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Choose the Right Asian Wedding Make Up Artist for Your Wedding

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Looking for the most suitable make-up artist for your wedding day can be challenging, especially if your features are more Asian that won’t fit the Western practices for bridal makeup. 

Kelly from Soy Makeup & Hair says that, as Asian women, we have unique facial features and characteristics. So makeup techniques for other races may not work for us. The primary tip is to look for a professional makeup artist with much experience with makeup for Asian brides and who knows how to work with Asian features. 

Look for the Right Asian Wedding Make Up for You 

There may be hundreds of Asian wedding make up artists to choose from, and knowing which is right for you is a bigger challenge. These make-up artists will help you prepare for the biggest day of your life. 

You should feel like they are efficient, professional, reliable and trustworthy. And on the actual day, they’ll help you feel confident, relaxed and beautiful. 

Check on the Make-up Artist’s Availability 

First, you should check whether the make-up artist is available for the dates and times of your wedding functions. These include Asian weddings like Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Chinese, etc., that may last several days and incorporate different parts each day. 

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An established make-up artist should have a website instead of only a Facebook account and Instagram. This is important as it will offer additional information about the make-up artist’s services and terms and conditions. Make sure to read and understand their terms and conditions and list down any questions if you have any. 

Find an Asian Make-up Artist as Soon As Possible

Don’t leave the task of looking for the makeup artist till the last minute. Ideally, you should have found and booked a make-up artist six to eight months in advance. This lets you receive advice on any beauty treatments you may need to prepare for your skin so it will look its best on the wedding day. 

The foundation quality used by the bridal make-up artist should be better than what you use on yourself every day. Your foundation and make-up will look better if you’ve taken the essential steps to look after your skin. This will make you feel more confident and beautiful. There’s no sorcery involved in making you beautiful, but the power of make-up. 

Tips for Doing Makeup for Asian Brides

Asian brides have a combination skin type that doesn’t hold makeup as long as those with drier skin types. Therefore, the foundation, like prepping the skin, is crucial for enhancing the look throughout the entire day. Also, the Asian eye usually looks smaller in photos. So using different techniques like eyelid tapes or lashes can help enlarge the eye shape.

The foundation and eyelashes are probably the most impactful part of the makeup routine. How we apply the foundation determines how long the makeup will last. Lashes are also essential. If you apply too much or too little, you’ll end up with eyelashes that look either too dramatic or too bland. 

The Most Popular Style of Asian Bridal Make-Up

The natural look is currently the most popular style, similar to the Korean style that’s been trending across all media. It’s the most requested style by many Asian brides. 

For hairstyles, the one we love is the effortless hair texture look similar to what Hollywood stars go for on the red carpet. We’re not big fans of wigs or complicated hairstyles, as they’re kind of old-fashioned. 

For asian wedding make up trends, we love a glowing and dewy complexion that reflects your skin color and is healthy. Use more natural eyelashes that are customizable that blend well with real lashes. Avoid heavy counters or massive lashes. 

How Should a Bride Choose the Best MUA for Them?

Here are the steps you should go for when finding the right asian wedding make up artist. 

Do a Self-Assessment First 

Try to understand your preferred style and look, whether it’s natural, edgy, funky, dramatic, or princess look. Find out if you have skin tone, thick hair, language preferences, and skin style. 

What type of wedding are you having? Assessing your needs and preferences early on lets you filter the type of stylist you want. 

Ask Your Friends or Search Online

Your married friends who are also Asian should have experience working with MUA and hairstylists. You can also search online by using the keywords you’re looking for. For example, try searching “natural, elegant makeup artist in central Chicago.” A list should then pop up. You can then gather many testimonies and read reviews from previous brides and other wedding blogs. 

Browse the Stylist’s Site and Social Media and Get to Know Them

Check out their before and after pics and professional wedding photos and reach out to learn more about their style and background. If you think they’re right for you, email or call them to get a quote and learn about their communication style, attitude and others. You’ll get a better feeling if they’re the right fit for you or not.

Schedule a Trial for a Preview

Make some time for a trial before the wedding. Make-up artists usually need brides to provide information about their timeline, dress, styles, photographer and special needs and have all the necessary details (for example, you might sweat a lot, etc).

We suggest you send the artist a photo with or without makeup to prepare for a trial, along with a picture of the dress and images of hair and make-up similar to your skin tone, bone structure and hair color. We hope our guide has helped you choose the right Asian MUA for your big day.

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