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Most Exotic Natural Attractions in Bali for Honeymooners

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Bali is known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ for a good reason. The name doesn’t only derive from the Hindu cultures of the Balinese people, but it’s also inspired by the island’s natural beauty and geographical wonders! These beautiful creations scatter Bali’s landscape as if the gods had sculpted the island during ancient times. If you’re looking for unique natural attractions and locations for your honeymoon, look no further than exploring Bali’s natural beauty. 

While most of these locations aren’t hard to travel to, some of the island’s most breathtaking geological wonders may take a little more effort to discover. Some of them aren’t even visited at all! To find the untouched beauty of Bali at its finest, plan your own transport or find an experienced local guide. Enjoy a honeymoon off the tourist trail and discover some of these spectacular sights deep in the island’s nature! 

Honeymoon in Sukawati’s Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang

In the Gianyar region, close to Pura Beni Guwang in Sukawati, a hidden and sacred canyon is so breathtaking that it will inspire anyone. This is for any couple looking for a real-life masterpiece carved into nature, making the secret canyon a must-visit.

The unique part of this canyon is that when you look close enough, you’ll see unique shapes; one can see a crying skull, while others see lion faces in abstract landscapes. And if that isn’t enough, you can make amazing videos or Instagram reels due to the colors around them!

Try sitting on the flat canyon rocks and admiring the view while dangling your feet. Or, if you want to explore even further, you can go deeper into the canyon. Just make sure you’re extra careful!

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When you get here, be extra careful as you’ll need to pass several rivers with a muddy and sticky floors. You may also need to climb big slipper rocks. Besides, you can enjoy your time with your partner and fully appreciate this majestic landscape!

Meditate in the Green Cliffs of Undisan – Bangli

The journey to the Green Cliffs of Undisan will be an adventure, as you’ll pass rice paddy views, ravines and forests and the waterfalls close by. This magnificent location is a towering cliff covered in moss that makes up the ravine’s side. Following the water beneath where the green cliffs merge, you’ll also find a secret grotto deep inside it!

Depending on how much you seek adventure, you can swim into the cave just to look at what’s beneath the green-colored cliffs. Or you can also have a romantic time together by sitting on one of the rocks below the mossy cliffs while having a peaceful meditation session in this gorgeous secluded location. 

Plunge in Bhuana Sari Waterfall’s Endless Beauty Stream

We think this is by far Bali’s most beautiful waterfall! It’s unknown to many, making it an untouched and spectacular lesser-known gem! So why not head up north and find one of Bali’s raw beauty for a memorable honeymoon?

The Bhuana Sari Waterfall is located in a secluded place, around a 2.5-hour drive from Denpasar. However, it’s worth its once you get there, as this waterfall isn’t on anyone’s radar and its beauty is second to none. 

After walking for a few minutes, you’ll find a picture-perfect gush of water pouring down. This waterfall is the second set of the Banyu Hana Amertha Waterfall, which is also a spectacular experience!

Watch the stream burst out of the rocks while it flows flawlessly into a creek. The Bhuana Sari waterfall will awaken your senses while you and your partner listen to the calming sound of water and birds chirping. 

Jump in the shallow natural pool to cool off while experiencing Mother Nature at her best. The waterfall is a hidden oasis; only real adventurers would venture this deep and find the untouched gem! So plan your trip and get off Bali’s beaten path. 

Soak in a Natural ‘Jacuzzi’ at Tegal Wangi Beach

For lovers looking for a secluded beach, you should make your way to Tegal Wangi Beach as it is another of nature’s beautiful wonders. You’ll be amazed by this fantastic escape. 

Ever wanted to soak in your private tub while looking at a fantastic ocean view? That’s exactly what Tegal Wangi Beach gives you!

With small holes on the shore filled with the ocean’s seawater, you’ll have a comfortable time soaking in your beach jacuzzi. It’s a romantic place for a romantic dinner for your Bali honeymoon, so take as many photos as possible to commemorate your time together. 

Yeh Leh Beach – The Mystery Boulder Beach

You likely haven’t heard of Yeh Leleh Beach unless you’re one of the local fishermen. This beach is located in Jembrana, just off the highway of Denpasar-Gilimanuk. The Yeh Leh beach isn’t covered with white sands like your dream beach. Instead, there are thousands of boulders all over the shore which are either washed clean by the waves or covered in algae. No one knows the origin of these rocks, but the locals know that they’ve been there for hundreds of years.

You can easily access this beach and visit it at low tide to find Yeh Leh in its best form, with boulders emerging and many marine animals between the rock pools. Also, don’t forget about the stunning sunset views, which light up every rock on the beach. 

A Picnic You Won’t Forget at Bukit Asah Bugbug

If you’re looking for a unique and romantic picnic location, look no further than the secret paradise known Bukit Asah at Karangasem. The hillside looks over the ocean, offering the best setting for a picnic with a splendid twist. You can also try camping here.

It’s another romantic place for a honeymoon. Bukit Asah is the perfect place to catch the sunrise and views of the Indian Ocean and its coral reefs.

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