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Experience a Safari Themed Wedding in Gianyar, Bali

Wedding in Gianyar

Couples around the world have dreamt of getting married in Bali with the backdrop of the breathtaking Indian Ocean, stunning cliffs with crashing waves underneath, or in between the vibrant green rice terrace. There are endless Bali venues that offer these magnificent views to make your wedding day a memory of a lifetime, like the ones you can find at Bali Wedding. However, getting married in Bali also lets you experience other unique wedding styles if you want something totally different. 

We know that marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For some couples, their best moment comes from strangely unique and even extreme wedding concepts that will stand out from the crowd. The most unique weddings in Bali include weddings on top of the island’s iconic mount Batur or waterfalls, which only consist of a few of their colleagues as a witness to their weddings. Even weddings on planes are available for extreme couples, ending with skydiving with your partner and the cabin crew. For the ocean lovers, you can get married on a cruise ship and end up throwing yourselves into the sea of Bali’s best waters for snorkeling.

So, is there any room for animal and wildlife lovers? Luckily, a safari park in Bali lets you have a chance to experience a different concept of getting married in the wildlife!

Why you should get married in Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park offer you the opportunity to have their park as your wedding venue. Here are the things you’ll be getting.

  • You won’t resist holding your wedding in Bali. When you finally choose to have your wedding in Bali Safari and Marine Park, you’ll experience a totally different island vibe. The safari park is located on the border of Denpasar and Gianyar, slightly on the Gianyar side. This means you’ll experience the best of Bali’s worlds, whether it’s visiting the cultural villages in Ubud or visiting the trendy capital of Denpasar, where you can get up close with the local’s lifestyle.
  • A wedding in Bali Safari Park is one of the options for a wedding in Gianyar, which can be the perfect venue for you if you are overwhelmed with other diverse venues in Bali. When you pick Bali Safari Park as your wedding venue, then your wedding will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd, making your family and friends who are lucky to be your guests talk about it for a long time. Your guest will be greeted by gorgeous traditional decorations combined with wild and natural themes that will make them wonder if they suddenly arrived in Africa. You’ll truly express your love for nature and animals, and your guests will know that.
  • Bali Safari Park offers exclusive wedding packages. You can choose between two wedding packages that are totally worth the price! Both packages include a beautiful venue with a ‘wild’ atmosphere, surroundings and decorations according to your style and taste. Also, Bali Safari Park’s professional photoshoot sessions will give you some fantastic shots of your big day so you can remember the moment forever.
  • The first is the standard Bali Safari Marine Wedding Packages and the second is Elephant Safari Wedding. Each package has its own set of decorations and offerings, which we will explain further in the next section.
  • Bali Safari Park is also an excellent choice for a honeymoon in Bali. So, after your wedding day, you can continue to enjoy the wilderness offered by the Safari Park or explore the nearby attractions in Gianyar. A beach club close by the safari is called Komune if you’re looking to chill by the pool with some cocktails while looking over Gianyar’s best beaches. You can also head to Ubud for tons of cultural activities or just relaxing by Bali’s beautiful nature with a cup of coffee. Hey, You’re in Bali after all! Why not explore the island and discover the endless fun times waiting to be found by you and your partner?

Wedding Packages

You’ll receive the following things when purchasing either of the Bali Safari wedding packages.

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  • Fresh local flowers as the decorations for your ceremony. These flowers will also spread across the entrance, with two Balinese umbrella stands between the entrance and an altar table consisting of fresh flower decorations, flower offerings for virgin roads and of course, the bouquet for the bride.
  • A wedding cake, wedding board, refreshing drinks for your guests and tiffany chairs.
  • A night stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge, a rustic, African-safari-themed resort with a safari-inspired ambiance for your unique holiday experience. It’s located within Bali Safari Park’s grounds and features an open-air terrace where you get up close and personal to the animals! On top of that, you’ll receive a fresh flower bath and delicious lunch or dinner.
  • A Safari elephant ride (that’s right, you get to ride the elephant with your loved one!), and a live traditional Balinese Rindik music show.

Below are the two main wedding packages:

Bali Safari and Marine Park Wedding Package

The main wedding package from Bali safari offers decorative flowers throughout the venue, with Bali’s iconic Frangipani flowers as the bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere as a sign of everlasting love.

Additionally, you’ll get assistance for the document-processing in Bali and an official Certificate of Marriage from the Minister and another Religious Certificate of marriage that are essential for a legal marriage in Indonesia.

Elephant Safari Park Wedding

This wedding package is perfect for the bride and groom looking for a truly unique wedding as the ceremony will take place in a tropical landscape. The bridesmaid will be dressed in traditional Balinese attire and will welcome you in the wedding arch along with the flower girls by your side. Traditional Balinese music plays in the background as the bride and groom approach the lush jungle-themed Pergola at the heart of the Elephant Safari Park.

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