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How to Plan a Romantic Dinner Date for Your Bali Honeymoon

Romantic dinner bali honeymoon

People say that love is blind, but the truth is that love can also be boring if you don’t plan your date well. No one wants a dull plan, especially during a honeymoon! But luckily, a Bali honeymoon will never be dull as the island offers a ton of activities for every couple. This includes the endless restaurant and dining options in Bali, where you can find all kinds of menus complete with a romantic atmosphere and gorgeous views. 

We’ll be looking at how to make your honeymoon dinner date memorable and refine the details of the evening to enhance your fine dining experience. So, ready to look at our tips?

Relax before Going to a Romantic Dinner

Did you know that if you ask someone for a massage, they will 100% say yes? A relaxing break is always a good idea for a honeymoon, especially after the months of wedding planning which can be pretty stressful. And for a honeymoon in Bali, there are a ton of wellness, hot springs, and massage centers to choose from! The benefits of a pre-date massage are highly favorable for you and your partner, as both of you will feel more relaxed, calmer, and happier before starting your romantic dinner. 

You can find plenty of massage and spa packages in Bali with relaxing massages by professionals with decades of experience. This, without a doubt, is an attractive formula that will add romantic points to your honeymoon.

Dedicate a Toast for Your Partner

A drink before your dinner date is a great way to start your evening. And there are many options to choose from that ensure you’ll have the cocktail you both will love. We traditionally think of alcohol as a digestive, but drinking as an appetizer helps to break the ice and gives us the energy we need. Besides that, it’s also an excellent opportunity to make a toast!

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Toasting on a special occasion like a honeymoon is an elegant act and gesture with those accompanying us in the evening. It’s an art that’s difficult to master, but with a good mental plan, anyone can express themselves elegantly during the toast. Be concise, choose the moment well, and be inspired by personal anecdotes you can relate to. 

And for the set? There’s no need to worry about it, as Bali offers numerous bards with charming and spacious areas. You’ll have no trouble finding a cafe with panoramic views of rice terraces or the Indian Ocean, making a memorable fine dining experience! Bali’s cafes and restaurants let you have a romantic but informal experience and may include live music or a DJ during weekends.

Choose a Good Restaurant for an Unforgettable and Exquisite Dinner

Indeed, dinner isn’t everything, but it’s the highlight of a romantic evening, especially during your honeymoon. This is why you should pick an intimate place that lets you conserve without interruption with a romantic atmosphere that matches your occasion. 

We recommend a blend of fresh local recipes with modern cooking techniques for the menu. Combining local Indonesian cuisine with some western elements is the perfect choice for your dinner on a Bali honeymoon. And, of course, don’t go for large portions. 

Bali has plenty of restaurants, and all of them fit perfectly into your romantic honeymoon dinner, whether you’re looking for one in the popular Canggu area or Ubud for a more cultural experience and everywhere in between. 

You’ll find all kinds of menus, from traditional Balinese cuisine to western or Mediterranean cuisine, prepared with innovative cooking techniques. Top restaurants in Bali always have fresh and seasonal ingredients, so the menu and testing menu are regularly updated. Perfect for your fine dining experience in Bali!

Capture the Moment with Photos as a Souvenir

When we travel, we usually take pictures to remember all the details of our vacation, and a romantic honeymoon shouldn’t be any different! Capturing shots of your dinner during your Bali honeymoon results in a lovely and lasting memory of this moment. 

Capturing photos to remember forever is easy these days as we all carry a semi-high-end camera in our pockets, our smartphones. So unlock it and say cheese! However, remember these small tips to make your honeymoon dinner selfies as beautiful as possible:

Find a God Background that Compliments Your Photo

Interesting textured backgrounds like a brick wall or something more natural will give your pictures an artistic look. On the other hand, the sets of lights and the color will help you create a magnificent photo result. If you’ve chosen one of Bali’s restaurants on the beachside, capture a photo with an iconic sunset view!

Get a Good Angle

Setting up your camera is essential to have a stylish and elegant image. For example, taking a photo from above or the side will result in better pictures than shots from below or straight ahead, which usually end up with less flattering results. 

Pay Attention to the Details

You might feel like there’s a lack of whitespace in pictures from foreground shots, but a detailed shot may result in an exciting and mysterious effect. Try focusing on the lips or eyes and check out the result!

The Black-and-White Filter Never Fails

The classic style is always the best way to get an elegant and intimate picture worth a vintage feel. You shouldn’t need to download any application to get the black-and-white effect.

Remember to Smile!

Don’t attempt to imitate studio photos or postures that seem too forced. Stay natural and smile at the camera and you’ll get a genuine result of the real you and of course, a more authentic photo of your special day with your life partner. 

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