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Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas Inspired by K-Drama

k-drama pre-wedding photography inspiration

Every girl wants the perfect pre-wedding photography session according to the theme they love. And with the rise of Korean dramas with a bundle of exquisite wedding photos on Instagram, it’s no wonder that every girl wants the best look for a photoshoot. 

However, not everyone can spare time and money to fly all the way to Korea and do the pre-wedding shoots. So, is it possible to capture the K-drama aesthetic from anywhere? It definitely is with a little bit of work!

Make a Mood Board First

A mood board is an arrangement of pictures showing a specific style you like. Collect and put together images from Instagram or Pinterest on the overall style that shows the poses, color, hair, and gown effects you love. Try using apps like Meitu or InShot to make collages of the images. 

Mood boards are important as they help you decide on the right style and are useful for you to convey to your photographer what you’re looking for. Your makeup artist can also make the style you’re looking for based on your collected images. 

Find the Right Makeup Artist and Photographer

After you’ve got a good idea of what you want; the next step is to look for a photographer and a makeup artist to help you realize your dream photoshoot. Looking for a photographer with something you’re looking for is essential. In this case, find a photographer who’s good with shooting in a brighter environment and more ethereal vibe to the photos. Never choose just any photographer; show them examples of the pictures you love and discuss if they can create something similar. Every photographer has a unique style; choosing one according to your preferences is crucial.

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It’s also important to choose the right makeup artist. Browse through Instagram to see if they have experience with the type of makeup and hairstyle you want. In this case, you’d want to consult with them about your dream K-style look. 

Look for Places with Natural Light and Pay Attention to the Timing

Lighting is one of the most vital elements for perfect  K-Drama pictures. Natural lighting depends entirely on where you live and your season. It’s great to go outside where there’s plenty of light, but the timing is also important. 

If you can go outdoors to locations with plenty of light, that’ll be perfect. We recommend going to daylight studios that offer much daylight in their space. These studios should offer natural soft light on the couple and the bride-to-be’s wedding gown. Some indoor locations offer a fair bit of light as well. 

Keep in mind that if you choose to head outside for the photo shoot, the timing is extremely crucial. If you’re going out early, we recommend heading out before 7 AM and reaching your location at 7 AM to catch the soft light and when the temperature isn’t too hot and humid. For outdoor shoots, make sure to end the session by 10 AM as the light will start to get excessively bright and the increased heat and humidity may ruin your makeup and hair. 

Stay Hydrated and Moisturized

Have you noticed that Korean brides and celebrities usually look radiant and dewy in their photos? It’s possible for us regular people as well! For the brides-to-be, make sure that you have a good skincare routine. If you’re not doing it regularly, you should at least follow a routine a few weeks before your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day. 

Your makeup artist will do their best to doll you up for the shoot, but making sure that your skin is in perfect condition will help you look flawless, just like the Korean stars you adore. Besides that, the makeup will also stay on moisturized skin for longer periods of time. Drinking enough water and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep are the primary steps to look great in pictures. You can also apply a mask every few days, which would be an excellent way to moisturize and tighten your skin. 

3 Wedding Photoshoot Ideas Based on Famous Locations in K-Drama

Every K-drama enthusiast dreams of making the pilgrimage to the K-drama filming locations they love and having their picture taken at these iconic places. If you’re the ultimate K-drama fan, we’ve got some ideas that capture the K-drama aesthetic without having to go to Korea!

Here are 3 Korean wedding photoshoot trends that will transform your lovely moments into something straight out of your favorite K-drama. 

Neutral Gray Wall Shots

Neutral gray walls are a symbol of Korean wedding shoots. It may seem simple, but the faded color makes the couple’s white outfits stand out – especially the bride’s gown. Compared to white walls, gray walls won’t let much light bounce around the room. This is excellent for shooting with white outfits as they tend to look overexposed in pictures when reflecting too much of the surrounding light. 

Casual Cafe Shots

You may have seen many casual coffee scenes in popular K-dramas as Koreans are avid cafe-goers. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many choose to take casual shots at aesthetic cafes for their wedding photoshoots. 

There are plenty of unique cafes in Korea and their designs range from minimalist to fancy places. Look for cafes with white exteriors decorated with plants. You can try posing outside these cafes as if you’re on a cute afternoon date. 

To get that K-drama vibe, ask your photographer to take a shot outside the cafe while you and your partner stare out the window. This shows your sweet interaction and reflects the surrounding area in the picture. 

String Light Shots

Fairy lights were a thing recently, but today, exposed light bulbs are taking over! Strings of exposed light bulbs are usually used at night to give your shoots a warm and sentimental feel. Add vertical strings of bright exposed light bulbs in the background to illuminate the couple’s silhouette. You can also try dimmer exposed light bulbs that offer a dreamy mellow vibe as if it’s a scene from Crash Landing on You

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