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All You Need to Know About Groomsmen Suits Styles

wedding suit styles

During wedding days, the bride usually shines the brightest due to their stunning dresses, which they’ve spent weeks to even months choosing the right one. However, grooms also get concerned about what they’re wearing. If your wedding’s coming up soon, you might already be in a search for the groom suit that will stand out above the rest, but one that you can wear on other events as well.

A wedding party is fun and long-awaited, but the preparation can be pretty stressful. To make sure you don’t stress about choosing your attire, we’ve prepared a guide with everything you need as a groom to pick the right wedding suit according to the type of wedding you’re having.

Let’s look at all the groom suit options for all wedding types and make sure you choose the perfect attire.

5 Things to Consider before Choosing A Groom Suit

To make sure you look your best on your big day, we’ve covered all the dos and don’ts for you as a groom.

Don’t Overshadow Your Bride, but Don’t Blend in with Your Groomsmen

The bride should be the focus during the wedding, so whichever suit you choose, make sure it also matches your partner’s dress. Your suit should be elegant but make sure it doesn’t outshine the wedding dress. However, make sure your guests can also tell that you’re not one of the groomsmen. 

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Purchase Your Own Suit if Possible

Grooms generally rent their suits and return them right after their wedding. Even though renting a suit is indeed more affordable and you may think that you won’t need a suit after the wedding, buying your own suit has its benefits. One of them is keeping it as a memento of your special day.

Other benefits include that you can wear it to your friend’s future weddings. Also, if you’ve picked a more casual suit style, you can use it as a jacket or the trousers as everyday wear or even for work. 

Don’t Go All Out with Accessories

There are endless accessories combinations you can add to your groom’s suit. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. Pick the ones you love and maintain your neat and stylish look.

For Customized Groom Suits, Make Sure You Leave it to Experienced Tailors

It’s no secret that the tailor you choose plays a major role in your wedding suit’s appearance. You get to select all the suit’s details for made-to-measure suits, like fabrics, textures, patterns, and colors. However, the finished product’s quality all depends on the tailor’s experience.

Order Your Wedding Suit Early

Most grooms are unsure when they should order their wedding suit so that it will be as good as new on the special day.

Professional style advisors recommend that you should make your groom suit order at least 2 months prior to the wedding event. This offers enough time for the tailor to make all the necessary changes to your attire.

Which Wedding Style is Best for You?

Choosing your wedding suit’s style is a common dilemma for every groom. You can choose from many types for your wedding day, so it’s best to pick a suit that fits your personal style.

The Formal Wedding Suit

Go for a fully elegant suit with a frock coat and a matching waistcoat underneath. This is considered a highly formal style suit and is the best choice for a wedding with a white dress code.

The Semi-Formal Wedding Suit

The semi-formal wedding suit is the perfect attire for a semi-formal or a cocktail dress code. As the name suggests, this kind of wedding dress is more relaxed than the usual formal wedding suits. You can wear a darker suit with a tie and dress shirt and add a layer of vest as well.

The Casual Wedding Suit

The casual attire is usually misinterpreted as people still translate this dress code into everyday wear. A casual wedding suit is still considered a suit. But you still have the freedom to choose the colors and patterns that you like. You can try out a casual groom suit with beige trousers and a brown colored checkered jacket for the ideal groom suit for an outdoor wedding.

The Beach Wedding Suit

If you’re getting hitched in a paradise wedding such as a wedding in Bali, then a light-colored linen suit is your best pick! Imagine walking down the aisle with your future bride with the horizon and killer sunset in front of you. The most popular beach wedding attire for men is wheat or sand, but you can also wear a light pink suit for an out-of-the-box approach.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of choosing a wedding suit and some essential style guides, you won’t need to stress selecting the right suit for you. So you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day.

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