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Top 5 Most Beautiful Hijab Wedding Dress Ideas

top hijab wedding dress

There are many things to look for when crafting your fairy tale wedding look, from your hairdo to the shoes you wear and everything in between. However, for all the Muslim brides who wear hijabs, you have another element to take care of. 

Muslim men and women must cover and dress modestly once they hit puberty according to religious rules. However, the Islam guidelines clearly state there’s no compulsion in religion and no one is forced to cover. This is why not all Muslim women wear a hijab, and it’s also why women wear it at different ages as they need to feel ready to take the step.

Hijab also doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all and may also be based on culture. Every woman who wears a hijab usually incorporates it with her personal style, meaning brides will likely do the same.

Let’s look at some gorgeous hijab styles that should go with any wedding dress to make you stand out at your wedding.

Best Wedding Hijab Styles for Muslim Brides

How you wear a hijab on your special day will outline your face shape and make the beauty of your makeup stand out. You’ll want the hijab to compliment your wedding dress instead of clashing. 

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Choosing the right style of veil and hijab for your special day requires all the inspiration you need, and this is why we’ll be looking at our beautiful hijab bridal looks that you’ll love.

Here are our favorite modest bridal looks for you.

1. Veil or Dupatta

Veil for wedding

Brides from South Asia have their own style of wedding dresses with veils known as dupatta that match the outfit. Brides usually wear a lehenga with a matching dupatta that covers their hair and pins the veil according to how much coverage they require. Brides from the Indian subcontinent traditionally cover their hair during their wedding day even though they aren’t Muslim. This makes wearing the traditional lehenga extremely convenient.

If you’ve chosen a classic white wedding dress, it’s still possible to wear a veil to cover your hair. Choose one that isn’t see-through to keep the classic yet modest look. You can also opt for a neutral or flesh-colored hijab with a sheer veil on top or a traditional lace.

2. Turban Style

Turban style hijab wedding

A few Muslim women like to cover their hair with a turban-style hijab – this style only covers the hair, not the neck. Some women are good with their neck showing, while others prefer to wear a high neck to get the entire hijab look.

In this case, brides may use formal fabric tied, such as a turban, to cover their hair while still wearing a traditional veil. 

3. Hooded Capes

Hooded capes for wedding

Few weddings are gender-segregated, which leads to the bride only needing to cover her hair for a short time. In this case, brides usually prefer hooded capes or hooded ponchos. You can find specific bridal boutiques that sell hooded capes that extend as long as veils but have large hoods to cover the hair. Ponchos and capes can also appear more formal with the addition of lace, pearls and other embellishments.

4. Traditional Hijab

Traditional hijab for wedding

Some brides would prefer a traditional hijab instead of venturing out for alternatives. In this case, brides will need their hair done in an updo and find a hijab stylist to help them tie their scarf. We recommend pinning the hijab to maintain the hairstyle’s integrity, or the stylist can also add pearls, pleats and layers for additional volume and glamor. Wedding experts state that if the style is too complex, it can be time-consuming and heavy. And the more modern women with hijab prefer something lighter but still maintain beauty without the hassle.

5. Silk Wedding Hijab

Silk hijab wedding

This is the hijab style for a modern wedding dress. The hijab is usually made of regular material or chiffon silk to provide a more comfortable feel for the bride. The silk elevates the hijab’s comfort and offers any bride a classy and modern look. This type of hijab also offers some fancy designs with crochet and lace embroidery with prints.

Tips for Choosing a Hijab for Your Wedding

Hijab’s diversity can vary depending on the women wearing it. Some brides like a simple style, while others prefer more glamorous ones. Nowadays, brides with hijabs can get ornate with jewels, stones and headpieces. The hijab should act as the crown that gives you that sparkling moment on your wedding day. Check out the top tips you should be looking at when choosing the right hijab.

1. Fabric

Whether you’re wearing a traditional white dress or something more cultural, it’s best to buy fabric that suits the dress. Because it’s your wedding day, we recommend avoiding anything too casual and investing in a quality hijab is essential.

2. Color

If you’ve decided to wear a traditional white dress, it’s crucial to choose a hijab color that is suitable for the dress. If you’re planning to wear white from head to toe, you might end up looking a little ghostly, which is why adding a pop of color is the best option.

3. Texture

Hijab wedding expert, LaTerry states to “not be afraid of textures and patterns.” If you’re picky on your color palette, try changing the texture of the different elements, which can make a big difference. Try mixing textures like satin with chiffon or different fabric weights to the look, so you don’t appear to have one blob of color. 

Final Thoughts

Hijab isn’t all about covering your hair, but overall dressing modestly as well. These wedding dresses are also suited for Muslim pre-wedding photoshoots. So, make sure you have all the time you need to find the right style, color and fabric, as well as the proper alterations, lining and slips. Sometimes, you need the right color or choose a slightly more formal material.

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