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6 Ways of Combining Households Harmoniously after Marriage

combining households after marriage

So, you’ve just got married and done with your honeymoon. Congratulations! This is when your new life together truly begins, as you and your newlywed will need to merge your lives together. In the early stages, you’ll need to agree on what home decor you want or if you want to split up the household chores. Even so, experts suggest following some basic principles for combining two households harmoniously. Here are the steps you should follow to combine two households after marriage and create your happily ever after. 

Evaluate Your Belongings

Whether moving to a house or apartment, you’ll quickly know if you’re good at sharing when combining households. However, the first challenge is to merge existing furnishings as they’ll take up the most space. 

You should go through your things individually before coming together. Give away things that you won’t need after you get married. You should also make a list of must-have items that you’re not ready to give up yet. 

Remember to respect your partner’s wishes above all else. And once you’ve moved together, look for duplicates first and identify any missing pieces. If you have any spare budget, splurge on something you both want and are guaranteed to become something important or even a family heirloom. 

We suggest holding off any hard and fast decisions by putting a secure storage unit together. Keep the stuff you’re unsure is necessary here, and agree to revisit it in 3 to 6 months. You might be surprised at how easy it is to let go of something you thought you can’t live without when indeed, you’re fine without it. 

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Allow Space to Dictate Compromise

There will likely be more than a few duplicate items that you both want to keep. This is especially true if you’ve been living alone for a long time. Don’t argue about which blanket is the warmest; let your new home decide which item should stay. 

Think about the spaces in your new home. An L-shaped couch may be too big for the new living room, and classic furniture may be out of place for a contemporary home. There’s also an option to donate or sell items for a fresh start. 

Keep in mind that two heads are better than one, and compromising isn’t a bad thing. Figure out if you need to rent a storage unit, hire a moving company, or both. 

How to Combine a Multi-Pet Household

When moving together, most couples worry about their in-laws, siblings, and friends getting along with one another. However, for some couples who move with pets, there’s a decent possibility that these family members will not play nice. 

There are many cases where the newlywed’s cats and dogs don’t get along. Well, just like how cats and dogs are. 

Certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. Ilana Reisner claims that introducing a new cat or dog into a household with a cat or dog or merging unfamiliar pets into an entirely new house is challenging. She shared some tips to make the transition easier:

  • Ensure your pet is comfortable
  • Treat your dog with a reward to ensure a positive meet and greet
  • Make sure you’re relaxed and optimistic
  • Limit your dog’s movement by keeping them leashed
  • Don’t punish them for behaving badly but treat them with rewards if they behave well

Blending Different Lifestyles after Marriage

Besides bringing your furniture and pets together, it’s important that your lifestyles also merge. Perhaps you love waking up early and cycling to catch the sunrise, but your partner is a night owl. No matter what you prefer, everything will come down to finances. 

If you aren’t open with your partner on income, you’ll need to consider compromising the kinds of vacations to take, how and when you socialize, and who pays for what. 

It’s crucial to plan together and ensure you don’t end up living different lifestyles or ways of life in one household. This may eventually lead to resentment and severe problems in your marriage life. 

Look for a Style You Both Love

Indeed, the home you live in should reflect both of your styles. For some couples, this means going all out on vibrant decor that lets them show off their personality. For others, this means buying something new that pleases your preferences. 

Allow some time to go through some home design sites and see if you can find something you both like. A green remodel may suit both of you, or you want to embark on a more sustainable design. Just ensure you’ll have enough space, as you’ll also need to buy decor. 

Update Your Finances after Marriage

Before deciding what to throw and keep for your financial and legal records, you should follow a few recommendations according to the IRS. 

When organizing your business files and records and considering scanning and shredding these documents, imagine the space it will fill up in your new home! Experts suggest keeping backups on a separate drive and in the cloud. Also, always destroy anything that contains your personal information before tossing them in the trash. 

Here is the essential to-do list you shouldn’t forget after marriage. 

  • Taxes – Will you be filling it together or separately? Contact your tax advisor, as there might be changes in your tax liabilities. 
  • Beneficiaries – Make changes to the beneficiaries on insurance policies and retirement accounts if you want your spouse to handle and inherit your items.
  • Estates – Estate planning papers and other documents must be updated frequently, especially after marriage, when you’ll move together as a single household. 
  • Name change – If you plan to change your name, it must be done on all documents. This includes bank accounts and even investment accounts.

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