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Forever and Always: How to Create a Timeless Wedding

creating timeless wedding

Once you start planning your wedding, you’ll need to consider the overall theme you want to create. You might want a rustic, bohemian vibe or a more timeless, elegant vibe. There are endless options for creating the wedding style representing you and your partner. We love seeing all the details come together and offer some tips to ensure a timeless wedding and an elegant feel to your big day. 

5 Ways to Create a Timeless Wedding Day 

There are many things to consider in having a day full of elegance and sophistication.  Also, you and your partner will discuss many aspects, including color themes, patterns and combinations that you haven’t thought of before.

It’s also essential to remember that weather may have a big impact. The time of year and amount of natural light will impact how your photos look. 

A few things may come to mind when you start thinking of creating a timeless wedding style. Specific styles have been labeled classics, including table settings and color schemes. Remember that the goal is to make a wedding day that’s memorable, incredible and, most importantly, speaks to you as a couple. 

Here are our tips to achieve the elegant wedding that you want.

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1. Pick the Right Venue

The right decor can make a classic wedding theme work for any venue. But the most suitable venue types are hotels, estates, country clubs, ballrooms and banquet halls. These wedding venues are usually sophisticated and traditional, saving you time and effort as you won’t need to transform the entire space. 

If you want an outdoor venue, look for a European-style garden, a fancy estate (maybe a castle?), or a formal courtyard and avoid an overly rugged or rustic place. For a unique twist on a classic wedding, you can host your nuptials at conservatory or other locations that offer elegant decor. 

2. Choose Lighter Background 

Picking a lighter background instead of a dark-colored wall or exposed bricks can make all the difference. The reason is that the brick’s color takes out the airiness feeling. So, if you’re looking to achieve that bright and light feeling, white is the best choice! 

However, there are also mint, beige, taupe, light gray, and other light color options that will elevate the timeless bride theme. You don’t need to get married at a grand castle or hire white marquee tents to achieve divine elegance. A simple light space will let you have bright and light-looking photos. 

3. Attire is the Key 

A flawless look will always be appreciated, which is why choosing the right attire is essential to your special day. An airy and light wedding venue may set the scene for a bright celebration, but it’s also best to plan it out. This means focusing on light-colored options for you and your bridal party. 

Choose bright white tones like beige, ivory, or even a luminous wedding gown. Blue, sages, and soft pinks are also excellent colors for a bridal party. 

Indeed, the dress code should be on the fancier side, but it also depends on the venue. A ball gown is ideal for brides who want a classic look. Pick a minimal satin gown or choose something more glamorous with beaded embroidery, tulle, or intricate lace details. Fitted gowns are also traditional alternatives if you’re not into ball gown silhouettes. To complete the timeless look, accessorize with pearl jewelry, a polished hairstyle and understated shoes. Then, top it off with a sash tied in a tidy bow around your waist. 

The men must wear tuxedos, especially if the venue requires a black tie dress code. For a more casual style, choose a suit in a darker color, but don’t limit it to the standard black. Charcoal gray and navy blue are both excellent classic options as well. 

4. Add Elegant Decor

Even though it can be fun to add all the latest trends on your wedding day, the last thing you want to do is look back at your wedding pictures a few years later and regret your decisions. When choosing classic wedding decor, you should ask yourself if the decor will still look relevant in another 20 to 40 years. 

Find classic pieces, like candelabras, fine china, chair sashes, votives, and luxe table lines. It’s also important to keep the decor understated and skip anything overly extravagant and flashy. However, classic wedding decor doesn’t mean you need to have dull pieces. Elevate those regular banquet tables with sequined runners and get upholstered style chairs instead of those traditional Chiavari chairs or drape fabric swags throughout your wedding venue. In the end, you should aim for a chic yet elegant and sophisticated vibe.

Don’t mix and match elements, as it may look overly eclectic for a traditional wedding. Stick with two or three colors and use the same types of accents (lace, pearl strands, and rhinestones) throughout the day instead. 

5. Don’t Forget the Flowers

For wedding flowers, the most classic choice are roses. We love roses for their timeless, romantic appeal and availability in any season. Roses come in dozens of different varieties, sizes, and colors and offer that oh-so-pretty fragrance. Peonies are also quintessential classics even though they’re only on-season for a limited time every year, so expect them to be a little more pricey than roses and other wedding flowers. Phalaenopsis, hydrangeas, ranunculuses, and phalaenopsis orchids are all great options for classic weddings. 

For wedding bouquets, don’t get anything too trendy such as oversized arrangements or too much loose greenery. Instead, get your florist to design a more symmetrical bouquet that sticks with many flowers and accents and top it off with satin ribbons, a sparking brooch, or lace for a personal touch. 

Also, don’t forget to add flowers to your ceremony space! Decorate your altar with beautiful floral arches or line them with flower petals for a romantic effect. Just make sure to stay moderate with the decor, as too much will take the focus away from you. 

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