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5 Most Important Wedding Photos You Should Have

5 most important wedding photos you should have

If there’s one truth that every engaged couple will agree on, it is that no matter how long you’ve planned and packed into your big day, your wedding day will eventually be over far too soon. However, the good news is that your wedding photographer is hired to preserve all your unforgettable moments. And their only priority is to capture all the amazing moments and details so that you can relive the big days in the upcoming years. 

Even though a professional photographer won’t need a list to guide them, discussing your desired moments with them before the big day is crucial. Indeed, they’ll be sure to get all the highlight moments. But they may not know that the bracelet you’ll be wearing is a family heirloom or, who your partner’s childhood friend is, and all the kinds of wedding photos you want. Communicating these things is the key. 

Besides that, familiarizing yourself with the wedding photos of professional photographers also offers an added benefit. Once you know what they should capture, you’ll know where to invest to ensure you’ll wind up with a well-rounded photo album. 

Ready to get started? Here are the 5 must-take wedding photos every couple should have. 

The Ceremony 

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, love, and unforgettable moments, and one of the most essential parts of the entire celebration is undoubtedly the ceremony. It’s the magical moment when you and your partner say “I do” in front of your loved ones. Naturally, you’ll want your wedding photographer to capture every detail of this beautiful and significant part of your big day. 

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So, why is it important for your wedding photographer to focus on the ceremony? 

First and foremost, the ceremony is where it all begins. It’s the official start of your life together as a married couple. Those precious moments when you exchange vows and rings are incredibly meaningful, and having them documented allows you to relive the emotions and promises you shared. 

Moreover, the ceremony often takes place in a setting that holds personal significance. Whether you’re getting married in a charming chapel, a stunning garden, or on a picturesque beach, the location can symbolize your unique love story. Your photographer will capture the ambiance, the decorations, and the surroundings, adding depth and context to your wedding album. 

Cutting the Cake 

Cutting the cake at your wedding isn’t just a sweet tradition; it’s a moment filled with symbolism and joy. And that’s precisely why your wedding photographer should be there to capture it all. 

It’s one of those iconic moments everyone looks forward to at a wedding. It’s not just about dessert; it symbolizes your first act together as a married couple. When you slice into that beautifully decorated cake hand in hand, you’re sharing a sweet moment that signifies your partnership and your commitment to nourishing each other’s lives. 

It’s also a chance to show off your personality and style. Your cake, with its design and flavors, reflects you as a couple. And let’s not forget the reactions from your guests! The crowd usually erupts into cheers and laughter as you feed each other that first bite. These genuine and heartfelt reactions add a layer of warmth and authenticity to your wedding album. 

You’ll look back at those photos and remember not just the taste of the cake but the happiness that surrounded you on your special day. 

Toasts and Speeches 

Toasts and speeches are like a window into the hearts of your loved ones. It’s a time when your family and friends get to share their warmest wishes, funny anecdotes, and heartwarming stories about you as a couple. These speeches are a testament to the love and support surrounding you, and having them documented ensures you’ll have those words of love and wisdom to treasure forever. 

Speeches can also be incredibly emotional. Whether it’s your parents, best friends, or siblings taking the mic, the depth of their feelings often shines through. Tears of joy, laughter, and touching moments of vulnerability are all part of the package. Your photographer will capture these raw and genuine emotions, allowing you to relive those precious moments long after the wedding day. 

Family Portraits 

Family portraits are like a treasure trove of memories. It’s your chance to gather your nearest and dearest in one frame, capturing a moment when all your loved ones are together to celebrate your big day. These photos are like little time capsules that you can revisit for years to come. 

Think about it: how often do you have your entire family, from grandparents to cousins, all dressed to the nines and looking their absolute best? Wedding day family portraits ensure you have a record of this rare gathering, and it’s a beautiful thing to share with future generations. 

These pictures also hold sentimental value. The smiles, hugs, and even those slightly awkward poses with distant relatives – they all tell a story. Your photographer knows how to capture the essence of each family bond, whether it’s the warmth between parents, the playfulness with siblings, or the proud looks from grandparents. These photos testify to the love that runs deep in your family. 

Candid Moments 

Candid moments are like little pieces of gold in your wedding album. They’re those unscripted, unplanned, and utterly authentic moments that happen naturally throughout your wedding day. They’re the genuine smiles, the bursts of laughter, the tears of joy, and all the unfiltered emotions that make your wedding uniquely yours. 

You see, posed photos are lovely and necessary for capturing the classic shots of family and friends. But candid moments? They’re the heart and soul of your wedding album. They’re the moments when you and your partner steal glances at each other, sharing secret smiles that speak volumes about your love. They’re your besties busting out some crazy dance moves, your grandparents holding hands and swaying to the music, or your bridesmaids helping you fix that last-minute wardrobe mishap. 

These moments are pure and real, and they’re the ones that transport you back to the feelings you had on your wedding day. When you look at these candid photos, you’ll remember not just what you looked like but how you felt at that very moment. It’s like reliving the joy, excitement, and love all over again. 


Wedding photography gives you the power to time travel. Years later, you’ll be transported back to that magical day when you flip through your wedding album. You’ll feel the excitement in the air, the butterflies in your stomach, and the overwhelming happiness all over again. It’s like having a secret portal to relive your most cherished memories. 

And here’s the beauty of it all – those photos aren’t just for you. They’re for generations to come. Your wedding album becomes a family heirloom, a piece of your history that you can pass down to your children and their children. 

So, when you’re planning your wedding, take into account the significance of wedding photography. It’s not just about pretty pictures; it’s about capturing the essence of your love story and preserving those timeless memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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