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Top 5 Filters You Should Try For Making Vintage-Style Wedding Video

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Few moments in life are as grand as your wedding day. Therefore, it’s essential that you want to capture all the fondest moments and the people you love most on film to look back and remember them fondly. The best way to do this is by creating wedding video that will preserve the moments and all their glory. 

However, with everything else to take care of before the big day, coming up with a unique idea for a wedding video may be challenging. And whether you’re telling a story of your proposal, engagement or the wedding day itself, videos let your audience find the love blooming out from your love story. This article will look at the vintage wedding videography filters you can use to capture your special day. 

The Return of Vintage Videography 

Fanny packs, oversized flannel and analog film photography and videography were popular in the 90s and have seen a comeback recently. The current generation is interested in everything retro, especially videos and photos with scratched, dusty, light-leaky effects. But they aren’t aware of how expensive and difficult film videography was back then!

Videography back then would need days for the films to be ready, and you still weren’t guaranteed how the video would turn out. In today’s standard of instant gratification, no one has time to wait for films. Below is everything you need to know about videography filters, and choose the best one. 

What are Videography Filters?

A video filter changes the video’s appearance by altering the shades and colors of the video. Decades ago, the only way to change the look of photos and videos was by fitting a filter on the front of the camera lens. Once you shoot with the filter, you won’t be able to change it if you don’t like the results. 

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Nowadays, we can completely change the look of a video long after it’s recorded with just a single touch of a button. If we don’t like the way it looks, we can put on another filter while still preserving the original video. You’ve probably used photos and video filters on Instagram, and today there are endless apps that offer different looks for videos. 

When Should You Use Filters?

Videos and photos with filters posted on social media usually get more likes and comments than those who don’t use them. Filters make your videos more interesting and have a better chance of grabbing people’s attention.

Filters can significantly enhance the mood and drama of a video, brighten shots that are too dark or make them appear antique. You can use filters to set a theme or to add consistency to a set of videos so every cut will be seamless. 

When using these filters, make sure you know which one works for every video. Try out different filters and find out which one will enhance a video instead of distracting them from the original. 

Best Vintage and Retro Filters You Should Use for Your Wedding Video

Retro video filters can transport your recording into any period. From the vibrant Polaroids of the 60s to the black and white Daguerreotypes from all the way back in the 1800s. The filters we’ve listed below are our recommended picks.

1. Vintage Film Reel

First on our list is the Vintage Film Reel filters. This filter will make your video look like something from a movie from the 60s or 70s. Your wedding video will look like they were shot during Hollywood’s golden age! Try filming with this filter when you’re shooting in front of an old building or an object or place that has a sense of nostalgia. Try it on a wedding or prom video to boost the romance.

2. Film Reel

If you’re looking for that retro film to look without it looking like a video that’s taken from something from when your parents were born, check out the Film Reel filters. Like the Vintage Film Reel, these filters look like something from a still taken from a film. However, instead of the 60s and 70s, it’s probably closer to the 80s and 90s. Or something like a David Fincher or Christopher Nolan movie. 

There are subtle differences in the filters, but they offer different vibes. Your videos will have that nice crisp feel to them. Film Reel will look good on photos or videos with many bright colors. 

3. Psychedelic 60s

Did anyone mention peace, love and Polaroids? This filter embraces the look of Polaroid from the 1960s. If you want to know what you would look like when getting married at Woodstock, dress in a classic white gown and put on these filters. 

Some colors seem muted, while others just pop like old videos do over time. It’s an excellent filter that looks like it should during the era. 

4. Black and White

Nothing reflects the past more than black and white. Something about the absence of color takes you back decades to even centuries. Black and white filters help eliminate distracting backgrounds and color and focus on a subject, which should be you and your partner. 

This filter also works well for shooting videos on buildings and skylines.

5. Bleached 

The bleached video filter removes some color and dims the contrast, giving videos a sun-kissed look. The videos offer that vintage look as they appear blurred out due to the sun. A few decades back, achieving this video look was possible by shooting a video exposed to a bit of light. However, there was a big chance of overexposing and running your video because of it.

We hope this article has given you quality insights on shooting the perfect vintage wedding videos. You can discuss the look you want with your videographer and they should have no problem adding filters to the videos after the shoot.

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