times, the vehicle types you’ve chosen and the overtime rate per hour. Knowing all these details will give you some additional peace of mind.

When you’re ready to sign on the contract, take a last look at the “all-inclusive pricing.” This should include all the total fares, but on some occasions, it doesn’t include taxes.

One thing to remember is to verify that your driver is licensed and insured. For more information, contact your local Public Utilities Commission.

Be Prepared!

Suppose you have an itinerary that you’ve been preparing the way before your wedding day, email or fax it to your chosen transportation company. Remember to include all the necessary directions and alternative routes in case any traffic jam occurs along the way. You can also give the itinerary to your bridal party, along with all the needed numbers that they may need.

Put A Little More Effort

If you’re offering transportation for your guests out of town, consider that your best friends or families may want to go home at 11 pm and don’t want to celebrate till 3 am. If you have a tight budget and can’t afford two separate transportation opportunities, ask your loved ones if they don’t mind carpooling. Don’t forget to leave a nice gesture and thank them If they are willing to give their time to do it.

You can consider return transportation when you book your venues. Otherwise, talk to your family members and ask your wedding planner for alternative recommendations. Your guests will respect you for thinking about their needs after they’ve celebrated your special day for hours.

When researching nearby hotels, we suggest you find out if they offer free shuttles to take your guests back to their rooms when the celebration ends. Also, if you’ve offered a lot of alcoholic beverages for your party, it might be a good idea to give your guests a list of taxi services if they’re feeling a bit drunk at the end of your wedding!

So, What Vehicle to Choose for Your Wedding?

For wedding transportations, the best options are a wedding limo or a wedding bus. If you’re looking for a more luxurious and formal feel, a wedding limo offers a spacious interior and is backed with bottles of champagne with plenty of privacy. They also provide glam interior lights and a sunroof. For a more affordable and laid-back choice, then a wedding bus is the way to go.

A wedding bus offers an interior spacious enough for your guest to dance in, a TV and light shows. A wedding bus is also more affordable and comes with more seats per person compared to wedding limos.

You can even have them both where a limo can pick up your guests and drop them off at the ceremony while a bus can get them to your wedding party.

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