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Our Top 4 Venues For a Peaceful Wedding in Amed

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Imagine yourself getting married on Bali’s iconic beaches. Exchanging vows within the shoreline of the paradise of this magical island. If you’re looking for a venue in the tranquil and peaceful part of the island while still experiencing its natural beach view, then look no further than Amed, Bali.

This sleepy fishing village is truly a slice of paradise that is off the beaten path. Amed is not yet a popular choice for Bali itineraries and wedding locations. This way, you’ll get a glimpse of the authentic Bali and experience the laid back vibes.

Nestled on Bali’s east coast, Amed is not exactly a hidden gem, but it’s far away from the party center of Kuta, the hipster corner of Canggu, and the Instagram favorite of Ubud.

Amed is drop-dead gorgeous with the view of the majestic Mount Agung in the distance and the endless stretch of coastline. In this article, we’ll list the top resorts and villas in Amed that are perfect for your wedding in a peaceful paradise.

Arya Amed Beach & Resort

This resort, located in the corner of the lush green coast of Amed is an excellent choice for your laidback Bali wedding. With their tropical meandering path sloping down to an infinity pool, Arya Resort offers a fantastic beach view and restaurant with the friendliest staff. If you’re inviting many guests, they’ll be delighted to stay in the cozy rooms tucked among the lush gardens.  

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Arya Amed Beach and Resort is especially perfect for those who love snorkeling or diving as it’s located in Bali’s best underwater locations. You and your guests can enjoy the myriad of colorful and diverse marine life with a plethora of fishes and corals just within the Resort’s property. So, exchange your vows, have a great night party and dive straight into Amed’s spectacular diving scene for your honeymoon the next day!

Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa Resort

This hotel, also located beside Amed’s iconic diving beach, offers comfortable accommodation, a poolside and an ocean view with bungalows and villas for families. A refreshing and spacious green garden is provided that is perfect for catering your wedding ceremony! Hotel Uyah has a wedding package that lets you customize your very own romantic Balinese wedding ceremony with traditional gamelan music and Balinese dancers. They have arranged multiple ceremonies in the past for both local and foreign couples.

It’s your chance to celebrate your special day the Balinese way! During the wedding ceremony, you’ll get to exchange wedding vows and rings with the backdrop of the spectacular scenery of Amed beach while your guest enjoys traditional Balinese entertainment. Dinner is also included in the catering with a menu to treat you and your guests’ senses.

The Griya Villas and Spas

What’s more beautiful than a wedding venue with a lush tropical garden complete with a garden of frangipanis and orchids and the extraordinary view of Mount Seraya?

The Griya Villas and Spa is the perfect wedding venue for you who seek luxury on Bali’s peaceful eastern coast. Every part of the resort will be tailored to your wishes, including the food, music, decorations and entertainment with traditional Balinese dance or gamelan performances. Whether you’re planning a classy 3-5 course dinner, buffet dinner, or a chill cocktail party, The Griya Villas and Spas will ensure a wedding party you’ll never forget.  

Imagine being in a venue with all your beloved family and friends walking an aisle of flowers while exchanging your vows with your soulmate. All this is backdropped by Bali’s best sunset sinking into Amed’s shores. After dusk, prepare for the night sky fully decorated with stars and the pool filled with floating candles and flowers.

Apa Kabar Villas

The Apa Kabar Villas is another addition to a peaceful wedding in Amed. With only a walking distance from the stunning Jemeluk viewpoint, this laidback villa lets you soak in the sun while enjoying the ocean waves from its private garden. This resort also allows you to say “I do” while overlooking the sunset that is bound to become the backdrop for your intimate wedding. They don’t have a wedding package included, so you should communicate with the owner and your wedding planner to make it happen.

This resort is suitable for you who want an intimate wedding with only your closest family and friends. If you’re planning for a more extended stay with your guests, then Apa Kabar villa has seven rooms on one floor fully equipped with modern amenities like free WiFi for your guests. They can also pamper themselves within the on-site spa services, including facials, body treatments, body wraps, and manicures and pedicures.

These venues are our top picks to start your new life in one of Bali’s most underrated destinations. Once you’re done with your wedding celebration, we recommend exploring Amed just a little more as you’ll find out that the coastal village has a fantastic craft café scene, excellent locations and a fantastic sense of community.

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