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How to Prepare a Romantic Picnic for Your Bali Honeymoon

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Nothing beats spending time outdoors, especially with your family or loved ones. For newlyweds in Bali, going for a romantic picnic is something you should consider. As the island offers stunning locations that are still unexposed to tourists and even the locals. However, keep in mind to always follow and maintain the proper health and safety procedures. Instead of going to the mall, get out on the island of God’s great outdoors and bathe in its tropical sun.

In this article, we’ll help you prepare the essentials for a romantic picnic in Bali. Let’s try it!

What to Bring for Your Romantic Picnic

Below are the essential things to bring to make your picnic more romantic and enjoyable.

Fresh Bread

Pack some fresh pieces of a baguette before you go along with your favorite butter, jams or spreads that go with it. It’s not just to make you look like the perfect Parisian partner, but also biting into a slice of crunchy bread can be the tastiest and best way to start any picnic.

A Cold Bintang or Champagne

A bottle of champagne, sparkling wine or Bali’s signature Bintang beer are a must bring to any romantic date in Bali. Make sure to keep these beverages chilled and don’t shake the champagnes and wines up too much unless you’re looking for that satisfying pop sound when opening the bottle followed by a mass of warm, sticky bubbling foam.

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Forget those colored plastic cups; you’ll need something more extravagant for your honeymoon picnic in Bali. Bring those authentic glasses out of your kitchen. It goes exceptionally well with the champagne or wine you’ll be sipping out of.

Citronella Candles

If you decide to have a picnic in Bali’s hottest sunset locations and plan to stay out in the night while gazing at the stars, bring along some flickering candles with you. Not only do they spark up a romantic moment, but if you pack the citronella candles, they will also keep the mosquitos and bugs away.

Old-School Picnic Baskets

The complete romantic view usually consists of an old-fashioned picnic basket under the shade of a tropical tree with foods and beverages bursting out of the picnic basket. You can recreate this scene by putting as much as you can into you’re your woven, old-school picnic basket


Whether you choose to pack cotton or linen napkins or even a paper one, any napkin is better than not bringing them at all. They are practical and valuable utensils that will make your picnic feel special.

Proper Tableware

Eating off plastic or paper plates and drinking out of plastic cups isn’t exactly the most elegant way for a picnic, especially for your romantic honeymoon! Instead, bring out your classy ceramic plates, silver or platinum knives and forks and drink your champagne out of your fragile glass for an elegant picnic time you deserve.

A Spacious Picnic Blanket

You may want to get close and intimate during your honeymoon picnic in Bali, but that doesn’t mean you should squeeze yourself up uncomfortably tight so that you both fit on a small picnic blanket. Get yourselves a wide, spacious one so both of you can sit or lie down comfortably without having to squeeze into each other.

What to cook for your Bali honeymoon

Good food is everything when it comes to a romantic picnic. Here are some ideas of mouth-watering dishes to accompany your romantic Bali outdoors!

Shrimp Summer Rolls

Skip the standard sandwiches and wraps; you should go for something more suitable for romantic picnics. Something like summer rolls stuffed with shrimp and chopped vegetables. The perfect bite under Bali’s blue skies.

Caprese salad

Caprese salads are a simple dish to prepare and one of the most popular and classy summer salads. Pack separate dressings and when you’re ready to eat, pour it over the tomatoes and mozzarella. 

Chocolate brownies

After your main courses, a romantic picnic should end with a sweet treat. This includes a rich and dark chocolate brownie with pretty pomegranate seeds on top, making the perfect closing to your outdoor honeymoon.

What not to bring

Besides the essential things to bring, there are things that you SHOULD NOT bring to a picnic to keep it romantic and classy.

Don’t bring anything sticky or messy

It is best to bring a number of your favorite tasty meals at your honeymoon picnic. But avoid getting anything too sticky or messy to prevent any unnecessary stress and unwanted picnic situations, especially if you have packed all your food in a single basket/container.

Don’t bring anything smelly

Kimchi and garlic may be the perfect choice for picnic food due to their simplicity and ease of bringing. You may also love those gooey French cheeses and consider it a must bring to your picnic. Unfortunately, you need to get rid of all these thoughts, as bringing anything pungent can instantly turn off the picnic mood.

Don’t use stained or old Tupperware

Ensure that during your preparation for your picnic, you’re also carefully selecting the right things to bring. Pick up the best storage boxes and jars in your kitchen, neatly wash and wrap everything up and avoid throwing all your delicious culinary ingredients in stained Tupperware. No food looks good to eat in slightly yellow or dirty lunch boxes

Don’t Leave Anything by Luck

A romantic picnic for your honeymoon requires a bit of planning and preparation. Don’t ruin your efforts by depending a single thing on luck. Make sure the location you’re heading to is set. Check the traffic on an application as Bali’s roads can get a little crowded during the holidays and sort out your transportation. Cook and pack up your last meal and double-check on your equipment to not leave anything behind.

We hope our guide has given you enough ideas on planning a romantic honeymoon in Bali. Check out Bali Wedding Prices to see the best and suitable locations on the island for a wedding and picnic. We hope you’ll have a good time at the island of the Gods before embarking on your new lifelong journey as husband and wife.

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