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How to Look Gorgeous for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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Even though you might still be busy on your wedding planning checklist, remember that your pre-wedding shoot also needs proper planning. After all, you wouldn’t want your romantic movie to have loopholes and let any last-minute hassle or on-shoot issues ruin it.  

So, we’re here to help you create a checklist that can help you look good during your photo shoot, from sleeping early to being well-groomed and hiring makeup artists and photographers.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, as our ultimate pre-wedding guide will ensure you’ll look picture-perfect with your other half. 

Rest Well, Not Only on the Night Before

Ladies should know the impact of sleep on their complexion. Of course, this applies to all men as well. Resting early can be the key to maintaining a good complexion. Lack of sleep is known to worsen sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

Even though Photoshop is always there for any bad photo situation, nothing beats the beauty of natural photos, in our opinion. Besides that, a good night’s sleep helps you lift your energy level and good spirits, so you’ll also enjoy the shoot with your partner. Therefore, don’t binge-watch that Netflix show so you can look like a queen the day after. For the kings, you should consider a well-deserved rest after work. 

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Have an Open Mind and Light Heart

Everyone has different love journeys. Every established relationship has its share of highs and lows. During the first introduction, we usually zoom into the moments or settings that bear special significance for all couples. 

Depending on you and your loved one, specific experiences or objects may be truly special for you two and invoke lovely and intimate feelings. This can be anything from special stuffed toys, a bus stop where you first met, or a public library where you stole glances at each other. Let your photographer and pre-wedding planners into your beautiful love story and trust them to create the perfect pre-wedding photos. 

Boost Your Confidence with Exercise

We know that a regular exercise regime and diet are not always sustainable for many of us. However, love and looking good may be enough to motivate us. Besides a slimmer and buffer physique, regular exercises can raise energy levels and maintain healthy emotions. 

As our body image improves, we can also get a massive confidence boost that causes us to feel good and looks great on the day of the pre-wedding shoot.

Maintain a Good Skin-Care Routine

This is mainly for ladies. Leading up to the big day, look for regular facials and masking to maintain a supple, glowing condition for your skin. Besides that, a good complexion makes it easier to make-ups. We don’t recommend trying new make-up or skincare products at the last minute, as it may cause allergic reactions and pimple outbreaks. 

For the men, you’ll want to let your wife-to-be take care of your skin as well! Couples doing facials may offer an excellent bonding experience. And you’ll never know if you might be addicted to it.

Remember to be Well-Groomed & Choose Your Outfit 

If you’re considering grooming, you might want to set the dates around a little to align with the days of the photo shoots. Wedding photography also usually features the bride and groom’s hands so that you can show off your shiny new wedding ring! Therefore, we highly recommend a manicure. 

Depending on the photoshoot’s theme, your feet might also get featured, so you might also want to get added to the pedicure. If you’re saving a manly stable, it might be wise to take a few pictures and have that conversation if this is the look you both desire. 

Don’t forget to choose your outfit. Your clothes are the secret to looking good on your pre-wedding shoot. We recommend having 3-4 pairs of clothes for both the bride and groom. Make sure that the outfits are in sync with your partner, along with the theme and location of the shoot. 

Our top tip is that if your location has bright colors, you should wear something plain and simple and vice versa. This can help you stand out against it. 

Trust the Professionals – Photographer and Makeup Artist

Last and certainly not least, the photographer you hire will be a crucial option in how good you’ll look in your pictures. Choose a photographer wisely, as they are the ones who will either make or break the pre-wedding shoot

If you’ve found pre-wedding poses attractive, you can try pulling them off or show them to your photographer so that they find the best way to execute the pose. This will help you feel a little more confident during the photo shoot. This is especially helpful if you or your partner are camera-shy, as you can practice these shots with your partner beforehand. 

Besides the photographer, you will also need a MUA to give you picture-perfect looks for every pre-wedding outfit you wear. Make sure you book a make-up artist at least 2 months before your scheduled pre-wedding shoot, which will help you avoid any last-minute hassle. Besides that, we recommend taking a make-up trial or discussing the look you want, including hair styling and make-up. Count on the pros to make the decisions for you.

Enjoy the Moment!

Sometimes, stressing about how to look good may be the problem that causes you to look tired or unhappy during photos. Therefore we want to remind you to enjoy the photoshoot as it’s your big day with the one you love,

So enjoy the photoshoot to its fullest!

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Guntur has been writing tips and tricks for weddings in Bali since 2020. He has written everything from preparing a pre-wedding in Bali to the best wedding dress and makeup you should choose for a wedding in paradise.

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