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8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Pre-Wedding Video in Bali

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Bali is one of the most aesthetic islands that offers both beaches and lush forests with tropical vibes that serve the perfect pre-wedding video location. Suppose you don’t want to bring your videographer. In that case, it’s okay, as there are tons of vendors and professional wedding photographers and videographers on the island qualified to create a fantastic piece of film. This is due to their experience and high-end equipment. No matter what kind of pre-wedding video you want, make sure to consult with your chosen videographer. With growing technology such as drones and Go Pros, wedding videography has become a popular project for all newlyweds.

A videographer’s ultimate goal is to capture the essence of your relationship. These videos combine the breathtaking sceneries with a touch of the perfect tune to tell your love story. You can take it to the next level by various music, themes, and destinations that reflect their relationship and personality.

Let’s look at some fantastic and popular pre-wedding videos that will fuel your imagination and inspire you to make new ways to narrate a love story.

The Storytelling Videos

This style of pre-wedding video tells the story of their journey from the very beginning – how you’ve met and everything after. If you have a memorable story of how you met and the events that followed after it and you want your guests to know about it, then this pre-wedding theme is for you!

The Fairy Tale Style

This style consists of the bride wearing a flowing white gown and the groom in a black tux. To capture the fairy tale look, find a heritage building in the backdrop, such as Bali’s Taman Ujung or the Badjra Sandhi monument. Combine this with a beautiful music selection and you’ll win the viewer’s hearts right from the beginning.

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The Romantic Video Style

This pre-wedding video style captures the romantic essence between the couple. The video consists of them staring and getting lost in each other’s eyes and the romantic poses included in the shoot. The location you choose doesn’t play a big role in this video style. What matters is the visible love you share for the camera.

The Video Song Mashup

This wedding video mainly focuses on the perfect remix of the most trending and romantic songs. Whether it’s from the classic artists like Whitney Houston or the newer stars like Adele, make sure to make your video come together within a track, resulting in a romantic yet minimal pre-wedding video.

The Vintage Save The Date Pre-Wedding Video

Try out the Save The Date video if you want something out of the spontaneous frames ranging in the pre-wedding video trends. Choose a vintage theme and pick the right outfits and looks that are according to your desired era. Add some vintage elements to the surroundings to truly capture the aesthetics. You can also do a voice-over of your own voices instead of picking a song. Your style and makeup are also a crucial part as you should go for some classic finger curly hairstyle into a bun and make it fit perfectly into the theme of the video.

The Quirky Style

This pre-wedding video blends the close-us and shifting frames which captures the couple in their elements. It’s a lot of fun yet still results in a beautiful film as it shows off the couple’s quirky relationship and their playful relationship while still offering a spectacular backdrop. It’s a perfect choice if you’re getting married in a destination wedding such as Bali. as you can take the chance to escape the wedding hustle together and immerse in the romantic vibes around you. This includes the gorgeous beaches, refreshing rice fields and romantic dinners. Plan your mini-vacation while capturing all the moments and create a pre-wedding video that includes your true colors and beautiful memories as a bonus.

The Studio Pre-Wedding Video

If you’re not looking to visit outdoor locations, then filming a pre-wedding video in a studio is the way to go, which also has its own charm from the start. You can choose the studio setup nearest to you and get a unique pre-wedding video shoot done. Couples can have a video sequence that shifts between different locations and studio setups. Make sure to plan your outfits to suit the different backgrounds in the studio.

Over The Top Pre-Wedding Video

While some couples prefer the lowkey and down-to-earth, others prefer to show it all off with a posh-style pre-wedding video. You and your partner can take a stroll in a resort or the dock of a luxury boat, perhaps show off a little champagne or two while wearing some fancy gown and a tuxedo for the groom. You can add a little story to these clips by recreating your proposal at the end of the video.

These pre-wedding video styles can inspire you to pick a theme that suits both of you as a couple. Book a destination or place that you both always wanted to visit or plan it around your favorite hobbies that you share while playing your favorite tune in the background. Add your unique style to make a pre-wedding video that is unique and personalized. 

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