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What Does It Mean to Put Your Spouse First?

put your spouse first

Navigating through priorities may become more challenging when you enter different stages of your life. This is why it’s important to learn how to put your spouse first. 

During the dating stages, you’re trying to balance your spouse and spending time with other important people in your life. And as newly married couples, you may have to decide whom you should give your attention to, your spouse or your parents. When having children, your priorities will shift once more.

However, what if your partner feels like they’re lost in your list of priorities? What does it mean to put your spouse first?

What Does It Mean to Make Your Partner a Priority?

A priority is defined as something that is most important in your life. When you have a spouse and make them a priority, this means that you’re putting them first in a relationship. So, does a prioritized marriage indicate that you’re making room for everything your partner needs and wants? Not quite. 

It means that you’re making time and room for everything your spouse wants and needs alongside your own. After all, you are a married couple. Therefore, you are a team, and teams need to work together to achieve success. 

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Who Comes First Parents or Spouse?

If you’re someone who’s close to your parents, you’ve likely spent a lot of time in your life asking them for advice and turning to them when you have questions or are currently facing problems. Your parents have known you a lot longer than anyone, including your spouse. So, you might be wondering, should you really prioritize your spouse over your parents?

Indeed, your parents are more important than anything, but you’ve made a vow to your spouse and promised to cherish and honor them. Therefore, you’re committed to your new relationship and should show your partner the respect they deserve. This is why we think that your spouse should come first. 

Besides that, you’ll likely live away from your parents after marriage. And as you live with your partner, it’s essential to create marital priorities for a successful and long-term relationship in marriage. 

6 Ways to Prioritize Your Spouse

You’ve entered your new phase in life and are committed to a marriage relationship. So, how do you make your spouse feel special and prioritized? Here are some ways to do that.

Express Gratitude

If you’re learning to prioritize your spouse, you can start by doing the small things. You can make your partner a priority by expressing gratitude to them. Research shows that married partners who regularly express gratitude have:

  • Better relationship satisfaction
  • Higher intimacy levels
  • Boost support for goal pursuits
  • Great for relationship commitment and investment. 

Overall, couples who express gratitude are happier than those who don’t express their appreciation for one another. 

Strengthen Your Connection with Partnership

It can be challenging to put your partner first in a relationship. After all, there are other things going on in life, like family, friends, work, and children. Learn how to prioritize your spouse by remembering that he or she isn’t only your lover; but your partner too. 

A partner is a person who’s working with you and supporting you. It consists of two people who are cooperatively working to achieve a goal. In this case, for a long and successful marriage. If you aren’t working with your spouse, whether you realize it or not, it means that you’re working against them. Or perhaps only one of you is doing the work, which isn’t something you should be doing in marriage. 

Pay Attention to Your Partner

One way to make your spouse a priority is by noticing the small things about them. It may be little things, but when you make someone a priority, you’re showing them that every concern they have is important to you too. 

When you notice the little things in your spouse’s life, all their experiences and goals are also your experiences. 

Be on Their Side

Another way to make your spouse a priority is by taking their side when they are facing problems or in a conflict outside of marriage. 

Loyalty is one of the secrets to a loving and lasting marriage. Even if you disagree with your spouse, try to understand their reason and feelings. Sticking to your partner shows that you’re putting them first, no matter the situation. 

Think About Your Future Together

If you’re still figuring out why you should prioritize your spouse, imagine what kind of future you want. And remind yourself that your spouse is your future. 

Later when you’re old and withered, your kids, parents, and hobbies won’t be there to keep you warm at night, and these aren’t the things you’re sharing your intimate life with. Therefore, instead of being distracted,  make sure to put your spouse first to solidify your bright future together. 

Find the Right Balance

One of the best ways to put your partner first is by figuring out your work/life balance. Indeed, work will need all your focus and attention. But anything work-related should stop the second you step into your house (or out of your workspace at home). 

Finding a balance that makes sense for your family is a great step to putting your partner first in a relationship.

Final Thoughts – Prioritize the Most Important Person in Life

It’s not always easy to put your partner first in a relationship, but when you prioritize them, it means that you love and respect them. And they’ll know it too. 

Show them that they are important by communicating with them regularly. Make time for deep conversations and look for small ways to make their day. Remember that a happy marriage always comes from a prioritized marriage. And putting your partner first isn’t always easy as you may also have other desires and activities, but it’s always worth it!

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