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Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in the South of Bali

pre wedding shoot locations south bali

A pre-wedding photoshoot usually takes place before the couple’s wedding day. It’s a special moment for couples as, just like the wedding, it is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Why are Pre-Wedding Shoots Important?

Pre-wedding photographs can be used on save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and the reception welcome board. For Asian couples, they may even wear their wedding dress and tuxedos on their pre-wedding shoot. On the other hand, Western couples usually wear something more casual to reflect their personalities. 

And the location? It’s totally up to the couple. Are you looking for a casual indoor setting or Instagrammable hotels for that cozy and warm vibe? Or on an island with a breathtaking view of the oceans and cliffside? A pre-wedding shoot should always be memorable as it will be passed down to your children and grandchildren. 

A Pre-Wedding in Bali 

Bali isn’t known as the land of the Gods for nothing; the island’s natural beauty is loved by tourists around the world and is labeled as a must-visit for travelers looking for an adventure. Between the majestic volcanoes, lush green fields, and iconic beaches, it’s no wonder many couples decide to take their pre-wedding shoot and wedding in Bali.

Indeed, there are plenty of stunning locations to work with in Bali, making the island a pleasure. No photographer would easily pass up the opportunity to take two people who love each other and capture it in several locations on the island. 

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Choose the Perfect Bali Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations

When choosing the right pre-wedding photoshoot locations, look at multiple places and ensure that your chosen location will be worth every penny. For example, Bali temples are the classic locations for a pre-wedding shoot, as they offer a unique magical backdrop for your photos. But even though it’s a popular choice, you should also explore other places that reflect your preferences and personalities. 

You can also take your pre-wedding shoot in some magnificent waterfalls scattered around the island, water palaces in the far east of Bali or some of its untouched shores in the northern region. You can even go for a sunrise photoshoot on Mount Batur, which offers spectacular photo results. There really are endless options on this beautiful island. 

However, we will focus on only Southern Bali in this article; it’s Bali’s corner that offers both modern and cultural vibes mixed into one.

Plan Your Pre-Wedding Shoot in South Bali

South Bali is home to some of the most picture-perfect and iconic destinations on the island. The region has gorgeous beaches, picturesque locations, luxury resorts and cultural landmarks. Let’s look at the best places for a pre-wedding shoot in Bali.

Jimbaran and Uluwatu

Jimbaran and Uluwatu are home to a number of the island’s gorgeous beaches. It is the place in Bali to find those panoramic clifftops and the best views of the Indian Ocean that can’t be found anywhere else on the island. 

The best thing about this location is that you can have your pre-wedding here at sunrise or sunset and still get equally amazing photo results. As a general tip, we want to make sure that your safety comes first, so it’s best to check on the tide before doing a photoshoot. You can use an app like Tides Chart App to check it before shooting.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is one of the easiest-to-access beaches in the Bukit area, which is why it’s a favorite spot for photoshoots. The beach is perched on a cliff top, which offers a beautiful, stunning ocean vista, making it the perfect location for a pre-wedding, especially during the sunset with glowing red sky. 

During high tide season, you’ll find surfers swarming the ocean below, attempting to catch the legendary waves. The location is poetic and gives a vibe you can’t find on other beaches on the island.

By having a pre-wedding photoshoot on Balangan Beach, you won’t only be posing on the serene beach, but the access from the parking lot will let you stand on the majestic cliff with the Indian Ocean as its backdrop.

Nusa Dua Beach

Besides being famous for having numerous five-star resorts in Bali, the Nusa Dua Beach area is also excellent for engagement or pre-wedding photography. The reason is that Nusa Dua is a private, quiet, and spotlessly clean corner of the island that features white sandy beaches and beautiful palm trees. 

Imagine walking while feeling the cool white sand under your feet with the sea breeze blowing softly on your face and the feeling of the ocean water on your feet when walking in the water during your pre-wedding shoot. What an iconic moment to be in!

Blue Point Beach 

Blue Point or also known as Suluban, is one of the best beaches for a photoshoot in Bali. The locals call it Suluban Beach because anyone who wants access to the beach must first “mesulub” which means entering a gap through a narrow cliff. However, tourists are more familiar with the name Blue Point Beach because a hotel named Blue Point is perched before going down to the beach.

The beach itself offers gorgeous white sand surrounded by towering cliffs. Besides providing some spectacular views, Blue Point Beach also offers some challenging ocean waves that surfers around the world adore. The beach is visited daily by surfers who try to catch the waves at the beach, both beginners and pros. 

Before you enter the narrow gully, visitors must go down many staircases. Be careful, as the stairs are sometimes slippery. Once you reach the bottom step, you’ll have the view of a rock cave that’s great for a pre-wedding shoot.

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