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A Complete Guide to Storytelling for A Wedding Video

storytelling for a wedding video

A successful wedding film requires a bit of high tech and high wire. Even though there are plenty of opportunities to slip up, the creative results can be incredibly rewarding. Every filmmaker and videographer will have a different approach to creating a wedding video, but there are still plenty of things to learn from the different approaches. 

Create a Story-Driven and Emotional Wedding Video

Stories should be exciting and filled with emotion, tension, perspective, and art. Almost all wedding videographers say they can tell a story, but only some actually do. Over time, this “story” seems to turn into jargon. So, in this article, we’ll show you the kind of story couples actually want. 

Throughout the years, we know that every wedding video ends up the same. Below, we’ll explain how you can create dynamic stories that will make couples laugh, cry, and smile. 

The Six Elements of Storytelling 

What makes a good story? A story consists of an artistic showcase of a journey. Without digging into film theory, story themes, and so on too much, here are the six elements to creating an impactful wedding story. 

Character – as videographers, we must understand the characters and their backstories. You can talk to the couples on Google Meet, phone, or in person to get to know them better.

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Setting and theme – some venues are suitable for specific film styles. For example, black tie weddings on luxurious venues work best with Steadicam shots and high contrast, while rustic farmhouse wedding themes are excellent for handheld shots with warm colors. 

Plot – think about how you will incorporate all the wedding elements in the video. From the audio to the couple’s wedding speech. A good plot comes from a good understanding of the itinerary.

Point of view – Use over-the-shoulder shots with a shallow depth of field for an intimate wedding feel. You should also use guests’ POV to elevate the story. 

Tension – tension is the couple’s excitement and anticipation. No tension will result in a boring wedding video. 

Resolution – All good love stories need a happy ending, so provide a conclusion that is not only a continuation of a story but the start of a new chapter. 


The first step is getting to know the couple. Ask questions to discover their interests and preferences. You can start by asking these questions:

  • How did the two of you meet?
  • What do you love most about him/her?
  • What do you like to do together?
  • What do you see in your future together?
  • What moments define your relationship?

Most videographers consider planning as bringing extra batteries and equipment. But for storytellers, your planning process should include a few extra steps. Build a wireframe plot and include everything you’ve learned about the couple in the video.

Create a storyboard with a story overview for your wireframe while being mindful of the venue’s strengths and limitations. 


Don’t limit couples by doing the same poses over and over. Every couple is unique, and you should observe their personalities in poses. For example, if you have a partner who loves brushing your hair or pinching you every now and then, wouldn’t it be great and fun to include that in the videos?

Another big no is using photography poses for videos. Even though including small bits of photo sessions in a brief montage is fine, this shouldn’t be used to substitute for video poses. We recommend choosing a pretty environment without distractions. Remember, before you start instructing the couple, get them comfortable first by getting them to talk and laugh and consistently give positive feedback.


The wedding itinerary shouldn’t be the wedding video’s plot. The emotional elements should be evoked due to the images and audio combined. Most wedding videographers use the itinerary as the video’s plot, which leads to rather dull wedding videos. 

A great way to introduce the plot is by adding an extra day of shooting. This lets you understand the couple’s relationship better. And get them comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. It also lets you work in a more scripted scene. If having an additional shooting day isn’t possible, consider getting some time on the wedding day for an interview-shooting style or other story mechanism. 


Tension is part of the plot that substitutes conflict for a wedding video. Like all other kinds of narrative-based work, the tension should build slowly to the climax and end with a resolution. Make sure to include how to build tension during the planning process.

For wedding videos, the tension is the excitement and anticipation that the couple experience. You can build the tension by showing details of intimate moments that lead up to the ceremony. You can also fast forward to later parts of the wedding while not giving away too much.


At the tail end of the wedding video, it’s time to end the narrative with a nice bow on top. Plan an impactful ending that will stick with the viewer’s mind long after they watch the video. A montage will work fine, but remember to add genuine moments along with some artistic value.

You can take inspiration from other movie shows that leave you with a lasting impression. For us, it’s from a sequence from Toy Story, as Disney Pixar is one of the greatest storytelling companies of all time. 

Final Thoughts

Wedding videos are more than just representing the couple; they are artistic representations of the couple’s journey that leads up to their special day. After the wedding, the music stops, the flowers die, and the dance floor is empty. The only thing the couple is left with is the memories of the wedding day captured in the photos and videos. 

Provide them with a timeless video that gives them a sense of their wedding day. Show them how beautiful they looked along with the story that unfolded, filled with genuine emotion and deep connections of who they are. 

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