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Wedding Photo Booth Ideas You Should Have for Your Special Day

wedding photo booth ideas

You’ve spent months planning your wedding, from the food, music, dress and even the lighting –

all for one single day! And it’s the day you’ll be marrying your best friend and partying with your hair down with your friends and family. Indeed, you’ll need a wedding photographer who does all the documentation. But have you ever thought about getting a Photo Booth?

Short answer: photo booths are excellent and you should have one for your special day.

Now, let’s talk about why photo booths are the perfect addition to your wedding, how to make the best one, and how to get one for your wedding! 

Why Should You Have a Photo Booth?

Three ingredients make the perfect reception: an open bar, a dance floor and a photo booth. Even Kim and Kanye had a photo booth at their wedding!

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Wedding planners always recommend getting one and state that photo booths are “a must-have” for a wedding. Megan Metzger from Pearl Events Austin says, “Instead of having a camera in front of your face, people get loose and comfortable behind it.” So, why are photo booths popular? Let’s look at the reasons:

Photo Booths Boost the Fun Factor

It’s always a good idea to have something to fill the gap between the wedding ceremony and the reception. This can include a cocktail hour and a photo booth, which keeps guests entertained and in a light mood. It’s the ideal distraction while you and your new partner are snapping those breathtaking pictures that will make your mom cry.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Your photo booth will be the source of fun that keeps on entertaining – for you and your guests. 

Photos are Excellent Wedding Favors

Your guests will appreciate and love taking the pics, whether it’s in digital or print form. 

Setting up a Photo Booth is much easier than tying ribbons around bottles or fans that will likely be left behind on the reception table.

Most cliche wedding favors end up in the bin, but people like to hang onto a pretty picture, especially when it’s easy to obtain from the booth’s touch screen. Most photo booth companies nowadays offer easy access to an online gallery after the wedding day, making a simple way for you and your guests to relive the special moment.

Now that you know why you need a photo booth for your wedding, here are some ideas to ensure it’s a highlight of your special day.

Pick The Right Location

Place your selfie booth in a high-traffic venue area near the bar or dance floor. Make sure your guests easily see it from where they’ll be hanging out. If your guests don’t see the booth, they likely won’t use it.

Sometimes, the venue coordinator will place your photo booth in a back room or closet and no one will even see it. Don’t let them do that. The key to getting people to use the booth is when your guests see others having fun with it and want to join in.

Leave an open space for the photo booth. This will likely have a line at some point but will be much more inviting as it’s easy to access. If your guests need to fight through a set of tables, they’ll be less excited to try it out.

Draw Attention to the Photo Booth

Getting the photo booth started is just like getting the DJ or party started, but easier! Get your DJ, emcee, wedding party and friends to start the photo booth and others will come to join the fun. You can add reminders and hang signage so your guests know where to find the photo booth and you want them to appreciate it. 

Indeed, the best thing to do is to have an eye-catching photo booth that captures the attention of your guests. But most importantly, your photo booth should look inviting. We recommend having a brightly lit area and a matching backdrop to your wedding theme. You want your photo booth to be part of your venue so that people will turn and say, “It’s so beautiful”. 

Plan a Custom Backdrop for Your Photo Booth

Choosing a fitting backdrop is essential for a photo booth. It will be in every photo and should be eye-catching and gorgeous. The backdrop you choose can be as simple as a plain color. But to show off your personality, you’ll want to add decorations to bring the scene to life and capture your wedding theme.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Colorful removable wallpaper
  • Vinyl decals
  • Hanging fabric
  • Hanging flowers (or a flower wall)
  • Fringe curtains
  • Make a custom neon sign
  • Gold sequins

You can use natural beauty as your backdrop for outdoor or beach weddings in Bali. You can also hang some frames from a tree nearby to make a simple photo booth scene. If you’re looking for something more complex, try putting together four wooden pallets and adding flowers to them for an elegant yet rustic backdrop. 

If you’re not interested in building your own photo booth backdrop, you can hire a rental company to take care of a custom backdrop.

Should You Have a Photographer for Your Wedding Photo Booth?

Now that you know everything about photo booths and why you should have them, you might ask if you need a photographer. Well, photo booths are generally stationary kiosks that take pictures of their own without a professional photographer (even though they may have an attendant).

Therefore, you should hire a photographer for other wedding events like ceremonies and essential moments. The bottom line is that getting a photo booth doesn’t only provide fun photos for your guests, but you’ll also have copies you can cherish forever after the big event.

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Guntur has been writing tips and tricks for weddings in Bali since 2020. He has written everything from preparing a pre-wedding in Bali to the best wedding dress and makeup you should choose for a wedding in paradise.

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