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A Guide to an Underwater Prewedding Photoshoot

underwater prewedding photoshoot

Ever dreamed of being a mermaid with your soulmate? An underwater pre-wedding shoot will make your dreams come true. As we get older, most of us stop fantasizing about becoming a character out of a fairy tale. But an underwater pre-wedding photo session will allow you to relive all your mermaid fantasies. Besides that, the photo results will be jaw-dropping, providing you with lasting memories. And who better to share the experience than with your other half?

Prewedding photoshoots are the perfect way to get beautiful pictures of you and your partner before your big day. It is a time to soak in all the love for your partner while focusing on the fantastic backdrops and loving poses to create images you’ll treasure for generations. 

And what’s more mesmerizing than taking your pre-wedding to an underwater shoot? However, before you dive into the water with a camera, there are a few things to consider when it comes to this kind of shoot. In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to cinder before booking an underwater pre-wedding photoshoot

Choose an Experienced Photographer 

Not every photographer is capable of capturing an underwater pre-wedding. Many won’t have the right equipment and expertise for the specific task. And if someone is willing to help you do it, make sure to check out their portfolio. 

Shooting underwater isn’t an easy task, even with the best equipment. Directing a couple to move and pose in an unnatural environment is challenging, especially when you can’t communicate effectively underwater. This is why looking for strong testimonies and portfolios specializing in underwater shots is important. A photographer who offers these kinds of shoots may even exclusively shoot underwater or other water-based environments. 

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Is Training Required?

Posing underwater for any period of time will require some kind of training. Holding your breath for extended periods and letting yourself sink isn’t something people do every day. You won’t need extra training if you’re an avid swimmer or diver. But if you’ve only mastered the doggy paddle, then you shouldn’t dive straight into the deep. Weak swimmers will need to have some formal lessons before attempting an underwater pre-wedding shoot. 

Larger photography companies that offer underwater pre-wedding packages may come with some training or have it included in the package. However, most individual photographers likely won’t provide these kinds of training. If you plan on shooting in the sea or other deeper locations, respirators are necessary, which require even more training. 

Do You Need Professional Divers?

If you want to shoot in a private pool or other controlled environment, you’ll likely be safe enough with only the two of you and the photographer. Larger pools that are open to the public usually have lifeguards on standby even when you’ve rented it out. However, if you want to venture out to the sea or a larger body of water, you’ll need a highly trained professional to assist you. Again, this may be included with the photoshoot package.

A photographer who works in this kind of environment would likely have someone with them to ensure their safety as much as you do. But never assume that you’ll be taken care of. You should still do your research, check different photographers, and make sure someone will be there to ensure your safety underwater. 

The divers should also be there to provide the respirator for you. They usually carry the extra air and consistently offer the mouthpiece so you won’t run out of breath. Diving equipment obviously won’t look good in pictures, so they must carry it around instead of you.

The Best Locations

We’ve discussed the training or help you need for an underwater shoot. However, you can’t just choose the prettiest beach and dive in. The location may need to be booked in advance to ensure it will be safe for the shoot. 

You’ll also want to ensure the water is clear, as beaches sometimes have murky shorelines where you need to go further into the sea. You can also go somewhere popular for the water’s clearness. Of course, this won’t be a problem if you’re taking the photoshoot in a swimming pool. 

The Cost of an Underwater Pre-Wedding Shoot

After reading everything we’ve mentioned above, you’ve probably guessed that all this will certainly be pricey. Indeed, an underwater pre-wedding shoot is far more expensive than any regular pre-wedding shoot due to the photographer’s specific skills and the location of the shoot. Every part of the planning comes with a fee; you aren’t just paying for the pretty pictures but for the entire incredible experience. 

Also, the price can vary drastically for every company or photographer as it may take one experienced underwater photographer to create breathtaking images. Some do not require any training, equipment, or boat and will only require a pool, good lighting, and editing to remove the pool tiles. Even though this will still likely be more expensive than a pre-wedding in a park, it won’t break your bank. 

How About the Wedding Dress?

The last thing you need to think about is the dress. You are still free to choose your preferred gown for an underwater shoot. Looking to wear a full white wedding gown? Or perhaps a more casual look? Whatever your choice is, you must ensure it’s safe underwater. 

This means it won’t be ruined when submerged and won’t get ridiculously heavy, resulting in more danger. We recommend going for a more flowy, chiffon-based gown that will float effortlessly in the water without being too risky to wear. 

Final Thoughts 

An underwater pre-wedding shoot is a magical journey that requires careful planning, professional expertise, and a willingness to dive into the extraordinary. With the right team and precautions, you can embark on this underwater adventure, creating a visual narrative that captures the depth of your love in a truly unique and unforgettable way. 

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